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Daren Kagasoff lets out a big laugh with Shailene Woodley in this new still from the special holiday episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Anne's off to an interview again, except this time it's with that cute architect, David, she met at the hot dog stand.
We find the teen mom herself wandering the halls at Grant High, because George forgot to pick her up after school. Over at the butcher shop, sheltered Ben is getting a rude awakening from Bunny, the ruthless manager. Meanwhile, at the Dairy Shack, Jack confronts Duncan about the fake mugging and theft of the candy money and Jack's truck. As for Amy, after months of stress, everything aligns just right and she finally realizes maybe she can keep the baby after all. On this week’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager season 5, episode 20 “First and Last,” Amy and Ricky announce they will get married the day after Amy graduates from high school, but everyone is skeptical that the wedding will actually happen.
The series is based on a look at how teens at a California high school struggle with decisions about sex and relationships.

It looks like Ricky (Daren Kagasoff), Ben (Ken Baumann), Grace (Megan Park) and Jack (Greg Finley) want her to as well. A jealous George decides to make up a little white lie and tell her he's learned that David is both gay and deaf in one ear from a figure-skating injury.
She's wandering sadly in a baby shop, where the kind clerk gives her a pair of baby overalls -- which is hard, because Amy knows she's not keeping him.
She apologizes for the first interview and figures out that George was lying about David being gay and deaf.
Grace and Jack announce their engagement, but it’s soon clear that Grace is having second thoughts about her decision. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same.
Anne should know better than to believe him, except that she sees a pair of skates hanging on David's wall and makes a major fool out of herself, shouting at the (non-deaf, non-gay) guy about her personal life and her support for the gay community.
George and Kathleen are distracted from their secret plans when their mothers arrive for unexpected visits, but they eventually include their families in a special surprise.

Then Adrian and Grace offer her a lift, but Amy's feeling sorry for herself and doesn't want to hang with anyone. Grace and Jack tell her they've gotten her a job in the church's day care center, where she can keep her son during school hours. When Amy finally gets Anne over to her side as well, it looks like this baby has just found a new home: with his mother.
Now that Ben has just as much (or as little) money as Ricky, looks like he's lost that upper hand he just invented.

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