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When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. NBCThe Secret Life of the American Teenager Graduation brings an end to the high school careers of the teens and the end of the series. Seriously, if all the jocks looked like this guy, there would be a lot more teen pregnancies in real life. ABC FamilyThe Glades Jim (Matt Passmore) investigates the murder of a spokesmodel for a well-known brand of rum. A&EThe Fosters Jennifer Lopez is a co-executive producer of this new drama series, which focuses on a lesbian couple (Teri Polo, Sherri Saum), raising a diverse brood of youngsters, some of them foster children.

ABC FamilyAnger Management Charlie (Charlie Sheen) starts a friends-with-benefits relationship with a hot woman subject from the sex study.
FoxRevolution As the rebels infiltrate the Tower, Miles' (Billy Burke) character and leadership skills, as well as his feelings for Nora and Rachel (Danielle Alonso, Elizabeth Mitchell) are put to the test.
NBCMistresses Inspired by the British series, this new drama follows four women a€” a pair of sisters and two of their friends a€” as they navigate the rough waters of their complicated romantic relationships. ABCLongmire A body is found in a compost heap, and Walt (Robert Taylor) has a long list of suspects to pursue, thanks to the victim's history of abusing people in this new episode of the modern Western.
Fox, this drama starts its third season with Tyler Posey as the title character, whose life as a high-school student is complicated by the fact that he's a werewolf.

KCBSThe Doctors Elizabeth Perkins discusses Type 1 diabetes; Karent Sierra gives a homeless woman a smile makeover. Oz Show Losing weight effortlessly without going on a full-time diet; tricks to slim down instantly. Phil Parents say their 25-year-old's rage is so out-of-control that they fear he will kill them.

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