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What sinister secrets are guarded by the Few - the select group of students who keep outsiders away?  Who is the dark stranger prowling the corridors at night?  And what really happened a year earlier, when the last scholarship girl died in mysterious circumstances?
If you have reviewed this book on your blog please leave a link to your review in the comments & I'll add the link here. If you have reviewed some of the same books and would like to do a link exchange please leave a comment on my review with your URL and I will add a link to my post for you. Richard, Katerina e Ranjit fazem parte do seleto grupo dos Escolhidos e sao lindos, influentes e poderosos, porem estranhamente distantes.

Os Escolhidos chamam a atencao de Cassie Bell logo em seu primeiro dia de aula na Academia Darke – um colegio composto por membros da elite e que muda, a cada semestre, para uma nova e exotica cidade em qualquer parte do mundo.
No entanto, um grande misterio cerca a Academia e, mesmo correndo perigo, Cassie nao consegue ficar longe dos Escolhidos. An elite establishment that moves to an exotic new city every term, its students are impossibly beautiful, sophisticated and rich. And the more new scholarship girl Cassie Bell learns about the Academy, the more curious she becomes.

What sinister secrets are guarded by the Few — the select group of students who keep outsiders away?

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