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Louisiana: Camp Minden is the site of the former Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant, once the major area employer. Holland: It was believed that since the early 1960s, USAF nuclear weapons were stored at Volkel Air Base, to be used by the host nation's aircraft. Western Australia: Naval Communication Station Holt - This is the most powerful transmission station in the Southern Hemisphere. Nebraska: Greenlief Training Site - Current footprint of the Nebraska National Guard Training Site. Minnesota: Camp Ripley has a winter warfare training course and is the primary facility used by the National Guard for winter combat exercises.
Mississippi: Naval Air Station Meridian or NAS Meridian is a military airport and is one of the Navy's two jet strike pilot training facilities.
North Carolina: Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point is located in Havelock, North Carolina, USA, in the eastern part of the state.
New York: The Military Academy at West Point is a four-year coeducational federal service academy. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. It’s not just brutal ground-pounding sci-fi military machines, mysterious Invaders from a distant world or monstrous Goliath giants that you will find in Studio Sparta.
Hidden inside the remains of a destroyed volcano is a military installation that will make any Dystopian Wars commander proud. Above you see the array of resin and pewter drop-ons that you can use with the islands to create your secret military base. This terrain was created for use with a scenario in the Storm of Steel Campaign Guide that recently launched for Dystopian Wars. A FREE Rules PDF for these Sets will be made soon be made available on the Studio Sparta website.
Phil Schneider used to work for the government and was involved in the construction of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB bases). Phil also revealed that 62 of those 129 DUMB bases were being used as housing facilities for various alien groups that the government had made treaties and agreements with. The state of New Mexico and Colorado have been used for the construction of a series of underground bases. The Taos facilities goes north approximately along Interstate 25 and eventually ties in NORAD. If however, the REAL situation is the Pashtun tribes don't want to be a part of the drug-corrupt Karzai central government, then give them a chunk of land they live on and build the sensor-security fence in front of them--and wish them a happy Islamic life. Of course, the sensor-security fence system would stabilize AFPAK and help pre-empt an Indo-Pakistan nuclear war by forcing Islamics to "get a life" and stop playing Mujihadeen in their neighbor's backyard. Moreover, there is also a POST-emptive military option for Afghanistan--we can have a large Quick Reaction Force (QRF) nearby ready to strike IF (ha ha) the "al whatevers" should attack America--ie; the traitors within stage another false flag attack. The first question you may ask is why not just stage aircraft carriers with marines continuously in the Indian ocean to respond to any sub-national conflict (SNC) threats? The USN and Mc are incompetent--in 1991 during Operation DESERT STORM Saddam's sea mines put into the water by backing trucks up exploded several Navy ships and the marines couldn't even land. This military incompetence is a function of malignant narcissism that drives USMC culture based on the lie of WW2 that naval power in the side-show war against the low-tech Japanese in the Pacific was somehow decisive when it wasn't even relevant to the actual mortal threat high-tech Germans we fought in Europe. On the Navy side, there are limits to the type and QUALITY of aircraft that can be shot into the air from their aircraft carriers (ships with short runways on top). A seaplane isn't size-limited by a carrier deck and has the entire ocean to land on and could be very large to bombard the enemy more efficiently than launching lawn-dart, fighter-bombers and can deliver troops with light tanks ashore--IF the corrupt USN and MC were interested--which they are not. Today, we can create a huge MOB without having to resort to ice using off-shore oil drilling platform technologies. The multiple functions and extreme size of a JMOB would make it unique among floating structures, says Dennis Wright, a vice president for Houston-based Kellogg Brown & Root, which says its expertise in designing deep-water drilling platforms is the key to linking modules at sea. The ONR mission statement that has guided the project's development since 1996 gives some idea of what is involved. Experience in building large containerized cargo vessels and precisely positioned deep-water oil-drilling platforms has solved most of the engineering problems. Thus far, computer simulations and hydrodynamic tests of a one-sixtieth-scale model by the Naval Surface Warfare Center have confirmed that a floating base is workable. While the Navy has yet to sign off on the project, insiders tell Popular Mechanics that as much as $1 billion could be earmarked for acquiring the first building blocks of a floating fortress--as early as the end of the decade.
Unfortunately, the USN ship racketeers are NOT going to sign-off on anything that threatens their BS aircraft carrier racket. The QRF manning the MOB in the Indian Ocean could be either based around C-130 air transportability (light tanks under 20 tons) or C-17 air-transportability (under 70 tons). Escorting the GBCT force package could be any USAF fighters; be they F-15s, F-16s, F-22s, F-35s or something new like Sprey's Swarm Fighters.
On-the-ground, the GBCT would fire & maneuver with superior, cross-country mobility to avoid land mines on roads to hit the enemy where he least expects it, denying him the sanctuary of closed terrain types by virtue of its M113 Super Gavin low-ground pressure, stealthy band tracks. The Army owns the world's largest fleet of logistics over-the-shore (LOTS) landing craft and barges to make floating causeways.
