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Drama series is scheduled to air in various Asian countries including South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This is the BEST Korean drama i have EVER watched oh my gosh this was deep, romantic, happy, and has a good message.
Only reason that I'm waiting for this is because of Lee Kwang Soo, but hes not on the list.
How to design picture quotes about love - The secret of love is seeking variety in your life..
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There were too many cuts where the camera man had to show other ppl's faces briefly and than go back to her face where they entered fake tears for her crying scenes just made me roll my eyes. Gu Hara did very well though as they showed her crying scene from start to finish and the tears were real.
She looked kinda unattractive in some scenes which showed her genuine feelings for not trying to "look pretty" while acting which was very good.
But yes, gu hara surprised me the most.Especially the part where she visits her mom's grave.

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