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I personally find rockpools enchanting habitats that every child should be allowed to explore, and I hope that this film encourages people to do just that. Watermouth cove is home to a picturesque and sheltered harbour, close to Watermouth Castle. There is also an "old gits bench" at watermouth where you can spend hours putting the world right.
There is more information about PLUTO and other Top Secret projects from WWII including a section of the pipe, in the North Devon Maritime Museum in Odun Road Appledore. Because points saved routes are part of your account, you will need to log in or sign up below before proceeding.
Saved Routes can be accessed via the 'My Account' tab in the main navigation at the top of the page or by clicking here. Begin your journey into the astounding underwater world by taking a look at the Giant Spider Crab and the Giant Pacific Octopus. Enjoy a new way to experience the joys of sea stars with our Pop Up Tank, Crawl Through Tank, and Secret Cave Tank. Make sure you find the time to visit the highlight of SEA LIFE, our spectacular underwater tunnel.
One of the largest crabs with a legspan that can reach 3 metres, this crab can walk on the soft and sandy bottom of the ocean without sinking. Reaching up to four metres in size, this animal can amazingly claw through a hole the same size as its eyes because it has no bones! Looks can be deceiving, the Lion Fish's beauitiful fins eject a potent venom that can cause immense pain and is used to capture their prey.
One of the biggest freshwater species with a special breathing organ that helps them survive through dry season. Smart, funny and quick on both land and water.They look after their pups until they reach adulthood. Commonly found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans from South Africa to Australia, Leopard Whipray can be distinguished by its unique arrangement of midscapular denticles and the leopard-like markings on the dorsal surface of adults. The biggest fish in coral reefs with a remarkable bright green 2 metre long body and protruding forehead. Moray Eels live in small holes and crevices in the reef,emerging only to grab passing fish for food.They rely on their sense of smell to detect approaching prey.

A cartilage species in the ray family which spends most of its time on the ocean floor, using the bottom part of its mouth to catch crustaceans.
The largest shark in SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World reaching a massive 4 metres long, spends most of its day sleeping in an underwater cave. The “Wolf Fish”, the wolf of the sea, is to be unveiled as an exciting new member of SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World! That's not an easy task when you realise just how busy academics are and what a bad Summer we had in 2012. These aquatic creatures amaze us with their ability to camoflage themselves with surrounding rocks and other ocean features. A thin sheet of acyrlic separates you brave souls from the five different types of sharks located in the tank! A variety of coral and fish species present a dazzling spectacle of underwater life, tantilizing kids of all ages by allowing them to get a very close-up experience of this amazing visual presentation of underwater life. This attraction will help to make you feel like you are walking through a lush rain forest, surrounded by the sounds of waterfalls. This gigantic 8-metre-high aquarium gives you a panoramic view of astoundingly beautiful coral and fish species.
Their beautiful underwater shine helps them stand out against the dark backdrop of the ocean. Whether these adorable creatures are taking a swim or just waddling around, you will be helpless against falling in love with them. This educational session is shown as a simple cartoon animation presentation, fun for all ages! The Spider crab plays an important role in the ocean by eating animal carcasses to keep the ocean clean!
They conceive many pups at a time, but the strongest will eat its siblings and survive alone. The anemone provides a home for the clownfish,and the clownfish reciprocates by catching bits of food that get caught in the anemone. At the center of the disc, there is a midline row of up to 15 enlarged, heart-shaped denticles, with the two largest ones located one after the other between the "shoulders". The Wolf Fish is an eel-like fish that feeds on various kinds of shellfish, crushing them with its strong, powerful jaws.

Please note - If heading southwest please ensure you are very careful when navigating the short stretch of coast path that crosses the main road. The walk is both fun and adventurous, giving you an opportunity to marvel at all the sharks while learning fascinating facts about them. Understanding more about these wonderful creatures will help us better preserve their species and habitat.
Entertain yourself and your kids by trying to spot one of the many frogs camoflauging themselves right before your eyes. Information boards are set up to provide you with interesting information about their life cycles as well as the importance of marine preservation efforts.
You will be surrounded by a variety of sea life including sharks, eagle rays, and schools of fish. Feel like you are visiting the Antarctic yourself with the surrounding snow and cold breezes!
This invertebrate is one of the ocean's smartest creatures, considered to be cleverer than a dog!
Bottom-dwelling in nature, the leopard whipray is found close inshore over soft-bottomed habitats. Regarded as one of the top ten “most frightening” fish in the world, the fearful Wolf Fish awaits to astound you today at SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World!
Three different large interactive screens will present you with facts about all the shark species in the tanks. Their movements around the tunnel are surreal and represent what you could say is their very own broadway spectacle! AmenitiesWatermouth is on a regular bus route.There is a private, fee charging car park at Watermouth Harbour. Furthermore, a beautiful display of an icon from a famous Thai myth story will grab your attention just as it has done with countless visitors before.

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