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NM: Pix, before we get into this I need to address something from an earlier post on That’s Normal. He’s already on the list of Fall’s sexiest newcomers and we’re in totally agreement with that. Actually, Tom, a great many people will be watching Sleepy Hollow expressly hoping that you do take off the breeches. NM: But before we get to him taking his breeches off (and yes we do have a clip of him with his breeches off) I think we need a few examples of just how sexy he is. Yes that was really him, in Secret Life of a Call Girl, getting busy with Rose Tyler call girl Hannah Baxter.
These days, the 35-year-old research scientist at Bristol University is penning another book, this time under her own name.
Showtime will air the entire first season of eight half-hour (Mature Audience) episodes of the racy and sexy comedy Secret Diary of a Call Girl featuring British actress Billie Piper (Doctor Who) as a high-class independent London call girl. The series was taken from the best-selling real-life diaries of a call girl with a double life. Piper had the opportunity to work closely with the real Belle, who published her diaries in 2005, yet still remains anonymous.
Season 3 of Secret Diary of a Call Girl was a too-brief glimpse into the complex world of London prostitute 'Belle Du Jour.' The nine-episode season only had time to dabble in a few fetishes and sticky situations before it was over and potentially went off the air forever. Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the new episode of SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL season 3 episode 6 which airs on March 8 at 10:30pm on Showtime. Here is a very funny little short film featuring our new (new, new, new, new, new ,new, new) favorite Brit. The real life former prostitute who is the basis for the Billie Piper TV series has revealed her true identity.
In her personal life, she is Hannah, a nighttime legal secretary (to her family and friends). Compared to most of the video clips I’ve found on the Net about the show, this one is the cleanest.

The first "episode" was not even part of the original eight, 30 minute episode line-up; it was a last minute and choppy interview between actress Billie Piper and the author of the blogs and books that the series was modeled after, Dr. Magnanti only revealed herself to be Belle because an ex-boyfriend was threatening to do it for her out of spite. Magnanti’s latest blog, also called Sexonomics, for which she writes about society and politics as they pertain to sex. Duncan’s dominating demeanor that night shocks Belle and potentially loses her a client. In the half-hour conversation she imparts secrets of the trade, offers anecdotes about some of her most amusing encounters, reflects on her regrets (she has a few) and giggles as she shares what she considers her greatest assets.
She had worked as a prostitute in 2003 and 2004 to support herself while finishing up her doctorate. Based on what few posts she’s penned on her blog, it seems the book may address topics like sex work by choice versus sex trafficking and the myth of the happy hooker. On the Frequently Asked Questions post on her Sexonomics blog, where she is asked if the blog will be an attack on feminism, she responds, “Kind of.
Yet I’d like to learn more about why she feels the way she does, as her life experiences have been so different from mine.
Things get worse when Ben and Byron show up belligerent wanting to tell Duncan exactly what they think of him. Brooke Magnanti has admitted she is "Belle de Jour", the author of a very popular blog and a series of books detailing her life as an escort in London. Magnanti was about to be exposed over the internet as the original London call girl so British iTV and Showtime did the best they could to squelch the rumors and media frenzy by interviewing Magnanti in "Episode 0." The interview between Piper and Magnanti was not glamorous or reminiscent of the show at all (outside of the brief opening where Piper confessed to the camera that she was nervous about meeting the women behind all the stories). It’s becoming clear to Belle that she can’t have both Duncan and Ben in her life, but which man will she choose? Those books then gave life to The Secret Diary of a Call Girl TV series, in which Piper plays a seemingly normal, well educated London woman hiding her prostitution career from those who know her. Once Piper got to the sight of the interview, a nondescript hotel room, she just sat on the couch with her hair standing on end, chatting awkwardly with a women who hardly looked like she would be a premier London anything.

Simply put, Magnanti is not a beautiful woman and though she is a PhD, it was hard to piece together some of the stories she started prattling out when Piper asked about her best and worst clients and why she started 'working' in the first place. Belle's first novel had just been published and so she was disguised as a cocktail waitress at her own release party to get a feel for the critics. Not much happened in this episode other than a few snarky comments about the indignity of a whore writing a novel and our introduction to 'Duncan Atwood' (James D'Arcy), Belle's new editor. Season 3 took a bit too much time focusing on Bambi's personal life and "Episode 2" even stretched so far as to make a point of commenting on the price differences between races: Secret Diary of a Call Girl should not give political commentary on any issues, let alone race relations in prostitution.
This ambitious and misguided episode was too much for little Madekwe to take on, and they thankfully left this elephant alone after that failed episode. The writers hatched a few over-the-top storylines and then closed them all in an hour and a half, and Showtime even ran the last two episodes together in an hour block to completely nullify the individuality of the two episodes.
This episode did not make a lot of sense - there was cheating on both sides, but the writers clearly tried to make Belle come out on top. Yet she was cheating and Duncan was honest about his habits all along, so there was little sympathy to lend to either side. But their inane exchanges somehow took heart in the finale and they became much-more likeable than Belle and Duncan. The one thing that "Episode 8" did really well was compare the two couples and evaluate the 'do's and don'ts' of dating a hooker.
Silly as it sounds, Bambi and Byron had what it took, and Belle came out looking like a fool for trying to make things work with a man that showed signs of foul play all season long.
So even though he claimed to love her, having an ongoing sexual relationship with a girl's married sister is no way to win her heart. Once Belle and Duncan called it quits, Ben wriggled his way back into Belle's good graces, but the likelihood of a good relationship (or a fourth season in which to explore it) is slim to none.

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