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FLASHBACKS TO NADIA’S SEARCH FOR KATHERINE — While Nadia (guest star Olga Fonda) remembers her centuries-long search for her mother, Stefan (Paul Wesley), Caroline (Candice Accola) and Matt (Zach Roerig) come up with a desperate new plan to save Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) life. I love my Elena, but I have to give kudos to Katherine to screw with her one last time Looking forward to how it affects her now. PS: Forgot to bring this up last time, but I guess new hybrid doesn't beat old vampire every time, right Tyler? I liked the episode very much; Kat finally was great again, she cared so much for her daughter, but she still played them all: if she had to go down, others would go with her, that's the Katherine I liked! Gone Girl is the fifteenth episode of the fifth season of The Vampire Diaries and the one hundred and fourth episode of the series overall.
FLASHBACKS TO NADIA’S SEARCH FOR KATHERINE — While Nadia, remembers her centuries-long search for her mother, Stefan, Caroline and Matt come up with a desperate new plan to save Elena’s life. Nadia has hallucinations of her past while she was searching for her mother Katherine, after Tyler bit her. Meanwhile, Stefan and Caroline inform everyone that Katherine has taken over Elena's body and they try to find a way to bring Katherine to them before she realizes that she knows.
Stefan calls Katherine revealing her that they know and tells her that they have Nadia at the Salvatore house and if she wants she can run away to survive or come and see her daughter for a last time. Bonnie is praying to her father at a church when Katherine appears, ready to cross over to the Other Side via Bonnie. The episode ends with Elena waking up to resume her life while Katherine prepares to embark into the afterlife.
Katherine is the seventh main character to die in the series, followed by Vicki, Jenna, Alaric (resurrected), Jeremy (resurrected), Bonnie (resurrected) and Silas. Katherine wears her daylight bracelet for the first time since getting permanent control over Elena's body in The Devil Inside. Katherine tells Matt that he's the best night she never had, confirming she's never had sex with Matt, even when he was under her control in Plan B or The Devil Inside. This episode takes place a week before Bonnie's birthday, meaning this takes place in mid-to-late February 2012. This is the second episode this season to feature all eight main cast members in one scene. According to a clip from the episode it has been weeks since Katherine took over Elena's body, indicating there was a time jump of several weeks between The Devil Inside and No Exit. Before Nadia dies, Katherine shows her what her perfect day should've been using the form of telepathy vampires possess.
Katherine is willing to do whatever it takes to save her daughter just as Damon looked desperately for a cure to Rose's bite. This is the first time in the series that Tyler is featured in the 15th episode of a season. As of this episode, Elena becomes the last surviving member of the Petrova Family after Katherine and Nadia die in this episode. When a former NCIS agent is found dead, the entire team is put in danger as they hunt after the killer. Palmer is put in grave danger when he becomes the target of an anonymous murderer, whom only he can recognize. While on an undercover mission, Ziva's life is put in grave danger when the serial killer she's been tracking becomes suspicious of her. Two members of the NCIS team are sent to Baghdad to investigate a Mortar attack that turned into a murder investigation. The dead body of La Grenouille finally surfaces and the entire NCIS is put under the investigation by the FBI, with Jenny as the prime suspect for his murder.
When a dog owner is found murdered, the NCIS team must determine if his dog committed the murder or not, and Abby decides to fight for the dog's life by trusting her instinct about the dog's innocence.