This proposal will not be evaluated on its merits because they scream out for its implementation. It's very rewarding and enlightening to examine what the creative heroes were able to do in WW2--the last time so far when the common man was allowed to have a say in how the world runs.
That the war in the Pacific turned just because the carrier mafia sank a handful of Japanese carriers at Midway is yet another lie. Moreover, to artificially handicap itself into greater dependency upon carriers, the aircraft carrier mafia has dismantled both its ship-based short-range and long-range seaplanes--damning our Sailors and marines to watery deaths in event they face a real shooting war against competent opponents armed with guided weaponry that cannot be stopped because we lack enough air cover. So the truth is that while General MacArthur was marching on Tokyo by his tri-phibious maneuvers using land-based aircraft, if the Japanese fleet had tried to interfere the Army Air Force aviators and submariners would have sunk it. Its important to dispel these myths--these dangerous lies--because they form the basis of the bullshit the spews forth out of the Navy and marine bureaucrat's mouths these days trying to justify their dangerous military incompetence of packing thousands upon thousands of men and women into these bloated surface ship death traps full of fuel, ammo and high explosive bombs--that were not even necessary in WW2 for land power projection--and are redundant today.
As well as to arm every cargo ship with self-defense kits--but the USN isn't even interested in letting a portion of their bloated budget go towards even a small naval reserve contingent.
Ask MacArthur's Phillipine survivors what it's like to be abandoned because the USN doesn't want to do its damn job and keep sea lanes open---they held on for half a year, disrupting the Japanese time-table for conquest---but could have held-out indefinitely had the Navy been interested in combat resupply in the face of enemy opposition. So its no surprise at all that the USN refuses to offer Terrain Firepower Saturation (TFS) with any Iowa class battleships so the USMC can even make it ashore and not be creamed by enemy dialed-in artillery, mortars, and the mere infantry squad with missiles, RPGs and AKM automatic weapons.
A huge part of the Maritime Casualty Club's claims is whining endlessly about the thousands of dead and maimed they suffered storming beaches on heavily defended Japanese islands we did not need to take, but were anyway for the public relations budget of glory of the Navy and MC bureaucracies to later on try to justify their existence.
We already know this is a lie; we did not need ANY islands in the central Pacific for B-29s to operate from since we could have taken islands north of Japan and even used much shorter-ranged B-24s and used seaplane tenders to operate Mars seaplane bombers to bomb and sea-mine Japan. What a lot of people do not realize is that at WW2's end, there were 1, 000, 000 Japanese Soldiers on mainland China. As already described, there is some validity to strategic bombing and we could have been bombing Japan continuously beginning in 1943 from the Alaskan islands logistics path and by Navy long-range seaplanes. The point here is that the Japanese greatly feared strategic bombing of their wood and paper cities and placed thousands of men on places like Marcus island which we should have bombarded with 16" battleship guns and taken to be a sort of land-locked "aircraft carrier" for B-24s or B-29s to bomb Japan. Now many (to include British Prime Minister Winston Churchill) have argued persuasively that the USAAF dropping two nuclear bombs on Japan was not necessary since we already had done greater damage firebombing their cities, mining their harbors, and submarine-sunk their cargo ships, moreover it was the fear of the brutal Soviet Union that had just declared war on them that finally scared the Japanese to call it quits. Let's instead consider the minimalist approach that should have been done to save thousands of marine lives taking un-needed beaches that would have given us the B-29 landing area needed.
The primary weakness of what an aircraft carrier offers is that THEY ARE NOT BIG ENOUGH TO USE AS-IS LAND PLANES.
The clever British considered a huge aircraft carrier called the Habbukkuk made of "icecrete"--ice and saw dust that would be so large as-is land planes would operate from it since it esentially would be an artificial island.
Despite reaping the praise of both President Eisenhower and General Douglas McArthur following the war, many consider the men that served aboard these important vessels the forgotten Sailors of WWII, as those who returned home were denied benefits for injuries and often over-looked in Victory celebrations.
The standard Liberty Ship, categorized by the Maritime Commission as an EC2 ("Emergency Cargo") vessel measured between 400 and 450 feet in length, nearly 60 feet in breadth, drew close to 40 feet of water. The engine and hull were developed from British designs - some elements of which were over 60 years old in 1941. Many Liberty Ships sailed without defensive weapons, especially at the beginning of the program. If one judges the Liberty's by performance, rather than looks, the Liberty's design exceeded every expectation (not bad for an "emergency, temporary, expendable" fix). Another notable Liberty ship was SS Stephen Hopkins, which sank the German commerce raider Stier in a ship-to-ship gun battle in 1942 and became the first American ship to sink a German surface combatant. Six Liberty ships were converted at Point Clear, Alabama, by the United States Army Air Forces into floating aircraft repair depots, operated by the Army Transport Service, starting in April 1944.
Several designs of mass-produced petroleum tankers were also produced, the most numerous being the T2 tanker series, with about 490 built between 1942 and the end of 1945.
Note that the USAAF did not have enough space on the central Pacific islands of Guam, Iwo Jima and Okinawa (my dad fought there with the Army) and used Liberty ships as floating repair shops. Take 20 x Liberty ships and connect them side-by-side for 120 feet of width, they would be 9, 000 feet long.
