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HISHE and ScreenJunkies' Animated Show revealing the After Credits scenes for films that never had them. An Honest The Walking Dead after show where the ScreenJunkies react to last night's TWD episode! Even with so much known about pregnancy, it still comes with natural fears, worries and joys, especially when it happens to a teenage girl in the 10 best "The Secret Life on The American Teenager" episodes High school comes with its own share of stress and work, but when you add a pregnancy to the mix, drama ensues.
So the show starts out with Amy, the main character, walking home from school in a band uniform that I had originally thought was a Power Rangers Costume. As the microwave’s timer hits 0 and then says END, Amy looks into the mirror after seeing the results of her pregnancy test and just stares. Adrian gets mad because someone is being nice to her so she informs Princess Grace that they can’t make it because they are going to be drinking beer and having sex. Goofy kid and Asian couple talk about sex and how he will never be able to have it with Princess Grace because she is Christian and is a goddess. Amy tells her friends that the sex she had at band camp lasted about two seconds and she didn’t even realize that she was getting laid until it was over. Princess Grace walks up to goofy kid who is staring at Amy who is staring at bad boy who is staring at Princess Grace.
Then Amy stands still in the hallway with her french horn as everyone else is walking to class even though not even a minute ago she said she had to go so she wouldn’t be late. Amy’s red head friend starts heaving at girls in the bathroom so that they all leave. Jock, who looks 30, gets upset over the fact that Princess Grace is wearing a promise ring.
I like how these two are acting like they are going to be together for the rest of their lives. Amy goes to the doctor and while in the waiting room full of babies and toddlers, Daughters by John Mayer is playing. Amy has a chance to confess but of course lies and says that she’s just a little tired. Adrian is shown doing school work late at night, on the first day of school, so I’m guessing that she is going to be one of those bad girls that secretly cares about her grades and is really smart. The party starts and Princess Grace dances with Jack like she has done a lot more on her knees than just pray! I feel like there was this whole section that they never showed that involved Amy and Ben actually talking and like getting to know each other.
They go to get food and of course Ben puts more food on his plate than the plate can actually hold.
Amy’s friends figure out Ricky is really the father after telling Amy that she should trick Ben into marrying her. The episode ends with Amy and Ben slow dancing in an empty gym while Amy’s tears oddly fall down her face and onto her hands.
I just spent so much of my life watching this and now I don’t know what to do with myself. It's pretty rare when Cartoon Network released an entire season of one of their series on DVD.
A live action Bioshock movie has been in the works since the first game's release back in 2007. As the year starts to wind down, so dows the wait for Skyfall, James Bond's return to the big screen after only just a few years.
Despite it's woes in the past, Riddick has come forth as this massive piece that lead actor Vin Diesel has been a large driving force behind. It seems the entire world is in awe of Jennifer Lawrence after nearly everyone and their grandmother ventured out into theaters to go see The Hunger Games.

Though a Child's Play remake has been in very early development for a little while now, not much has come out of it so far. Rise of the Guardians has received sporadic updates here and there, but hasn't really emerged in terms of marketing just yet. Last week's New Girl delivered on the laughs with a sweet story about Jess and the new man in her life, but left us a little down about the lackluster storyline for the other roomies. With high points and low points, human nature and emotions are displayed in these particular episodes:"Falling in Love". An emotional performance with Ricky and his biological mom mark this episode as being special.
We learn that Amy plays the french horn and her mother thinks that the band director is so strict he should move to North Korea.
She opens her horn case (is that what it’s called?) to pull a paper bag out of the horn. She should really go back into the kitchen because that pot roast is going to get cold again.
Bad boy is trying to get it in by saying that if she doesn’t give it up he will wind up in the hospital and become sterile. Like clearly this sex that she was making a big deal about the entire episode was actually not that big of a deal to her. Ben calls so her parents think that her news is that she has a boyfriend and the secret pregnancy is drawn out even longer. While he’s slow dancing with the princess, we find out that Adrian and Jack hooked up the night before. Then Amy tells me that the first sex talk teens have with their parents is that they’re pregnant. With the Paranormal Activity franchise mastering the craft, other efforts such as The Devil Inside, along with future films Chernobyl Diaries, a Vatican project from the director of Devil, and more.
We know that the script is currrently in the process of being written, and one villain that was tossed around, but will most likely may not come to fruition was Peter Dinklage as MODOK. With Gore Verbinski departing Rapture as director, but still in as producer, the latest director attached to the project Juan Carlos Fresnadillo may be out as well. With House going off the air later this year, FOX has assured that veteran series aren't always safe from the swift sting of ending their runs.
With an interesting cast following him, which includes Karl Urban and Katee Sackhoff, the film has received numerous updates from Diesel as production went on.
The actress has become a household name overnight, and certainly has an impressive slate of future projects.
The last time the franchise was ever dormant happened to be eight years ago with Seed of Chucky, though the series lost the original moniquer in 1991 with the third film. The next big film for Dreamworks after this summer's Madagascar 3, the movie has quite the impressive roster of actors who will be performing voiceover roles. The foundation episode to which the rest of the seasons will build on beings with a pregnancy test.
Ben is the actual cause of this whether than a willing spectator as he was in Amy's pregnancy. Ashley and her mom have a sincere discussion about relationships that rings true."The Secret Wedding of The American Teenager". We had both previously watched a few episodes but were never interested enough to stick around. Then she bites an apple in Jack’s face because Jack and Princess Grace are Adam and Eve and Adrian is Satan yada yada yada. Some woman leaves their crying baby with Amy which is such a safe thing to do with your child.
Now, perhaps the network is out to change that, as they've just announced a complete first season package for their hit Adventure Time. Now, the latest additions to the Bond girls roster Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris are getting their chances to shine with new video featurettes, and they looks like quite the heavy hitters. Now, after nearly three months off the air, it seems the crime dramedy isn't going anywhere soon as the network has announced that Booth and Brennan will be kicking up crime once again.
Now, the actor can breathe a sigh of relief as he has officially confirmed that the film is in the bag.

