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Endearing readers to a creature generally classified as a picnic nuisance, this book is a big exploration of a tiny animal.
Endearing readers to a creature generally classified as a picnic nuisance, this book is a big exploration of a tiny animal.
From deep in the Amazon to the scorching sands of the Arizona desert, it demonstrates the diverse environments that ants live in, use and influence. Explanations of how ant societies function are often accompanied by comparisons of ant behaviours to similar human traits humans, reminding us of the uncanny similarities between our own civilisation and these intricate ant societies.
The establishment of a colony is particularly detailed, with painstaking descriptions of the process by which future queens leave their home colony and begin creating their own, often forming alliances or fighting off stiff competition. The Secret Lives of Ants will compel you to pause for a closer look next time you see one of the most ubiquitous creatures on the planet crawling past.
Notice: some scenes are scripted for your entertainment but all the ants are real and alive (at the time of shooting).
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Ants have secret powers and that’s no secret at all, they are perfectly designed with amazing features that help them survive in extremely harsh conditions. Ants are social insects and have the special ability to detect each other’s smells with some special sensors present in their antennae.

Moreover, recognition of particular individuals at close proximity in a large crowd is facilitated by use of low volatility cuticular carbons, a substance exclusively found in ants.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Notice: some scenes are scripted for your entertainment but all the ants are real and alive (at the time of shooting). Choe also examines the motive behind the cooperation and sacrifice that ants exhibit (often seemingly altruistically) inside and outside their colonies. They have the ability to carry giant amounts of weight over their almost invisibly thin shoulders, they are perfectly organized, they cope well with aggressive weather and they are experts at sniffing out body odor, according to a new, extensive study. They all look the same but they don’t smell the same and this is where the secret differentiator comes into play. To discover the great abilities and capacities of ants, researchers have tested the way ants react to different odors by sticking tiny glass electrodes into sensory hairs on the insects’ antennae, to then expose the creature to tiny puffs of different hydrocarbons. They are equipped with the largest olfactory receptor genes known in insects, being capable to use their extremely powerful sense of smell to feel and sniff all the chemicals which can be found in the tiny cuticule of individuals and ultimately exactly identify each and every member of their society.
Photographer Andrey Pavlov has captured some stunning scenes of ants’ social activities. Pavlov spends hours setting up his fantasy scenes and then waits for his ant subjects to interact with his miniature props in just the right way. He concisely contextualises the more mundane facets of an ant’s life, rendering them as interesting as the more exotic aspects.

Smell, hierarchy, determination and resistance are all extremely valuable attributes that make up for the secret life of ants.
A team of scientists from University of California, Riverside, has embarked on a mission to study the way ants tell each other apart in their colonies.
Electrodes acted like sensors to show whether each antenna was responding and if the ant had recognized a particular smell. It seems they are provided with extremely discrete, almost undetectable particular features in the way they perceive smell.
After efforts of analysis and behavioral change assessments, researchers have discovered that ants are extremely sensitive to chemical changes and they have sensory neurons that respond to a great variety of hydrocarbon odors. They are equipped with a unique way of sensing through their almost invisible noses, who should they approach and who they should stay away from.

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