Bombers could have taken off from Midway for Japan (2500 total miles away) and then landed on a LibertyMOB to refuel at 1500 miles, 5 hours later, then taken-off fully loaded for the bombing 1, 000 mile radius, 4 hour mission. We could have even used 2 crews--one to fly to the LibertyMOB, and another to fly the combat mission. Of course aircraft mafia whiners will complain that the LibertyMOBs would be attacked by the Japanese. Of course, the LibertyMOB empowers P-51s to escort the heavy bombers by closer basing so they don't get shot-down like the B-29 and crew depicted above that the Jap fighters concentrated on. Another idea would be to use the B-29 itself as an Airborne Aircraft Carrier and attach a XP-77 parasite fighter (under 3, 000 pounds empty!) on top of the fuselage on a pedestal like the AWACS radar dish is carried by a militarized Boeing 707 airliner today. Today, land strapped Japan is already building artificial land masses to meet with the demands of their growing population. There was an awareness that the Liberty ships were only a stop-gap measure from the very beginning of the wartime shipbuilding effort. In the fall of 1942 design was begun on a 15-knot cargo vessel of 10,000 tons deadweight, the AP1.
Where the design required changes in production components, for example, a different shape of steel beam to support the deck , negotiations were needed to convince the steel companies that the necessary retooling of their plants would be of benefit in the future.
The standardized design adopted by the Commission called for a 445-foot by 63-foot steel vessel. The Victory ships were different from the Liberty ships primarily in propulsion, the triple-expansion marine steam engine of the latter giving way to more modern, faster turbines or diesels. Better stability and two enlarged tanks aft of the machinery space that carried fuel, dry cargo, or saltwater ballast did away with the need for fixed ballast. The SS RED OAK VICTORY was of this type, one of only ten "Boulder Class" Victory ships modified to function as ammunition carriers.
Transversely framed on 36-inch centers, the ship has a double bottom that carried fuel oil, salt water ballast, and reserve feed water. A Victory Ship had 12 electric motor-driven cargo winches, clustered in two groups of four around the main-and mizzenmasts and with two located forward and two aft of the superstructure. A Victory Ship had an electric-motor-driven, horizontal-shaft type anchor windlass on the forecastle deck. Other deck machinery includes an electric warping capstan on the main deck aft, with its machinery below. The galley is equipped with oil-burning ranges manufactured by the Washington Stove Works of Everett, Washington, two steam-jacketed kettles, a Hobart mixer, manufactured by that Troy, New York, company, a vegetable peeler manufactured by the Anstice Co.
The wartime issue equipment, included: the radio equipment the high frequency, low frequency, emergency frequency transmitters, high receiver, low receiver, alarm signal keyer, auto alarm, and crystal receiver, all manufactured by Federal Tel.
The bridge is completely outfitted, with magnetic compass in a compensating binnacle, engine room telegraphs, bells, fog horn, rudder angle indicator, echo depth sounder, and clinometer.
Ventilation below decks is naturally supplied through four 36-inch cowls, two 24-inch cowls, and two 18-inch cowls, with each kingpost also serving as an exhaust trunk from the holds with 30-inch diameter Breidert exhaust heads installed at the top of each kingpost.
The main propulsion unit is housed midship, with a cross-compound, double-reduction geared, impulse-reaction type marine steam turbine unit rated at 6000 shaft horsepower, manufactured by Westinghouse, driving a single screw at a speed of 100 rpm.
Steam is provided by two sectional-header, single-pass design boilers manufactured by Babcock & Wilcox. Electrical power is provided by an inboard and outboard turbo-generators, the turbines manufactured by the Joshua Hendy Iron Works of San Francisco, California, and the generators manufactured by the Allis-Chalmers Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One of the most enduring theories behind the possibility for UFO’s, alien abduction and extra terrestrial visitation, is that the governments of the world are aware of alien existence and are hiding the facts behind these ufo cases from the public.
From the Roswell New Mexico incident to the Rendlesham Forest sightings here in the UK, there has been a consistent pattern of association between military bases and UFO’s. Deep in the outback of Australia around 11 miles southwest of the remote town of Alice Springs at the foot of the MacDonnell Range is a military base that is jointly held by both Australian and American military personnel.
An American NSA employee named David Rosenberg who worked in Pine Gap for some time, once said that the whole facility was run by a section of the CIA. Famously Edward Snowden the whistleblower of US military secrets claimed Pine Gap was one of three facilities behind the PRISM surveillance programme undertook by the American intelligence agencies.
Known as Australia’s answer to Area-51 (more on that later) by Ufologists, I’m sure some of you will be wondering why. In 1948, less than a year after the Roswell UFO Incident, Kapustin Yar’s radar operators picked up an unidentified object.
One of Russia’s most well-known ufologists is Vladimir Azhazha was quoted as saying in 1961 as a result of a UFO crash after a battle with the Russian air force in the area around the base, animals now avoided the area.
