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This beautifully shot film is also jam packed with heart-warming stories of cats who  take care of their owners, who save lives and who have survived against the odds. We all know cats land on their feet when they fall from a height, instinctively twisting themselves into position. Never mind curiosity killing the cat, feline anxiety is a much more serious issue - and it’s more common than people think.
Because of this propensity to get anxious, cats are after a secure physical environment: food, water, and a place to sleep where they feel safe.

Bradshaw explains that if something changes – say, another pet or a new baby - they may choose to move in with a neighbour. As we witness the astonishing transformation a new-born kitten makes when growing into a fully-grown cat, we discover the amazing, secret life of cats.. No matter whether your cat’s the latest pedigree breed or common-or-garden household moggy, brand new filming techniques uncover the awe-inspiring qualities each and every one of them possesses.
Another cat could have stuck its head through the catflap, which would be like opening your front door in the morning and finding someone had sprayed graffiti all over it.

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