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Hey, I noticed that you asked ShockDragoon but I thought I would just answer a few of your questions. Also on a side note whenever you add references please don't forget that the word Page is capitalized in the references, thanks, and I hope I helped. Hey can you please make me a banner of Team Natsu with Team Natsu written on it and also one of the full guild and says Fairy Tail. Hey, I thank you for your many contributions to Loke's page, but I had to remove the *jobcompleted* tag since it wasn't quite done. I usually wouldn't since it was a filler, but that depends on what it was do you mind telling me what you were thinking of placing? Yes, delete it not only is it filler trivia, it's not that interesting, it's kinda speculative, and it's junk trivia.

I don't think it's necessary since the battles are previously mentioned and referenced in the articles.
This is your basic level 1 Mage deck, there are no cards from packs just a pure beginners deck to get you started and leveling towards better cards. The deck currently takes advantage of a few new cards: Effigy, Twilight Guardian, and Chillmaw. Here is our policy page if you wish to read about policies, and if you don't mind referencing you can join our Refencing Project, I am it's leader. But I heard that you are great at making banners and I would like to ask you to please, if you can, and if it is not a problem, make me a banner about aquarius with Open Gate of the Water Bearer! If you don't have much work to do, can you please make me a banner with the three dragon slayers Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy which says Dragon Slayers.

Do not worry either Im not those people who would ask you to make 1000 banners, three is max for me. Also this may sound like a bit much and I'm sorry in advance but could you make me another one with Erza on it that has a silver and red theme and says Titania Queen of the Fairies and features her Heaven's Wheel armor along with her Purgatory armor. I know it may be too much to ask so feel free to say no to the second one, but I just saw the really cool one you made for Loke and thought I'd ask you.
You dont have to reply back or make it I just wanted you to if you had enough time on your hands to make it for me.

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