You might think dogfights with UFO’s are all a bit too much like the Hollywood blockbuster Independence Day, however a  Soviet Air Force colonel and cosmonaut, Marina Popovich confirmed that she had personally witnessed aerial battles between Soviet jets and UFOs. As recently as 1997 it was reported that a craft of unknown origin that had come down in Poland was taken to the secret base now known as Zhitkur. Even declassified KGB files report of UFO activity including a multiple-witness CE-I (Close Encounter of the First Kind) at the missile base in the district of Kapustin Yar, Astrakhan Region in July 1989. HAARP or the High Frequency Aurora Research Programme is situated in the remote region of Gakona Alaska. Due to the work with the Earths ionosphere there are many conspiracy theories from the facility experimenting with weather control, to mind control to many other stranger than fiction ideas, including multiple books on the notions. In this he discusses that by influencing the ionosphere, methods of communication disruption, missile shielding and weather modification are possible.
Located near the Salisbury plain in Wiltshire this is a highly secretive military ‘Science Park.’ Not sure exactly what a science park actually is?
The Porton Down facility and site originated way back at the turn of the last century in 1916. The site has been steeped in controversy for decades, with trials actually going to court over human and animal testing.
What makes Porton Down so interesting to ufologists is the sites potential involvement in a UFO report from January 1974.
It was late in the month and in the Berwyn Mountain range of north Wales people began reporting that strange lights (including some reports of coloured lights) were visible in the sky and vigorous ground shaking was felt throughout the region. Fire-fighter Adrian Roberts, who personally felt the tremor in January 1974, has been quoted as saying, ‘What are they hiding? In a channel 5 programme on British television a retired North Wales Police Assistant Chief Constable named Elfed Roberts, who was at the time of the incident a sergeant, was rushing to Llandrillo moments after the tremor with his superior when they saw some mysterious lights in the sky. It first came to light when an amateur UFO investigator named Tony Dodd, who is a now-dead former North Yorkshire police-sergeant with over 25 years impeccable service with the police force. Dodd flatly refused to reveal the real name of the source for his sensational story, and instead preferred to provide him with the pseudonym of James Prescott.
According to this James Prescott, at the time of the Berwyn Mountain Range incident, he was stationed at an Army barracks in the south of England.
The team then received orders to then proceed with speed towards North Wales, but were halted on the outskirts of the English city of Chester, in readiness for a military exercise they were told was about to take place in the area.
A number of hours later, they reached the secret Wiltshire-based facility, and were duly directed to a specific part of the installation.
A retired gamekeeper Geraint Edwards, of Llandderfel, Denbighshire claims to have actually seen a UFO in the area after the event around a month later in mid February 1974. Some of our not so secret, secret bases are common knowledge to anyone with a passing interest. Ultimately it is believed by many that Dulce is a vast underground network of tunnels and hangar like rooms that operates on many levels. Navajo Dam is reported to be the Dulce Base’s main source of power, though a second source is rumoured to be in El Vado.
New Mexico State Police Officer Gabe Valdez was drawn into the mysteries of Dulce when called to investigate a mutilated cow in a pasture 13 miles east of Dulce on the Manual Gomez ranch. Samples of the affected hides were removed as well as control samples from the same animals. So cattle mutilations, abductee’s, scientists with mental issues and government people aggravating these.
Perhaps the most famous secret military installation in the world, Area 51 has inspired films, games, books and pilgrimages’ by the thousands. Starting life in the 1940’s this base was so secretive that even though the evidence was overwhelming the American government did not publicly acknowledge its existence until the turn of the century? So Area 51 has been linked to all manner of UFO stories from the Kecksburg Incident to the most famous ufo story of all, Roswell. What makes Area 51 so intriguing is the sheer amount of military presence there stopping people from entering anywhere where images may be taken with any clarity. Bob Lazar claimed to have worked between 1988 and 1989 as a physicist in S4, which is allegedly located at Papoose Lake southwest of Area 51. Lazar alleges that the S4 facility is located near the Papoose Range within Nevada’s Nellis Air Force Test Range and is accessed via a dirt road.
Ben Rish gave a slide presentation and speech at UCLA School of Engineering on March 23, 1993. He even was once quoted as saying that whatever technologies you see in the sky they are already 50 years beyond it. Bushman said in the video, recorded on August 7 this year: ‘With respect to the alien craft, we have American citizens who are working on UFOs 24 hours a day.
Whatever the truth the entire worls is agreed that there are some incredibly sensitive nad secretive projects being managed out in Groom Lake at Area-51.
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Three lightweight vac form islands allow you to create the volcanic shape, but you don’t have to use the shape we have chosen. They range from the gun platforms (bottom right) to shield generators (top left) and an observation tower (top right). It is designed to represent a strategic industrial complex that opposing armies can either capture or destroy.
In talks given in 1995, he said that there were 129 active deep military bases in America and two more under construction, He confirmed (at that time) that there existed a minimum of two underground bases in each state. The rest were being used by humans (military & civilians) for biological, chemical, and mind control development. Tehachapi Ranch- 4 saucer bases, Tecachapi Canyon has a new underground base which was finished in Sept. Boulder, CO–The headquarters for EMC, a type of electra-magnetic mind control that is being broadcast to modify the thinking of Americans, and to control slaves.

