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A socially awkward teen (Gaelan Connell) develops a crush on a popular cheerleader (Riley Voelkel), who attempts to deflect his advances by setting him up with the dorkiest girl in school (Vanessa Marano). The Secret Lives of Dorks summary: Payton (Gaelan Connell) is a pathetic dork, a comic book geek whose high school career is one series of hopeless faux pas after another. Hopelessly in love with Carrie, Payton is given life lessons by Carrie, who hopes to socialize Payton just enough to get him off her back and into the arms of Samantha (Vanessa Marano). The Secret Lives of Dorks is out on VOD on August 19th and in select theaters on September 27th!
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When Payton takes his act out in public…well, that’s when his life shifts into gear from lonely misery to utter disaster! It’s a PG-13-ified Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, in other words, complete with animated interludes.
It has a good heart and a good cast, mixing Hollywood veterans with some of today’s better young TV stars. But the movie is strenuously, exhaustingly unfunny, in a way that makes its phoniness harder to bear.
Every time The Secret Lives Of Dorks seems like it just might come close to having something meaningful to say about what life is like for high-school kids in the 2010s, a 6-year-old swears, or a hapless kid pukes on his date.

Gradually, though, Payton starts to see the advantages in dating a real woman instead of a fantasy, which would be a sweet moment of clarity, if Payton were anything more than a collection of nerdy tics. Samantha is dark and antisocial in public, but still keeps stuffed animals in her bedroom at home.
Throughout The Secret Lives Of Dorks, Payton periodically imagines the worst thing that could happen to him in various circumstances, which the movie illustrates via motion-comics.

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