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With Zippy, the cartoonist known for his work first at alt publications in New York and then as part of the San Francisco underground scene, found himself making waves in the mainstream as a newspaper presence starting in 1976. Non sequitur means that there can be no logical conclusion, and everything Zippy says is grounded in logic — at least it is to him.
He went to six days a week in the mid-1980s, and, in 1990, Zippy entered the colorful world of the Sunday funnies. Griffith said it stems from a time when, with no electronic devices to provide entertainment, there was little to do at a laundromat except ponder the universe.

Griffith will offer a presentation about the graphic novel and there will be book signings at the ToonSeum event. Griffith will participate in programming at the Pittsburgh Indie Comix Expo, presented by the ToonSeum and Copacetic Comics on the South Side. Things that are supposed to be horrible and terrible, Zippy loves because he doesn’t have any critical faculty. When she died, Barbara Griffith left her son two packed diaries and an unpublished novel that recounted the affair, which he finally read after a nostalgic visit with his uncle.

The book is 200 pages, a long way from a daily strip but reminiscent of his early days as a cartoonist for alt publications such as the East Village Voice and Real Pulp.

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