Atlanta, GA –FEMA regional center, which is appropriately placed since Atlanta is to become a capital within the NWO redrawing of boundaries. South central Idaho–under the Snake River lava flows between Twin Falls and Idaho Falls.
Camp David–just north of the camp is an underground facility important to the intelligence agencies.
Groom Lake, also known as Dreamland, Area 51, The Area, the Spot, Red Square, Sally Corridor, Watertown Strip. There may be as many as three underground installations in New Hampshire’s hills (according to reports).
Coos Bay area has had three separate but coordinating underground facilities built for UFOs. Bluemont, Mount Weather base, Federal Preparedness Agency & FEMA, small-city underground, top-secret, staff of several hundred, does secret work for FEMA and contains a complete secret government with the various agencies and cabinet-level ranking administrators that keep their positions for several administrations and help run the United States.
White Sulphur Springs, under the Greenbriar Hotel, a mini-city large enough for 800 people equipped with its own crematorium, if there are any other purposes otherthan listening to U.S. The problem is that Iraq did not have anything to do with the September 11, 2001 attacks on America, nor were the CIA created and funded "al whatevers" from Afghanistan the chief instigators, either.
AFV, we could then drop Paratroopers with light tanks and shoot up all the evil commie, ehh ragheads we want to appease American people blood lust for "revenge" against the designated patsies--and then leave.
The sound military options of sensor-security fence and at-sea QRFs contradict the goals of the secret elites to destroy the individual of conscience, max profits and de-populate.
Even if they somehow could be put ashore, the marines will have their asses kicked as we saw in 1975 when they landed in USAF helicopters onto Koh Tang island beaches covered by enemy machine gun fire. Planes that are shot into the air by CATapults and ARrested by tail-hooks and wires (CATBAR) compromise their flight performance by the weight of their landing gear and structural strengthening required to crash onto the deck again and again. The essential functional problem of an aircraft carrier is its not LARGE enough to carry full-performance, land aircraft but must carry compromised designs that lack punch. In addition to being massive, the JMOB would have to be stable enough to allow fixed-wing cargo aircraft, such as a C-17, to operate in Sea State 6 conditions. And, once assembled there will be the problem of long-term, station-keeping during hurricanes and other severe weather conditions. We can parachute airdrop vehicles up to 30 tons, so a stripped-down Bradley fighting vehicle is a possible ground platform though the 10.5 ton M113 Gavin which can be flown by C-130s should be the baseline since there is no performance advantage to be gained by the flawed design Bradley heavier vehicle.
Though light, the Super Gavins would have superior protection by v-hull shaping and multiple armor layering that wheeled trucks are 28% less capable of. The Army has cargo ships with pre-positioned vehicles and supplies to formulate full-power land brigades ashore. The MOB option for Southwest Asia to have a QRF would be morally, financially and militarily sound--which the mob that runs the world into ruin is against. Since 1945, the evil Illuminati have saw to it that only small elites in bureaucracies get to drive what is done--or not done so problems are deliberately not solved but milked for maximum profits.
American Army troops were already evicting the Japanese by hopping from one island to another using land-based aircraft to cover their maneuver.
Had the Japanese fleet decided to go after our Liberty cargo ships and oil tankers coming from the west coast to Hawaii and then through to Australia, it might have been a relevant factor and land-based air power versus a fleet would have become an actual war decision point. Aircraft carriers are only helpful in modern war if we have more than a dozen of them on hand to blacken-the-skies with enough quantity and quality of aircraft to dominate the sea battlespace to deny enemies from guided weaponry launch positions. The USMC is a huge Maritime Casualty Club that wastes $$$BILLIONs on where they are going to place 1, 000 victims ashore to act as political pawns since they lack any Maneuver Terrain Leverage (MTL) capabilities foot-slogging from trucks and expensive gizmo helicopters like the V-22. The staged, BS Iwo Jima flag raising was used to con Congress into the 1947 National Security Act which permanently cripples America's ability to win any future wars by creating two selfish, narcissistic bureaucracies--the USAF and the USMC--that perpetually damn any join-service efficiency. Moreover, we did operate B-29s at first from China--if defeating Japan was a priority--it was not--we could have strengthened General Stilwell and moved down the newly constructed Burma road to China in FORCE and kept B-29s bombing Japan from there even if the Japanese army tried to stop us. In fact, if one wants a true turning point in the Pacific war other than Pearl Harbor--which was a fatal error for the Japanese that saved the Free World by getting America to fight the high-tech Nazi Germans---that would be Doolittle's 1942 Raid where Army B-25 bombers flown off the decks of the Navy's carriers bombed the Japanese home islands and so enraged and frightened the fascist egomaniacs there, that they diverted 2 of their carriers to a diversionary landing on the Alaskan islands so they were yjis, not available to help them in their 4 versus 2 aircraft carrier battle against the USN at Midway.
