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While the Fourth of July is usu­ally my favorite hol­i­day, I feel a lit­tle less inclined to plan an out­door shindig this year. These pops are made with a cus­tard base but I swear, If you fol­low the direc­tions, they are a piece of cake! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This movie is not only a great must see and stunning film, but it is destined to be a top rated.

A quick check of my phone reveals a string of 100 degree days stretch­ing to and past the Fourth of July. I wilt pretty dang fast and can no more relate to those who revel in the high temps than I can to some­one who enjoys feel­ing like their skin is blis­ter­ing and peel­ing right off their frame. Added by jason on 2015-11-24 The Secret Life of Pets Official Trailer 2Taking place in a Manhattan apartment building, Max’s life as a favorite pet is turned upside down, when his owner brings home a sloppy mongrel named Duke. Let’s just hope the tem­per­a­ture drops enough that we can enjoy some fire­works or it’s really going to feel like a dif­fer­ent hol­i­day altogether!

We combine the skill, experience and resources of a large production house, with the passion, ambition and flexibility of a small studio.

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