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Everyone finds themselves celebrating Christmas at an abandoned toy warehouse when Kathy suddenly goes into labor.
The series cast includes Shailene Woodley, Ken Baumann, Greg Finley, Daren Kagasoff, Megan Park, Francia Raisa, Michael Grant, Cierra Ramirez with Steve Schirripa. Just days after winning a Daytime Emmy Award, General Hospital star Bryan Craig crashed his Corvette into a fire hydrant in Hollywood. According to the new CBS promo for Y&R , a family is haunted by sorrow, obsession, and secrets. Executive producer Frank Valentini accepted the Outstanding Drama Series award for General Hospital .
Secret Life Season 5 Spoilers: Cierra Ramirez Talks Kathy and Ethan, and the Special Christmas Episode!
Amy begins using her new heat powers to their full potential, discovering another ability on the way. Since it's been a month since her transformation, Amy decides to visit the cave where she became a mermaid. Amy and Brenna were just hanging out like normal, when Amy is abruptly reminded that she and Kelsey have a science project to do. Since Brenna can't swim because of her broken foot, she has to wait at the dock while Amy takes a dip. Kelsey's had been having nightmares about Amy being a mermaid, but can't really remember if it was real or not.

Kelsey has decided to make a scrapbook as a nice present to give to Amy and Brenna, to show her friendship. Amy and Ricky are in for a surprise when they celebrate their first Christmas together as a family on Monday's special episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. When Ricky (Daren Kagasoff) tells his wife (Shailene Woodley) and son about how he and his fellow foster kids would sneak into a toy shop on Christmas Eve, the three decide to carry on the tradition. Fredericksburg, VA score some major coolness points with their Boy Meets World themed drinks!
Ben Savage just posted this picture of himself ad Kathy Giangregorio on the set of Girl Meets World. Ben Savage is here to tell you that season 2 of Girl Meets World is now on Netflix, and you finally have something to do while waiting for season 3 to air. Ben posted this picture of the script of an episode he is directing for season 3 of Girl Meets World. Kelli Berglund, Billy Unger and Spencer Boldman snap a pic with Noah Wyle in this new shot from Lab Rats holiday episode. Noah dished to TVGuide about his guest appearance, “My kids are huge fans of the show. Ricky talks about an old tradition he had as a kid of sneaking into a toy shop with his fellow foster care friends every Christmas Eve. Amy hides Brenna upstairs, trying to conceal the fact that she's forgotten about the project, and Brenna makes some discoveries of her own.

Lured in by the mystic water and blue moon bubbles, and a change in the tail, Amy forgets about Brenna, who eventually goes home. From Brenna's tail changing to their tails magically appearing, Amy, Brenna, and Kelsey are in for a wild ride. Once inside, Ethan (Michael Grant), dressed as Santa, and a very pregnant Kathy (Cierra Ramirez) decide to join the fun. Executive Producer on Show's FutureWhen news broke that Red Band Society's first season will end with 13 episodes, the creative team wasn't upset.
But it's easy to forget the actress was also supposed to appear in another blockbuster smash,The Amazing Spider-Man 2. An all-day marathon of THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER will air on Monday, November 19 from 11 a.m. Family Matters and Boy Meets World, which starred Savage and is the predecessor of Girl Meets World, were in the TGIF block together for five seasons. Ethan, dressed as Santa to surprise John, brings a very pregnant Kathy with him to join in on the fun.

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