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Ann Hubbard, former reporter for the Kokomo Tribune, and David Krajicek a crime writer, talk about Indiana housewife Susan Grund and what motivated her to murder her husband Jim.
Divorce attorney Tom Conner talks about what you need to do when getting divorced; and Sergeant David Ferguson talks about the effect Bob Angleton's arrest had on the children. Author Cathy Scott talks about the motivations for Barbara Kogan's actions; Assistant District Attorney Joel Seidemann talks about the expensive and usual way Barbara de-stressed and what lessons can be taken away from George's tragic death. Brian Rogers, a reporter for the Houston Chronicle and Sam Cammack a Defense Attorney talk about the public's reaction to Yvonne Stern's case and when she decided to return to her husband.
Michele Dargan, a reporter from the Palm Beach Daily News talks about what life is like in the beachside town as well as what Rose Keller's motivations might have been; Angelica Bovi, Rose's sister talks about why she thinks Fred killed her.
In this exclusive interview with Sharon from Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln, IL she talks about how she finally feels free after being trapped in an abusive marriage as well as advice she has for others. A subversive and comic look at rampant consumerism and the quest for perfection, “The Stepford Wives” exposes what it really means to be human by looking beneath the perfect veneer of an idyllic community nestled in our very imperfect world. Yes, there’s nothing like a nervous breakdown to make Joanna and her husband Walter (Matthew Broderick) reexamine their priorities, pack up the family and make a fresh start in the idyllic suburban paradise of Stepford, Connecticut.
I decided to play with make up even though I have a few tests, presentations, and other stuff coming up. Tuesday night is the series premiere of Investigation Discovery’s latest reenactmentacular true crime series seductively titled Secret Lives of Stepford Wives. From secret hotel rendezvous to church choir run-ins, this affair is exactly what Montgomery needs to spice up her blase day.
Candy Montgomery’s trial started in October of 1980 and although she admitted to killing Betty Gore, Candy says it was in self defense.
Candy went on to describe a curious resumption of their chitchat about the swimsuit and peppermint candy. Candy and her husband Pat Montgomery, an engineer for Texas Instruments, fled Texas and reportedly relocated near Atlanta. Bethany Gore, 20, and Lisa Gore Harder, 25, spoke with The Dallas Morning News 20 years after the slaying. Meanwhile, Candy Montgomery was still living in Georgia under her maiden name of Candace Wheeler when The Dallas Morning News reached out to her for her comments 20 years after.
Movie A Killing In A Small Town (alternate title Evidence of Love) starring Brian Dennehy and Barbara Hershey.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna pregnant with their first child togetherBIG news for Rob Kardashian and fiancee Blac Chyna: they are expecting their first child together! The scene that took place at the old Victorian estate in Connecticut recently seemed so perfect.
Tom Cruise and Scientology are at the center of a publicity nightmare this week after Gawker posted a leaked Scientologist video that made the infamous Oprah couch-jumping video look sane.
I would love to hear your take on Katie Holmes possibly having faked her run in the New York Marathon.
As for Tom and his best friend, David Miscabbage; those two have no grasp of carrying on a conversation. I am so glad to see that some of the delicate white underbelly of Scientology has been exposed.
Things are bad when it's toss up between Cruise and Britney as to which one is more sane. H ah ah ahaaa haaa ha aha ha ha ha HAAAHAHAAAAHAAAAAAHAAAAAHAAAAAHAAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAHAAHAHAHAHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bart Corbin was able to get away with murder once, but not twice; crime reporter Lateef Mungin talks about Corbin's arrest and how they knew Jennifer's death wasn't a suicide.
Featuring an extraordinary cast, “The Stepford Wives” stars Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick, Bette Midler, Christopher Walken, Faith Hill and Glenn Close in a comedic thriller about a community that dares to be perfect and learns that to err is human.
The youngest president in the history of the EBS television network, she also has an attentive husband and two beautiful children.
But something strange is happening in the quaint little town of Stepford, and Joanna is suspicious. The show “features the true story of a housewife whose desire to keep up with the Joneses is matched only by her desperation to sweep her wrongdoings under the rug,” according to the network, and the premiere episode is a real doozy involving a church pianist and Bible school teacher, an affair, Friday the 13th, and a brutal ax murder that has already inspired a book and a movie!
Seemingly not wanting to be outdone by Lizzy Borden, Montgomery killed Betty Gore with 41 WHACKS!
Sufferers sometimes do things without knowing it during bouts of amnesia, sleepwalking or dream states. Much speculation has been swirling regarding the possibility that Tom Cruise might have transformed an unsuspecting Katie into his own personal Stepford Wife. In other words it looks like a movie any youtuber would make pretending to be tom cruise and having zero knowledge of Scientology.

I recall a Nightline interview ol' Dave gave to Ted, and what an ebarrassment that was.
Especially love the Science Fiction Quarterly with the huge lifts on the bottom of the space boots. On the surface, Joanna’s life appears to be, well, perfect… until one catastrophic day when it all comes crashing down around her. So is Bobbie Markowitz (Bette Midler), who recently moved to town with her irascible frat-boyish husband Dave (Jon Lovitz). They can bake a cake, paint the house, mow the lawn, play with the kids and still greet their husbands in lacy lingerie at the end of a busy day. While under hypnosis Candy revealed a traumatic event from when she was six years old and had stepped on some broken glass, resulting in a nasty gash on her foot, a lot of blood, and a trip to the doctor for stitches.
On top of that, he's angry as a hornet about an upcoming unauthorized biography promising shocking Scientology claims and secret details about his bizarre life. Because if u really listen to what he's saying, it sounds like any generic self help bs. Its a shame because I used to enjoy his movies, now he just makes my skin crawl and I will never willingly watch any production he is involved in as I cannot, in good conscience, support an outright freakin' moron and his bizarre beliefs. Fired from her job, her perfect marriage in trouble, unable to remember where her kids go to school, Joanna is starting to look like a candidate for electroshock therapy. And Roger Bannister (Roger Bart), an architect who came to Stepford hoping to save his rocky relationship with his conservative partner Jerry, is wondering what’s going on, too. Disturbed by the stunning but subservient women she meets in Stepford, Joanna grows increasingly uneasy.
Candy asserted that as the two women fought, Betty did something very odd: She shushed her. His creep factor has certainly risen exponentially in the last few days, and Xenu only knows what he'll do next. Second, what seemed like loopy fantasy when the first version of the film was made in 1975 seems oddly less loopy in today's body- and image-conscious, affluent suburbia.

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