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Click here to listen to the audio of this interview.  Otherwise the full transcript is below. Question: Ben, you said this was your most fulfilling experience.  Why, what was so good about working on this? The film is very much about following your dreams and living your own life.  Was there anything in your own lives that’s unexplored, some desire that you have, some place that you want to go. This film does seem completely divergent from Zoolander and Tropic Thunder.  I’m just curious, through tone alone, was that something that you really wanted to explore?
Could you talk a little bit about the theme of the original short story, and it looks like the film about ordinary people.  How all of us want to be extraordinary and how everybody has dreams.  How interested and inspired were you by the wonderful short story, which has become kind of embedded in our culture? WIIG:  I think no matter what kind of life you have, whether it looks one way to people or another way, you always have moments when you imagine a different life.

It was difficult to find an equilibrium between reality and imagination in all the movie.  Sometimes it’s difficult in life.
I think we were all surprised at how beautiful it was.  I’m curious about the conversations you had with your cinematographer and how that partnership was formed.
I was gonna ask you about your scenes with nature in Iceland.  How did you do the shark scene where you jumped into the water with the sharks? Kristen, I wanted to ask if Major Tom was a big thing for you growing up.  Were you a big David Bowie fan? Ben, could you first tell us what that Bowie song means to you?  Then my other question is about Ben directing.  What was it like doing all of those things: directing, producing, starring? Facebook Covers InformationCheck out the The Secret Life of Walter Mitty facebook covers that our user has made.

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