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The Secret Life of Buildings is a three-part series on Channel 4 looking at how buildings affect our mood, our health, our comfort and wellbeing. However, Dyckhoff was attempting to show that there is now scientific evidence to prove what architects and others have instinctively known for centuries i.e. Unfortunately, much of the science in the programme felt like pop science rather than real science.
There were some interesting facts from Professor Russell Foster, a neuroscientist at Oxford University: on a cloudy day therea€™s about 20,000-30,000 lux (lux is a measure of illumination or light levels). To understand the effect of light on our health, Dyckhoff had the windows of his 1950s flat covered for a week so they matched the smallest average window size. Few of us need convincing that light affects our mood, and to their credit, the programme makers were clearly trying to make an important point about how low light levels can have an adverse and measurable effect on our health. Perhaps because of time constraints, the programme-makers didna€™t explore the reasons why window sizes are so small in new build housing.
What would have made a great a€“ and more realistic a€“ experiment is for Dyckhoff to have stayed a week in a recent new build home. The experiment would be to stay in a north-facing flat for one week and then spend a week in an identical south-facing flat in the same block.
Ia€™m not entirely convinced the golden ratio is the only or even best way to create harmonious room proportions. Everyone complains about the planning process: architects, developers and individuals wanting to self-build.
There is much that we can learn from Holland on the subject of high quality, high-density housing and ita€™s a shame the programme makers didna€™t pick some high-density examples to showcase.
At the end of the programme, Dyckhoff expressed the sentiment that housing is not a commodity and ita€™s something I completely agree with. Unless we introduce mandatory national standards for housing, the volume housebuilders will never raise their game. The profit-making zeal from buying and selling a home has seeped so deeply into the public consciousness that Ia€™m doubtful wea€™ll ever go back to an era of truly affordable housing.
Update 12 September 2011: Unfortunately, episode one of this series is no longer available to watch through Channel 4a€?s catch-up service. We all want as much natural light as possible in our homes, but new build properties provide very little of it. We expect privacy and quiet when wea€™re in our homes, but noise from neighbours can rob us of these feelings. England and Wales have no national space standards for housing and some of the smallest homes in Europe. Rampant and unchecked growth in buy-to-let has had a damaging effect on the UK housing market.
The London Housing Design guide proposes minimum space standards for new homes built in London. Do we need to re-think the design of terraced houses?The need to build houses economically and at high density has led some architects to re-think the layout of the terraced house.
An introduction to housing layout: a GLC studyThe importance of the urban environment in relation to housing is explored in this 1978 book. Yesterday was the start of architect, Tom Dyckhoff’s new channel 4 series, The Secret Life of Buildings.
Dyckhoff describes the Gherkin building in the City of London as, “fabulous from the outside, but inside it’s completely banal and it’s not functioning very well in terms of workplace culture. Dyckhoff commented that landmark buildings like the Gherkin are often built to be bought and sold and not necessarily designed particularly well for the employees who work inside.
UK new-build homes were also criticised for being the smallest in Europe, many of which are only 76 sq metres. Dyckhoff also said: “Most new-build homes built in this country don’t have architects anywhere close to them, which is a scandal.
Our homes, workplaces and or the buildings where we spend the majority of our time, should in theory make us feel happy, healthy and secure, but is this actually the case for many of our new UK buildings?
The University of California conducts experiments to show how different building interiors, designs and light levels can drastically affect a person both physically and emotionally.
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Last week I was sent a link, by an Oath Keeper, showing an amazing document she took from the NASA website.

Page 14: Talks about key future technologies like the introduction of robotics, and genetic engineering before birth. Page 66: Discusses human beings scientifically analyzed without the consideration of the soul or intrinsic worth, but of our limitations in the new world order.
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Presented by Tom Dyckhoff, the architecture critic of The Times, episode one was shown on Monday 1 August 2011 and looked at the design of our homes.
Still, the programme-makers deserve much credit for highlighting the dreadful state of housing design in the UK, a subject that receives astonishingly little coverage on TV or in the press.
Bottom picture: the same flat with the windows covered to match the smallest average window size.
Not only was it unrealistic to stay indoors for a whole week, but the window coverings were all in black. Ita€™s an award-winning, architect-designed apartment block with an entire side of north-facing single-aspect flats. What I do know is that many new build homes have terrible proportions: narrow rectangular rooms that allow developers to cram as many homes as possible into available plots of land. Dyckhoff visited Almere in Holland, a new town where a substantial area of land has been given over completely to self-builds. That would have allowed us to make a more realistic comparison with volume housebuilding in the UK.
Intrusive noise from outside our homes can be incredibly stressful, but ita€™s more than just a question of sound-proofing walls, ceilings and floors (although that is essential). Suddenly they have a whole horde of undemanding buyers who have no intention of living in the homes they purchase, but of simply renting them out.
