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Stumpy: And there’s nothing we like least to talk about since we don’t have to talk about anything.
Stumpy: We’re trying to fight prejudice by revealing our secrets and what we have in common with humans. Art Life: How can beings of all walks of life live together and create together peacefully? Tune in to The Secret Lives of Stuffed Animals live, Tuesday nights 8-9, on Boston Free Radio.
Art Life Quote:"It’s like going down this dirt road and all of a sudden it opens up and you’re on this really beautiful highway with no one else on it of course. While at Ristorante Olivio in Arlington we decided to discuss our upcoming exhibition and the collaboration of two art forms. Secret Lives of the Freemasons is a six-member hardcore band composed of Brien Worshsam, Jim Debardi, Tucker Ensley, Joshua Carden, Justin Elrod and Travis Moss. Originally published on November 20, 2014 9:29 am Since we launched our project last week, we've heard from hundreds of you on Twitter, in email and on Facebook. Necklaces made with old metal protractors, just a few of the "upcycled" jewelry items Mei-Ling Uliasz makes.
Uliasz says using found objects like those in these necklace pendants helped her find her voice as an artist.

Originally published on November 20, 2014 2:22 pm The NPR Ed team is discovering what teachers do when they're not teaching. IDEAS producer Mary O'Connell explores the idea that a child's imagination may be the strongest shield against the confines of technology and achievement. Bear in Somerville’s Union Square taking in the sites, hitting the pubs and doing what they do to get ready for their hit radio show The Secret Lives of Stuffed Animals. Part of our admissions process is having potential faculty as guests on the show to try them out. Far more often they are merely misinformed allusions from which Freemasonry faces a far more insidious threat; that of being marginalized, trivialized, and fictionalized. Humans can learn we’re not so different from them and maybe they shouldn’t just stuff us in a corner and neglect us, or leave us for the family dog or cat to maul.
I am also interested in America’s … Continue reading >screen print studiesThese were done as studies for screen prints. Most of the references noted on this site are harmless, simply pointing out that Freemasonry has played a role in our society; some are humorous, yet some are disturbing in their associations. Heck, I even got to be a guest on their radio show (listen to it by clicking here: Radio Show of March 27, 2012).
And stuffed animals can take comfort in knowing there are others like them out there in the same situation, and there’s hope.

Infatuated with the idea of conspiracy theory, six guys from North Carolina, studied, searched and, wished for the most valued secrets of the world’s most fascinating secret societies.
After a family friend passed away, the doors of the Free and Accepted Masons accidentally opened up enough for them to break through.
In spite of their generosity and after serious consideration I … Continue reading >Art SpeakPhotograph of the “artist” Robert Castagna brooding over art. Why does this basic tool become … Continue reading > Ksenia Mack Music Blog:New Student SpecialWELCOME NEW STUDENTS!! To welcome new students I’m offering a new special first lesson 2-pack! Your first two guitar lessons for $80, thats $10 off each lesson! It’s a home coming for Mack who told the … Continue reading >Boston guitar teacherBoston guitar teacher Ksenia Mack playing with her student Sarah Jane at a recent Guitar Summer Camp!
Well, maybe it’s not summer but since these group get-togethers started in the summer the name stuck.

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