However, for now, we will act in good faith that strategic bombing was somewhat necessary and ask the next hard question. Navy and used to supply landings such as the Invasion of Normandy where some of these ships were deliberately scuttled to form breakwaters called "gooseberries," while others supplied the troops on the beaches. Of the nearly quarter million volunteer merchant mariners who served during World War II, over 9,000 died.
In recent years, maritime and naval historians have begun to shed light on the significant contribution of the Liberty Ships and their builders and Sailors.
Liberty ships had five cargo holds, three forward of the engine room and two aft (in the rear portion of the ship).
Yet, the only significant alteration to the propulsion machinery was the installation of watertube oil-fired boilers to replace the original coal-burning firetube Scotch boilers.
The basic Liberty ship was originally intended to have a crew of 45, but this was later increased to include gun crews up to 36, making a crew total of 81. The secret project, dubbed "Project Ivory Soap", provided mobile depot support for B-29 Superfortress and P-51 Mustangs based on Guam, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa beginning in December 1944. When the mission is done, the XP-77 parasite fighter matches speed with its B-29 below and re-attaches to its pylon perch. They realize today what we should have realized yesterday--that if you don't have the land--BUILD IT--don't throw away lives taking it in bloody beach frontal assaults.
Liberty ships were based on an old design of a British freighter, and were limited in speed to about 9 knots because faster turbine engines were not being produced in enough quantity to supply that class of cargo ship. Because availability of turbine engines was still unsure, the Victory ship was designed so it could be built to accommodate several types of engines, including the untried German-designed Lentz reciprocating engine. Initially designated EC2-S-AP1, the design was re-designated VC2-S-AP1 on April 28, 1943, when the ships were given the "Victory" appellation by which they were henceforth known. The resultant flexibility of draft meant that an inherent problem of the Liberty ships, a stiffness after removal of wartime equipment, was done away with. It was delivered to the Navy and commissioned the USS RED OAK VICTORY for the duration of the war. A Victory Ship had two complete decks, a forecastle deck that extends over the number one hold, and a first platform deck in two of her holds. Ten single-drum, single-speed winches serve the five-ton booms; four single-drum, two-speed winches serve the 30- and 50-ton booms.
Manufactured by the Hesse-Ersted Iron Works of Portland, OR, the windlass is capable of raising two anchors simultaneously from a 30-fathom depth of water at a chain speed of 30 feet per minute. The mounts for each weapon, include the circular steel splinter shields for the bow and stern guns.
Telephones for shipboard communication, manufactured by Hose McCann remain in working condition.
Two 20,000 axial flow supply fans with ducts lead to several terminals in the machinery spaces, with a single 12,000 axial flow fan with ducts leading from the heated space.
The shafting, forged steel and 16 inches in diameter, runs aft to the manganese bronze, four blade, right hand screw. Rated at 525 psi, with an operating pressure of 465 psi, the boilers produce 27,500 pounds of steam per hour at 750 degrees, with a furnace volume of 450 cubic feet. The three-wire marine direct current generators produce 300-kilowatts, with 120 and 2140 volts and 1250 amps and 1200-rpm. More importantly for this article it is the involvement of the world’s military bodies that is consistently brought up time and again as the instigators of these cover ups.
Because of this we thought it would be interesting to take a time out and look at some of the most secretive and most guarded of these military bases, because you never know, behind the doors of one of them might be the answers to the questions ufologists are all asking. The facility is publicly known as the hub for US and Australian satellites including communications and intelligence gathering satellites.
Well for one thing the Australian Government or factions within it hid Pine Gap from the knowledge of the broader government and the public. Here are some examples of what some have reported seeing around the ‘communications and intelligence facility.’ In 1975, a large white coloured object, similar in size to one of the white radomes that litter the facility was reported to have leapt into the air and disappeared rapidly.
First built in 1946 Kapustin Yar is located between Volgograd and Astrakhan in the west of Russia. At the same time, a fighter pilot flying close to the base had a visual sighting of a silver, cigar-shaped object. No cattle will graze there and strange energies affect a person’s pulse rate and breathing.
The dossier consists of the depositions of seven military witnesses (two junior officers, a corporal and four privates) plus illustrations of the object by the observers, and a brief case summary by an unnamed KGB officer. It moved sometimes abruptly, but noiselessly, at times coming down and hovering over ground at an altitude of 20-60 metres. This base is jointly funded by the American Navy, The American Air Force and DARPA Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency). So while this base is not exactly a hot bed of UFO rumour there is good reason this has made the list. Well in the case of Porton Down it is a secure site that houses both military and private firms who take part in all manner of secret experiments and projects.
It was the Royal Engineers Experimental Station where primitive chemical weapons testing began for the UK.  As the years went by and departments like the Chemical Defence Experimental Establishment became involved, then such innovations as CS gas as well as research into chemical agents such as Sarin and the virus Ebola.
