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A real estate agent is the intermediary person between a buyer and seller of real estate property. Have you ever wondered how long real estate agents worked in real estate before becoming successful? Approximately 65% of the real estate agents who responded to our survey have worked in real estate for a minimum of 4 years. Although it is evident that real estate agents spend most of their time at work, an agent’s job is very stressful and demanding. If you’re considering becoming a real estate agent keep in mind that you will work for quite some time before your able to earn enough money to support yourself as most of your money is used on new technology, marketing, advertisements, and transportation. If you’re considering becoming a real estate agent take these eye opening statistics into account so that you’re not surprised after you begin to work in real estate. Channel 10’s Offspring has been hugely popular – particularly with 20-40 something women. Fitzroy, Collingwood, and Fitzroy North are the major beneficiaries of these fresh young things who have made it their life’s purpose to snare themselves a loft apartment like Nina’s. Or if that’s out of their budget for now, at least to be close enough to Nina’s stomping grounds to to soak up some of the atmosphere and community spirit. Offspring also wins points for decor lust, with websites listing ways to recreate the “effortlessly cool interiors”. And could The Secret Life of Us be partly responsible for the rise in popularity of Melbourne’s St Kilda in the early 2000s?
Wonderland, a drama set in Sydney’s beachside suburb of Coogee is filmed in a block of five units.
And Bondi didn’t really need Bondi Rescue, Bondi Vet or even the The Block to give it any more popularity. ABC’s award winning drama Redfern Now focusses around a fictional street in Sydney’s Redfern, a suburb mooted as one to watch. Long running soaps like Neighbours and Home and Away bring attention in a different form to their real life suburbs and locations.
Long running soaps like Neighbours bring attention in a different form to their real life locations. Fame and celebrity certainly have a role to play when properties made familiar by these long soaps come up for sale. How much of the regeneration and renewed interest in these suburbs is driven by TV and how much is buyer fashions driving TV locations we’ll never really know.
Emma is a writer and editor who has published on topics as diverse as the arts, medicine, online classifieds, and property.
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These agents have either a responsibility to find a seller a qualified buyer interested in purchasing their home or to find a buyer their dream home within their price range.
Other real estate agents look at real estate as a very large competitive industry and will ultimately decide to become independent real estate agents. Let’s examine the secret life of a real estate agent along with twelve eye opening statistics in order to help us answer this question. The life of a real estate agent is extremely busy and often incredibly time consuming with 58% of real estate agents spending most of their work hours at the office.
As a real estate agent you have to allocate some of your time to advertising your company and the homes and properties you’ve been hired to list. About 78% of real estate agents worked at least six months before they were able to financially support themselves. Who didn’t tune into Seachange at the turn of the millenium without want to live in Barwon Heads or St Leonards in coastal Victoria? In reality these units are all owned by the one family and rented to a group of long term tenants who describe themselves as not dissimilar in terms of closeness to the fictional characters on the show. Redfern is currently undergoing huge regeneration and development and shaking off its past as one of Sydney’s least desirable suburbs. Neighbours is set in fictional Ramsay Street which is really Pin Oak Court, in Vermont South, VIC, and Home and Away is set in the mythical Summer Bay, filmed on location at Palm Beach, in far northern Sydney.

The former Editor of Property Portal Watch, she now runs a boutique agency, Antelope Media. As both a Long Beach NY real estate agent and a long-time resident I know this community well.
Explore international lifestyles including waterfront, golf or ski luxury homes, properties and estates. Why not let fantasy become reality as you and your children camp out in the woods beside our beautiful walled garden? The life of a real estate agent is enigmatic and has a sense of mystery and ambiguity and is often very difficult for others to both understand and interpret. Becoming an independent real estate agent allows them to become entrepreneurs and build their own business.
About 49% of these agents work more than 40 hours per week while 22% of agents said they work on average less than 30 hours a week.
Nearly 60% of real estate agents look for prospects on a daily basis and devote several hours every day to prospecting. In fact, 62% of real estate agents spend at minimum an hour a day on marketing and advertising.
Of these agents, 53% of them spend more than $500 a year on technology and software because cutting-edge technology serves as a mechanism to help them distinguish themselves from other real estate agents. And long before The Shire or the TV remake of Puberty Blues, put Cronulla on the TV real estate map one of Sydney’s other southern suburbs, Sylvania Waters, gained notoriety from the early 90s reality TV show of the same name. I saw that social and video media was the future of a successful real estate agents tool kit. It’s an enchanted place, hidden from the world, with its own croquet lawn and flowers and vegetables that are yours to pick. Roughly 55% of agents spend more than $1000 a year on transportation while 19% of real estate agents spend more than $5000 a year. Luxury real estate agents in Palm Beach, Fla., are hoping that the upturn in New York means better times are on the way for them. True, but if you’re a “refined gentleman”, a beer fridge, pool table and dartboard isn’t going to make the grade. Specializing in luxury real estate in Millbrook, northern Dutchess County and southern Columbia County, New York. A place to recline and light up his favorite pipe and puff away while solving the world’s dilemmas.Unfortunately, not every refined lady cares for the smell of her mate’s “thinking aroma”.
Imgur’s BaconJacobs was faced with this challenge and decided to build himself a smoking lounge. He built himself a hidden smoking lounge that you can only enter if you know where the secret door is!

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