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I just now sat down at my computer this Sunday morning and saw a “promoted post” for a Starbucks #CottonCandy Frappuccino! When the pinterest version of the secret menu became really popular during the first part of summer, we went online…researched every secret menu we could find and put together a 2 page (with very small type) secret menu decoder for baristas so that we would know what the drink ingredients truly were.
I’m really excited that customers are getting excited about customizing their frappuccinos and swapping ideas on social media. I am not excited that there has been no internal communication on how to actually make these drinks. I manage a store in Atlanta and my partners love making up their own drinks and love it even more when customers order them. These are great ways for customers to get involved in the process of customizing and trying new things, which we were always comfortable with for espresso drinks.
Also black eye and red eye have regional variations but my favorite is the 4 shot – Jedi (let the fours be with you)! I love that we are embracing our customers’ creativity but we still need to remember that it is customer recipes and not Starbucks standards.
I can just see the back up in the line when a few friends come in and each orders some special frapp that isn’t on any menu or recipe card. So yesterday I had two teens on Pinterest standing at my till looking at their phones trying to figure out which one looked better. Becca, I totally agree – I have seen so many Cotton Candy frappuccinos come through my stores since they promoted this, as well as a couple of other ones, and I have no problem with someone wanting to spend $6-7 on a frappuccino. Customers like the cutesy names because they evoke an image or a feeling that resonates with them.

I think if Starbucks is going to go so far as promoting these custom Frappuccinos on Twitter or Facebook and actually post something on the portal for the promotion, they ought to go as far as posting on the portal *exactly* what recipe they sent out to the customers via social media. Take note that this recipe involves blending in a Lemon Cake Pop which may or may not be possible at your store. If I did not follow the Starbucks Frappuccino facebook page I would not know of the cotton candy frappuccino.
I try to remember some of them, but there is an issue with consistent expectations of recipe (I’ve heard Cotton Candy with 1p Raspberry, sometimes with 2 and for the same size both times). Ever since they took away the Valencia Syrup years ago & prevented me from ever ordering my Creamsicle Frap.
When customers walk into a Starbucks store all excited to try a new Frappuccino and are told that we don’t know how to make their drink it damages the Starbucks Experience. I really would like it a heck of a lot better if we would get a notice in the portal telling us which specific ones were being promoted, and how exactly to make them, because… people still order Cotton Candy Frappuccinos, and expect us to know how to do it, especially now that there are pretty and adorable pictures on their facebook and twitter feeds basically telling them that we *should* know what they are and how to make them. Thankfully their dad, one of my favorite regulars, took them to the back of the line to decide.
I didn’t do anything different, it just started after months of only getting comment updates.
The most important thing to remember when ordering a secret menu drink is that not all Baristas are familiar with the drink names. Depending on what drink you're ordering and what add-ins there are, be prepared for extra costs. I hope we get official cards or an official recipe so that these customers can have a consistent expectation across stores and across baristas.

Every time Starbucks promotes one of these beverages instructions on how to order it will be included. Granted, there might be some pain associated with getting this off the ground but the short-term pain should lead to long-term gain.
Additions such as bananas will bring your total up, but remember that paying with a registered Starbucks card or with the Starbucks mobile app will earn you stars towards free rewards.
We will gladly make them for you if we know the recipe, but please do not get mad if we don’t! As long as we, partners, are focused on making it work and open to learning then it will all out work.
So many of my partners were instantly negative when the action item posted and said it wouldn’t work. And still just a little bit that I have no idea what goes in a Twix or that I may have to say no to an excited customer. I have to admit, when I do get the rare craving for a Frappuccino these days, I go for the Capt’n Crunch Frap. Starbucks wants to be THE leading brand in the social media space and this is a great platform for Starbucks to engage customers via social media. These drinks are creating buzz and bringing people to the stores to customize and try expensive creations.

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