3 service men actually claimed against the site in 2006 and were settled out of court after they were illegally given LSD to then measure the results. He explained to Tony Dodd that he could not name either his unit or his barracks, as they were still very much operational and he was not prepared to open them up to criticism. Once inside, explained Prescott, the boxes were opened by staff at the facility in their presence. Namely, that shortly after his life-changing experience at Porton Down, he had the opportunity to speak with several colleagues from his own unit, who guardedly informed him they had also transported aliens to Porton Down as part of the same operation, but with one amazing difference…they reported that their cargo was still alive! He says that the object was hovering over the range and appeared to be looking for something before disappearing. Anonymous sources, secretive Porton Down and the place where the British Government researches military technology and science. Gomez had lost four cattle to mutilations between 1976 and June 1978 when a team of investigators which included Tom Adams arrived from Paris, Texas to examine the site of the carcasses. Schoenfeld Clinical Laboratories in Albuquerque analyzed the samples and found significant deposits of potassium and magnesium. Whether Dulce is fact or fiction it certainly deserves a guest mention in our top secret military bases and ufo’s. An installation that intrigues and exasperates in equal measure, the number one secret military base for ufo reports, we can find anywhere in the world!
In 2013 documents declassified as part of a freedom of information act request highlighted the CIA’s knowledge of such programmes as OXCART and the U2 spy plane from the 50’s and 60’s. Lazar says S4 serves as a hidden military location for the study and research of extraterrestrial spacecraft, or flying saucers using (as we previously mentioned) reverse engineering. Lazar claims that the S4 base contains nine aircraft hangars built into the side of the mountain range, with hangar doors constructed on an angle matching the slope of a mountain.
The most credible source for a link between Area 51 and UFO’s – and in our opinion the whole argument for alien life having visited Earth – comes from a source that is both credible and reputable. A dying scientist who made waves when in his last month’s created a video recorded just before he died this August 2014 – along with photographs of aliens he claims were taken on disposable cameras within American military facilities.
These sets are a new venture for Studio Sparta as we investigate the coming together of vac form components with highly detailed resin and pewter models. But let’s not forget the large military building that dominates the centre of the islands – guns and cranes, what more can you ask for! In the video below, Timothy Alberino analyzes Deep Underground Military Bases, and the amazing testimony of Phil Schneider.
Phil mentioned in his last lecture in Seattle, Washington (Sept 24, 1995) that he was publishing a book that would expose these government secrets and identify the location of every underground base in America, as he felt the American public were entitled to know what the government was doing with their money and keeping secret from them. Atlanta is believed to have several underground installations in its area, one to the north at Kennesaw Mtn., Marietta, GA connected to Dobbins AFB and one to the south of Atlanta at Forest Park.
The worst of the federal prisoners are placed in this underground prison which has 7,100 cells which are filled with about 2,700 federal inmates. Visitors to the deeper levels report humans kept in glass cylinders, plus many other strange things. The facility farthest east, about 20 miles inland in the wilderness near Hwy 42, has been shut down. Kennecott’s mine (reported to be owned by the World Bank) in the Salt Lake City area is serviced by Union Pacific, which is reported connected to the Mormon Church. AFV, this is also a lie because the only military options available to us are NOT just to flood tan and green Afghanistan with American gunslingers wearing absurd Army ACUPAT gray or to leave. We have done this before to places like East Pakistan that became Bangladesh, so don't say it cannot be done when its done all the time. We would not squat on the local people's land with humongous Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) complete with slices of consumerist garrison Americana that incites rebellion and guerrilla wars. In contrast, a MORAL and PROFESSIONAL military man should offer to do them if nothing else but to EXPOSE THE BANKRUPTCY of the false military options of either occupation or abandonment.
Several flaming helicopters and burnt bodies later, the marines themselves had to be rescued just before being over-run, but at the cost of 10 marines left behind on the island.
ARMY and its AIR FORCE under General MacArthur who maneuvered troops to take LAND BASES where runways and ports were then built and full-power aircraft and land maneuver combat forces were deployed. Moreover, their overall size is limited to less than 2 engines due to the size limits of the carrier itself. One of their inventors discovered that if you mix ice with sawdust it doesn't melt right away. BWX estimates that a 5-module JMOB would have room for 3, 500 vehicles, 5, 000 cargo containers and 150 aircraft. Powerful high explosive (HE) shells from Super Gavin automatic cannon and 120mm mortar tubes would reach out into high ground hills and mountains or through thick mud walls to suppress or flush-out rebels so our dismounted infantry can finish them off.
The MOB would be a launching pad for the QRF GBCT to seize & hold both air-heads and beach-heads for the APS-3 ships to off-load and the Soldiers to operate them to marry up. Let it be known and for you the reader to be aware--that this notion that the only military options for us in Afghanistan is to either occupy or depart is a lie. For the Navy carrier mafia to lie that Midway was "the turning point" and try to reverse-engineer a purpose for their carriers is classic disinformation racketeering; aircraft carriers were not then--and certainly not now--needed to conduct air operations or Airborne or Amphibious assaults--even over areas filled with thousands of miles of water. However, the Japanese Navy full of narcissists more extreme than our own, only wanted to duel our egomaniacs and had no grasp of what the sea is really all about, which is a means to move heavy amounts of supplies--be it in peacetime or in war. Anything less--and you just offer juicy fuel and high explosive laced targets with a lot of bodies on board to be burned and exploded to bits.