The NCIS team goes on a stakeout in a warehouse to catch a suspected thief of a high-tech naval radar, but they accidentally end up witnessing a murder.
After a young Muslim Marine is murdered near his Mosque, Ducky refuses to perform autopsy due to his religious beliefs, so the NCIS team tries to talk to the father of the deceased, and they send McGee to plant a bug in the Mosque, only to discover that the FBI already planted their bug.
While trying to track down a delusional and violent Marine who thinks he's still in Iraq, the NCIS team will learn that the man has been the subject of a secret experiment - and it comes with a high price to pay.
The NCIS team has to babysit a 9-year-old son of a missing man, a survivalist who is somehow connected to a cold case murder. A murder investigation of a Navy Admiral takes a shocking turn when a woman, a political refugee, returns home to search for her husband. Gibbs finds himself emotionally challenged when he agrees to investigate a crime connected to a friend of his daughter, who passed away years ago, and the investigation leads to a shocking conclusion.
While investigating a mysterious death on a top-secret naval research ship at sea, the NCIS team comes upon an abandoned ship which contains a deadly secret that may cost them their lives. The NCIS team is called in to stop a naval officer from committing suicide by jumping off a rooftop, but when the suicide attempt turns into a murder, the NCIS team will have to find out who did it. When Ducky realizes that one of his cadavers used for research is actually a victim of murder, the NCIS team identifies him as a criminal genius who is capable of deleting the past.
During an autopsy, Ducky makes a startling discovery that turns a murder of a Petty Officer into a search for a missing infant. The NCIS team uncovers a huge secret, as their mission to capture La Grenouille comes to an explosive and deadly conclusion. Sherrie Gallerie is located in the Short North Arts District, an area known for one-of-a-kind boutiques, galleries and great cuisine.
Here you'll find quotes, photos from their hit TV show I Love Lucy, photos from their private life, gifs, videos, scans etc. And more so, injecting herself with even badder vampire eating virus than the one Damon got? Klaus killed Tyler's mom, Elena's aunt, brutalized his own family,brainwashed Stefan, and probably has the highest single body count on TVD's. And I'm glad that Nadia's last memory of the mother was a good one after spending 500 years searching for her. I got to see the fierce character that I loved for so long but got ruined in the past few episodes. It’s a perfect reminder of why we were put here on earth and a perfect gift to thank those who have made a difference in your life! Katherine is there for her and tells her that she won't leave her side and that she will find a way to save her life but not by asking Klaus for help.
Tyler says that he bit Nadia and they all figure out that Katherine must be with her daughter and that they have to find something that Elena couldn't say no to. Before she does, she takes the time to reveal to Bonnie that she had already accepted her death sentence before showing up at the Salvatore house, but that didn't mean she would cooperate.
However, she's the second character not crossing over to the Other Side, after Jenna who found peace immediately after her death.
Until this point, every vampire who has been exposed to werewolf venom has either been cured with Klaus' blood or has been mercy-killed before they could die from the venom itself as a result of their uncontrollable and insatiable bloodlust. The other three are: For Whom the Bell Tolls, 500 Years of Solitude and Total Eclipse of the Heart. He was last seen in 500 Years of Solitude in TVD and Le Grand Guignol on TO, at the time of this episodes airing. This is what Damon did for Rose in The Descent before he mercy-killed her, and what Stefan did for Katherine herself in 500 Years of Solitude. It's also the first time since the second season that Tyler's character has not left town for an extended period during the 13th and 14th episodes.

Richard was killed in Founder's Day, Mason was killed by Damon in Plan B, and Carol was killed by Klaus in O Come, All Ye Faithful. The investigation leads the team into the wilderness, where they discover a shocking truth about the man's past. Colonel Mann joins Gibbs in an investigation of the murder of a Marine Captain who had access to highly classified information.
They were married for nearly 20 years and even though they divorced in 1960 they never stopped loving each other. I swear Caroline is annoying at times or ok but please get her character together or something. I'm not talking about Katherine being dragged into 'hell' or whatever (why???), but overall.
If someone had killed her mom she would have been incredible upset and she would have never gotten over it.
But she was also working against the group, brainwashing Matt, helping her mom take over one of their friends bodies. Instead, she calls Wes who takes a sample of the werewolf toxin from Nadia's wound and promises to create an antidote.
Katherine finds excuses for everything, and the persistence of everyone trying to see her makes her figure out that they have figured out her identity.
Caroline is frustrated with Tyler's constant remarks about the incident and asks him to get over it or otherwise get out of her life. When Katherine went to Wes' laboratory earlier, she found out that Wes never intended to help Nadia.
Things get very personal for Gibbs when one of the witnesses in the case turns out to be one of his ex-wifes.
Damon baits Tyler (Michael Trevino) into a nasty confrontation, then takes off to seek revenge on Dr. As much as the pairing sometimes annoys me, guess those two really are meant to be together. Tyler has every right to be upset and she should accept why he doesn't want to be friends with her.
She tests this by calling Damon, who falls into her trap and practically begs her to come over to the Salvatore house, which she realizes he wouldn't do to Elena, as the previous day he tried to kill her. He had instead extracted werewolf venom from Nadia's wound and used it to enhance the ripper virus.
Katherine confirms her suspicions but the phone call also makes Stefan realize that she knows that they know. Katherine then injected herself with the virus so that when Elena wakes up, she will be doubly infected. Bonnie says to Katherine that it's not her decision to let her pass to the Other Side or not and that she can't help her.
Finally, Bonnie learns of a terrifying secret that will threaten the lives of all her friends. She seems to accept that there is no way out this time and she asks who has the Traveler Knife to stab her.
Damon heads to find Wes to ask him for the antidote of the ripper virus, but Wes refuses to help him, leading Damon to kill him. Meanwhile, Katherine takes Nadia to a church to keep her safe while waiting for Wes, but because Wes is taking a long time with the cure, Katherine leaves to find him.

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