When asked of the consequences of living in badly designed new homes, he replied a€?youa€™re more likely to be depresseda€?. The series investigates homes and workplaces in the UK from the perspective of the user, rather than icons of art or as commercial assets. Denmark has a similar population density to the UK but their homes are on average, twice the size.
It seems that many new-build houses have poor levels of light, significantly affecting our internal body clocks and health. Perhaps we should be given more freedom to design and build our own houses, such as the experimental housing development, Almere in the Netherlands.
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The use of low power microwaves on whole populations that would cause universal behavioral performance decrements, seizures, gross altercation in brain function, 30% to 100% increases in blood flow to the brain, lethality, and further interactions between low power microwaves (microwatts per sq.
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It is being called a warfare strategy document, and I can’t say, at this time, what the true ramifications of this paper might be, or why it was allowed to surface on the NASA site. It reminds me of an organization I once inadvertently joined at the Progressive San Diego City College.
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Ted Gunderson provided a substantial amount of investigative assistance to John DeCamp in uncovering the story. The documentary was pulled and the UK producers paid off to obtain all copies by unknown political figures in congress. For example, who wouldna€™t have known that raising the height of a ceiling would give a less claustrophobic feel to a room? That must have been an additional influence in the experiment (why didna€™t they use white window coverings instead?). The floor plans for the one and two-bed flats are no different from what youa€™ll find in poor-to-mediocre apartment blocks from the volume housebuilders (for examples of what I mean by poor-to-mediocre floor plans, see this graphic of one-bed layouts). After all, walking from a glorious bright sunny day outside into a north-facing flat where bright, direct sunlight never enters is gloomy enough. The golden ratio could be an answer but the programme wasna€™t at all convincing when it explored this subject.
After his visit, he was convinced that relaxing planning laws in the UK to allow more self-builds could be one solution to poor quality housing. The proximity of neighbouring windows, doors and balconies can also affect how noise enters our homes, and ita€™s essential that designers and architects consider this in the design of new homes.
I believe that property investors and buy-to-let landlords have played a significant part in helping cultivate the idea of housing as a commodity.

The quality of the homes matters little to these buyers as long as they feel assured they can find a tenant. Any standards must cover space requirements, ceiling heights, light levels, sound insulation, privacy etc. They want rapidly rising prices, as of course do buy-to-let landlords and property investors. The houses consist of between four or ten rooms, each furnished in a particular colour: the yellow,blue or red rooms. Thermal comfort is affected by the occupant’s metabolic rate, clothing insulation, and by four environmental factors: air temperature, radiant temperature, air speed, and humidity. Through a series of physical measurements, the study will seek to assess the relationship between the spatial distribution of occupants and occupant comfort in the space.
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While the video quality is not top grade, this tape is a blockbuster in what is revealed by the participants involved.
MacDonald, who was falsely convicted in August, 1979 of the murder of his wife and two young daughters (5 year old Kimberly, and 2 year old Kristen MacDonald) in a bloody and grisly satanic style murder scene that took place in their home in the early morning hours of Feb. John DeCamp had obtained an in-house copy which he gave to Ted Gunderson in the late 1990s.
Dyckhoff ended up measuring some windows when he should have looked (in my opinion) at room proportions (the ratio of width to length).
In the UK, urban self-builds are more likely to be built on infill plots tucked between existing buildings. To them, housing is nothing more than a profit-making exercise and this has caused irreparable damage to the housing market in the UK. Property investors and buy-to-let landlords who purchase property intending to carve it up into the smallest possible units they can get away with should also be forced to adhere to these standards.
Discomfort may be caused by a negative overall heat balance or local thermal discomfort, or a combination of both. Depending on the physical location of the occupant, discomfort may be caused by a negative overall heat balance or local thermal discomfort, or a combination of both.
All Part Of A Much Larger, Long-running Goal Based On the Aims & the Desires Of A Particular Group . The bonds are hypothecated, traded until their value is unlimited for all intents and purposes, and all that credit created is technically and rightfully yours. They are able to access and use our pre-paid account, for whatever they deem necessary.…the ‘company’ then took the application and pledged your future labor as a guarantee for payment to the bankers, also known as the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The State makes a Certified Copy and sends that on to the Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C.
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One small bump was that science could not yet make that procedure reversible, as a study of lab rats determined sterilization of women the only recourse, because one rouge male could, in theory, impregnate 100 females.
An a€?anything-goesa€? approach to design, as followed in the Dutch example, just wouldna€™t work here. The following report discusses the factors which are contributing to occupant discomfort in the 9th floor studio. Possible factors causing thermal discomfort include surface radiant asymmetry, drafts caused by the ventilation system and drafts due to air infiltration at the perimeter of the space. Nada joins the underground, teaming up with rebel-leader Frank (Keith David) to eradicate the lizard-like aliens from the body politic.
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No doubt, what we are facing in the future we can hardly conceive of today, and this paper gives just a taste of what we have in store.
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