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It's finally here -- the series finale of The Secret Life of the American Teenager airs TONIGHT!
As planned, Lauren and Madison both went to Berkley, while Henry shuffled off to boot camp. Awaiting “The Secret Life of the American Teenager’s’ series finale to begin on Monday, June 3, 2013 on ABC Family, episode one happened to be finishing up, bringing up all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings of nostalgia. In truth, “The Secret Life of the American Teenager’s” series finale was overwhelmingly unsatisfying; leaving one wishing for one more season or, at least, a two-hour finale (and this is coming from someone who, despite having watched every episode, thought the course had been run). Which leads us to the most important question of all: what answers would “The Secret Life of the American Teenager’s” series finale, Thank You and Goodbye deliver? So, in the midst of the land of flashbacks, also known as Thank You and Goodbye, we’re reminded of how it all began, as Amy, laden with multiple pregnancy tests bemoans to Lauren and Madison, “I don’t have that kind of doctor, alls I have is a pediatrician!” That right there kind of says it all – babies having babies. On that note, we remember that even though Madison and Lauren have been through it all with Amy, they haven’t been the best of friends.
Henry and Alice weren’t the only couple to get a happy ending, as Omar came back for Adrian, “You can get into school in New York. Before that, though, Amy, Grace, and Adrian in a tear-y, weep-y, sentimental super squeeze was a nice moment. With that hanging out there, it’s time for a Grace and Jack flashback: “It’s a promise ring. Apparently Jack and Grace decided to end things, only we didn’t get to be privy to anything besides, “We’re still gonna be friends, right?” Apparently we can spend forever in the land of flashbacks, but as for the present, not so much.
Not surprisingly Anne was Amy’s rock as she left and returned and left again, while George, also not surprisingly, encouraged her to return to her family.

In the end the door stays locked as Amy heads on her way and we close with Ricky reading John a story “’…And she lived happily ever after’ and we will too.” End scene.
Happy endings all around weren’t necessary, but it would have been nice to have a little more closure.
Don’t miss out on any of our TV mom moments or lessons, SUBSCRIBE here to receive free e-mail notifications. Rebecca StewartTV Moms ExaminerRebecca is a wife, mother, and writer on topics of all things parenting. Smart parenting: A technology diet for toddlers and preschoolersTechnology is here to stay. THINK Summer Institute: A unique opportunity for gifted teenagersThe Davidson Institute is offering an intense summer learning opportunity for gifted 13- to 16-year-old students. Instead, Amy (Shailene Woodley) changed her mind for the millionth time and decided not to marry Ricky (Daren Kagasoff). The final, heartbreaking moment of the episode was the image of Ricky and John sitting together on the couch all alone. Regardless, neither of those options is happening and we can only take what we’ve been given.
Then again, the four years that Amy spent drowning in the drama of being a teen parent, she wasn’t necessarily the best friend either. Let’s go.” So, there’s one thing we can check off our list – Adrian with a man who will love her for her. Although, it’s clearly a weight off of Grace’s shoulders, as she’s rocking a solo dance party the second Jack’s out the door.

Her DVR is constantly buzzing and she has an intense appreciation of most things TV, but especially TV moms - particularly those TV moms who keep their families cruising along with humor all, incredibly, with nary a hair out of place…Impressive. She seemed pretty bummed during their final conversation, but the second he left the room, she started dancing.
You could argue the series seemed to get more ridiculous as the seasons progressed, but we’ve been riding this wave from the beginning, we’re invested – crazily enough - in who Amy should end up with – solidly transformed former bad boy and baby daddy, Ricky or sweet, reliable, turned kind of crazy, Ben. They’ve hated each other, loved each other, and supported each other through the worst of the worst. Still, you have to give them major props for not just blindly diving into a major life commitment.
But we say farewell to the ABC Family all-star series “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” after five seasons - a show that connected with viewers and, hopefully, created dialogue between teenagers and their parents. Come along as she examines how the parenting issues TV moms (past and present) encounter translate to real-life moms. They can find their favorite videos on any screen device and FaceTime with grandparents pretty much on demand. It may not have ended as we had hoped, but maybe it’s better not to have all the answers…You decide.

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