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Out of nowhere former District Attorney Samantha Simms (Meredith Monroe) receives a call from her ex, Brad (Rick Ravanello) in Seattle with bad news, her sister Brenda (Nicole LaPlaca) has been arrested for murder. Unfortunately there are no miracles to save "Secret Liaison" with a regular bunch of characters who are forgettable played by a cast who in some cases I feel may have been cast as much for their looks as their acting ability. As a little girl Clara Randall (Tatyana Ali) use to have visions and premonitions but after a while they stopped. Carolyn Raeburn (Christina Cox) never thought she had anything to worry about when it came to her daughter Laura (Tina Ivlev) as like her she worked hard and at just 16 is graduating High School. Spring break is here and three friends who plan to party hard at Daytona Beach find themselves getting lost and ending up in their car in a small town surrounded by a group of locals including the mayor, Mr.
Following her mother's suicide many years earlier Callie Ross (Elizabeth Gillies) fell out with her father George (William R.

Image and video are used in accordance with Fair Use, and are property of the film copyright holders. Damian Lane riding Secret Liaison wins the Polytrack Handicap during Melbourne racing at Caulfield Racecourse on February 23, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia. Dropping everything and jumping on the first plane out there Samantha takes it upon herself to represent her sister and discovers that the dead man was a married man her sister had been dating, he was killed in a hit and run involving Brenda's car which she reported missing the day after it had been used in the hit and run. Not that anyone is really terrible when it comes to the acting as it is at the level which you expect from this sort of movie but it does mean that not a single member of cast impresses.What this all boils down to is that "Secret Liaison" is nothing more than a typical made for TV thriller which involves a woman investigating a crime, getting in to danger and dealing with not only her feelings for a helpful ex but also old family issues. With past issues causing tension between Samantha and Brenda and Brenda hiding something the odds are against Samantha clearing her sister.Strip away the names and the location and what you have left with "Secret Liaison" is a middle of the road, stereotypical made for TV thriller where a woman investigates a case to try and clear a friends name and finds herself in danger. Yes this time the friend is the sister but that only means we can have past family issues added in to the mix.

Plus we have another cliche tossed in there as well because Samantha comes face to face with her ex, Brad the detective who is more than happy to assist his ex who he obviously still cares for. Trust me with this much cliche going on that "Secret Liaison" would need a miracle to end up anything more than average at best.

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