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Any insurance salesman will try to sell you any product that he can and make it sound like you- quite literally- can’t live without it. Don’t forget that you can convert any term policy to permanent insurance, prior to the lapse and be afforded more complete coverage, usually at a lower premium.  Insurance companies want to stay in business by providing a quality product and paying out when necessary. Since there is no federal regulatory committee for Life insurance, it is governed by the individual state. The Bransford Camp of Woodmen of the World posed in front of their lodge in the Tarrant County town of Colleyville.
Once, when I visited my brother, who lives in a small Texas town, he took me down a winding road to a turn-of-the-20th-century cemetery in a forest clearing. We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. The Channel 4 documentary series set behind the scenes at Chester Zoo has already brought us a touching story of best friend penguins Rud and Spike, and the arrival of an adorable baby elephant.
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It’s not about the long-limbed favourites though – elsewhere there are the adorably smiley, if scarily huge, mountain chicken frogs, which make up part of Chester’s conservation efforts as a species close to extinction. Finally, we also meet a trio of mischievous aardvarks to see what they get up to when no-one’s looking. Following animals in captivity might not be the usual angle for a wildlife documentary, but this warm, funny, and caring series finds plenty to enjoy from the colourful characters that Chester has to offer - and that includes the staff.
While I love the freedom of the independent lifestyle, I realize I don’t have all the answers.
Letting your life insurance policy lapse once you reach age 60 can be a costly proposition, so do not let that happen to you. All that cash that could have been available as an early pay out ends up in the company coffers, making your insurance company rich and robbing you of needed care.  Any policyholder can give away their life insurance policy by signing a transfer document and notifying the insurance company of the change.
In 2010, though, the National Council on Life Insurance created its consumer disclosure act.  This act requires life insurance companies to provide written notice of alternatives to the lapse or surrender of life insurance policies. There, we found three tall tombstones shaped like tree trunks, each stamped with an insignia reading “Woodmen of the World.” What were these strange things?When I got home, I dug into the mystery of these stone stumps, discovering the profoundly insecure time before Americans had Social Security, when anxieties about death and finances ran deep in the American psyche.
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Contains over 35 pages of content to ensure you always ask the right questions and close more business.

Once the policy is transferred, the new owner is responsible for making premium payments, although not all policies qualify for this transfer.
You need to make sure to ask questions about anything you don’t understand and do your research. This is specifically for those who are 60 or older or who are known by the insurer to be terminally or chronically ill. In response to these fears, the Woodmen of the World order and its progenitor and competitor, the Modern Woodmen of America, made life insurance approachable and fun by packaging it in the familiar fraternal-order culture of the day.The two Woodmen societies succeeded in selling fraternal insurance where others failed, thanks to their innovations, which included offering distinct tombstones, flaunting ax-twirling pageantry, and holding clandestine rituals that involved slapstick pranks and mechanical goat rides. If you do not want to comment with a social network, please consider writing a letter to the editor.
They represent the leading insurance carriers, provide excellent sales and marketing tools and give me access to a helpful network of experienced professional independent agents. By taking the time to know all your rights about your policy, you will not fall victim and let your policy lapse.
Today, both organizations still exist as insurance companies, but they’ve shed the fraternal antics. The big secret they don’t want exposed is that you can actually get affordable and appropriate coverage when you employ all the resources at your disposal. Fatal injuries, disease epidemics and the Civil War made families acutely aware of mortality.
Women were not allowed to take out policies on their husbands, and if the husband bought the policy on himself, the money wasn’t protected from creditors.And then, grieving families faced another layer of shame. If a lack of industriousness made you destitute, you got what you deserved.The middle and working classes had a workaround.
Men could join secretive boys’ clubs like the Freemasons and Oddfellows that provided networking, entertainment, and a moral education. This social standing meant his family could quietly receive financial support from the lodge without the stigma of charity.A group of men, women and children posed under a large oak tree at a Woodmen of the World picnic in Bosque County, Texas, in August 1899. New secret societies known as mutual beneficiary societies, created with the explicit purpose of offering life insurance policies, sprang up around the United States. Largely excluded from the original fraternal orders, women and African Americans launched their own aid societies. Still, to join any fraternal order and receive its insurance benefits, you had to prove that you were no slouch — a hard worker with high morals such as thrift, self-reliance, discipline, and generosity.But it wasn’t all about restraint. Before the days of TV, radio or fantasy football, fraternal lodges offered plays, rituals and camaraderie and allowed men to let loose, which kept members coming back for more. The clout of being an insider and the endless pursuit of mystical, esoteric knowledge ensured that men would make their insurance payments for decades to come.

The payouts were between $1,000 and $2,000, a lot of money at the time.The Woodmen came late to the party, incorporating in 1883 as the Modern Woodmen of America, but their leaders' entrepreneurial innovations breathed new life into the fraternal insurance game. Founder Joseph Cullen Root, a businessman in Lyons, Iowa, seized the opportunity to create his own fraternal order when the mutual aid society Knights of Honor, which almost went under because of the 1878 Yellow Fever epidemic, sold its local lodge.To avoid the financial pitfall that wrecked the Knights, Root made fitness a requirement to join his order, recruiting rural young men from the "healthiest states," which meant those outside industrial New England.
In the Woodmen, he fused Christian philosophy and pioneer values with ancient agricultural rites. Dave Lettelier, curator of the Phoenixmasonry Museum in Havana, Florida, says such pageantry appealed to young men who’d grown up in awe of Civil War heroes. Root believed passionately that no member of his order should be buried in an unmarked grave. So for 10 years, the Woodmen gave its members grave markers in the shape of tree stumps, inspired by the Victorian Rustic movement.
The four- or five-foot-tall tree stump would be marked with the motto “Dum Tacet Clamet” (“Though Silent, He Speaks”) and rest on a stack of logs, each log symbolizing one of the deceased’s children. The local stone carver, who might alter the pattern, would add embellishments reflecting the Woodman's personality, such as axes and doves.The Woodmen tweaked another feature of the fraternal orders, most of which had solemn initiation rituals, loosely based on old Masonic ceremonies that symbolically forced recruits to confront their own mortality. Most societies had some macabre obstacle courses that ended with the young man facing a human skeleton lit by candles. The Ferris Wheel Coaster Goat, patented and sold by a company co-owned by Modern Woodman member Ed DeMoulin, would flip the unsuspecting rider upside down and fire blanks from its rear.What did a slapstick goat gag have to do with selling insurance? Besides reminding recruits that death was always at the door, the Woodmen “had to come up with all kinds of gimmicks to get people to join,” Lettelier explained.
What it did was help build their insurance company.”Thanks to pranks like these, soon adopted by other societies, fraternal-order membership reached its golden age in the United States between 1890 and 1930, with up to one-third of American men belonging to at least one secret society. While that's impressive, it still means about two-thirds of American families did without such a safety net.The Great Depression killed the fraternal insurance business in two ways. Secondly, FDR's New Deal created Social Security in 1935, filling the need aid societies once met. Unlike for-profit insurance companies, they put profits back into their members’ communities with programs for senior citizens, people with disabilities and orphans.“We still have an active Woodmen of the World lodge here in Waxahachie,” Webb says.

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