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Mix up some baking soda paint by combining 3 teaspoons of baking soda with 2 teaspoons of water. Once dry, brush off any excess baking soda to make the message mostly invisible {or at least difficult to read}.
We found that the messages showed up better when we made sure there was baking soda on the paint brush. What a great idea, we’ve done similar with lemon juice, but I think this works better.

Did you do the lemon juice with added heat or did you try to reveal it with baking soda paint? Our products are highly competive, which is a result of unique technique and good management.
Our Food Additives have been exported to Southeast Asia regularly, and enjoy a very good reputation.
This would be fun for Valentine’s Day or any time you feel like pretending to be a spy.

It was not as prominent as the fruit juices but you could see where the baking soda was painted.

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