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You can make this  frosting by hand, but it is so much easier with an electric mixer.  This is the one I use and love.
I look forward to trying this and wonder, do you think it would work to make a maple buttercream with the same recipe only using maple syrup? Your timing couldn’t have been better, because I just came across some vegan honey and am dying to use it. You must try the vanilla honey buttercream recipe from Baked Explorations Aunt Sassy cake!!!It is light, fluffy, not overly sweet and the honey flavor is so good.

I just made this to test it out, as I just tried honey cream cheese frosting and was not impressed. Does something like this need to be refrigerated or would it be ok if left covered on the counter?
You must have been hearing my cry to find the perfect honey buttercream by tomorrow for some Rosh Hashanah cupcakes I am making. A honey buttercream that actually tastes like honey and isn’t terribly drippy sounds almost too good to be true!

Join me on my quest to push baking boundaries and live creatively both in and out of the kitchen.Happy exploring!

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