One of her recently delayed efforts House at the End of the Street was pushed into the fall, mostly due to the lack of marketing around the film.
Now, the company has released the first trailer for the film, which shows quite the dramatic outing for the most part. An interesting discussion on what exactly sex constitutes showcases the confusion of any type of intimate relationship in high school and the ignorance that can be prevalent. Responsibility tangles with maturity as Amy thinks marriage makes one responsible whereas her parents wanted her to find employment. Then, the blonde princess walks down the hall with her jock boyfriend and everyone stops and stares including the Asian boy while his girlfriend is standing right there next to him. Her father seems like a genuinely awesome guy that treats his son like a person and not a disease. He flirts with Amy and then tells Amy to dance with Princess Grace’s brother so he can dance with Princess Grace himself. As they make out in the hall, Tom screams in a way that I have never heard before and even though there is loud music playing Princess Grace and Ricky come out of the party to find the two cheaters. Now, Dimension Films is developing their own low-budget genre feature, this time revolving around the idea of vampires.
Now, the first trailer for the horror film has been released and is sure to leave you just a little bit dizzy.
The stepping stone of "The Secret Life of The American Teenager" episode provides a large amount of unresolved issues that will be hopefully be conquered as the story progresses."What's Done is Done". Stupidity ensues as her friends attempt to follow her path of newfound maturity with fake licenses.
She invites the two to some church event that I wouldn’t understand because I am not a perfect virgin princess church goer. Guilt can be a double-edged sword, painful to the carrier and painful to those it is wielded upon. To the point with a frankness that isn't often seen, the topic of birth control gets examined with openness between father and daughter in a well-crafted "The Secret Life of The American Teenager" episode.
The wedding mythos as explored by the average teenager gives enough laughs to land this episode on the list."Moving In and Out". Ben's life gets more and more convoluted as his world stabilizes then spins again."And Unto Us, A Child is Born". Independence for Amy means Ashley feels abandoned to the fates and their opening discussion is spot on.
Dealing with death in a storyline and not giving in to heavy handedness or too light a touch makes this "The Secret Life of The American Teenager" episode one to not miss."Love for Sale". Featuring an excellent blend of humor provided by both Ben and Ashley, the birth finally happens. Meanwhile, Ricky gets to take on his own doubts about what could be his new lack of independence should Amy move in with him. With a poignant confession of pregnancy to her mother, Amy gives a great performance filled with uncertainty and need for acceptance. This "The Secret Life of The American Teenager" episode is a great plateau for the storyline as it brings to fruition the pregnancy while opening even more questions for the future.
A great season closer for "The Secret Life of The American Teenager" as doubts worm their way into the cast. A great "The Secret Life of The American Teenager" episode as the admittance allows the series to continue and deal with everything that comes with this fact.
The perspectives of her friends and family add a depth that's rare in most dramas."Summertime".
One of those intriguing mid-season episodes where the characters ponder their past and gain insight.
Not often seen until the end of a season this story allowed the characters to evolve a bit more. Character growth sprouts all over the place in this episode and it's worth watching the development.

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