Army needs its own strategic mobility via things like Wing-in-Ground (WIG) seaplanes---so they don't left hanging out to dry again by the selfish Navy and Air Force bureaucracies again. Upon closer examination, the last line of defense of the USMC liar is that "Iwo Jima was needed for the USAAF's long-range B-29s bombers to land on" etc. Had the odds been 6 versus 2, Midway would have been a defeat for the USN and with the Japanese holding Midway, they might have begun to bombard Hawaii regularly delivering some much-needed humble pie to the narcissists in white there. In WAR--handicapped "sea planes" (in the broadest sense of the word) will always be at a disadvantage in a head-up fight with their land-based equivalents.
Liberty ships were again, a British idea given to we Americans by Commander Ian Fleming of the Royal Navy in 1941 so England wouldn't be starved into submission by the German U-Boat campaign that was sinking cargo ships faster than they could be built. Merchant Sailors suffered a greater percentage of fatalities (3.9%) than any branch of the armed forces. Due to a shortage of diesel engines and turbines, the US production of which was designated for its own naval vessels -- the Liberty Ships were commonly powered by triple-expansion reciprocating steam engines. Later the figure was amended, increasing the ships crew to 52 and reducing the gun crews to 29. In 1943, the United States started a new emergency cargo ship program to replace the Liberty ships. By diverting their exhaust stacks to the side either left or right, a huge, flat deck could be placed on top--a 9, 000 foot runway at least 100 feet wide. The corollary today is don't use land of your allies for long-term Counter-Insurgency operations that enrages the locals when you can better operate from a MOB if you're near water.
The limited speed meant that they could travel only in convoys, unable to outrun 11-knot enemy submarines. In late 1943, decline in the amount of steel available also forced the pace of shipbuilding to slow. The chairman of the Maritime Commission, in an early 1943 speech, noted "We have developed a new emergency ship, the Victory ship, to replace the Liberties. The Victories could carry 10,850 deadweight tons (the weight of cargo a ship can carry) or 4,555 net tons (the amount of space available for cargo and passengers), a larger load than the Liberties could manage. In order to resolve the problem, Victory ship hulls were built with frames on 36-inch centers as opposed to stiffer 30-inch centers on the Libertys. Additionally, the Victory ship design included a 'tween deck in three cargo holds, and electric handling of cargo and anchors, as opposed to the steam-driven winches and capstans of the Liberty ships. The VC2-S-AP2 Victory Ship is a welded steel, full-scantling, screw-propelled, steam-powered vessel 455 feet, 3 inches long overall with a 62-foot beam, a 38-foot depth of hold, and 28-foot draft. The ship is subdivided by seven full watertight bulkheads that extend to the main deck with the sole exception of the fore peak bulkhead, which extends to the forecastle deck. The windlass motor, a General Electric compound wound type, is rated at 60-hp, 230-volts, 226-amps, and 600-rpm.
The majority of the space in the poop deckhouse was for the ship's 28-member Armed Guard, which manned the guns.
The quarters for deck officers, engineers and radio operators are on the cabin and boat decks. The ship's wartime issue Maytag washers, and the machine shop in the engineering spaces, with a lathe, drill press, and grinder and all spare parts, complete the fully functional, operational appearance. Manufactured by Dorance on August 31, 1944, the 18-foot, 3-inch diameter screw weighs 29,765 lbs., has a pitch of 17' 6" and drives a maximum speed of 15 knots.
The boilers are 12 sections wide and are 39-feet, 6-inches athwartship by 11-feet, 8-inches fore and aft, and 21-feet, 3-inches overall height to the top of the economizers. The ship also has emergency diesel generators in the engine room and in the emergency diesel room.
Witnesses to alleged encounters claim unknown military personnel arrive and whisk them or objects off to secret and highly guarded military installations around the world. The initial treaty for the project was signed four years earlier in 1966 and since that 70’s when it first started operations its staff have grown from 400 to an estimated 1,000 workers.
That in itself is not all that interesting, however prior to 1988 this base hidden in one of the most remote areas of the world went by the name of the Joint Defence Space Research Facility. In 1999 the Australian Government refused to say what happened at Pine Gap exactly, when put before members of an Australian Senate committee. In 1980, from a camouflaged door leading underground, three ’bath tub’ shaped objects flew slowly over the base and then one by one disappeared in to an oblong black hole in a hillside. Whatever the known and unknown behind Pine Gap it has made it onto our list of secret military bases. This base even has a town purpose built and monitored to house the scientists who worked on the base and their families. Reporting that he was being blinded by rays from the UFO, the pilot was ordered to engage with it and, after a three minute dogfight, it was reported a missile successfully brought down the object. The command of [censored] called for a fighter… but it was not able to see it in detail, because the UFO did not let the aircraft come near it, evading it. Starting life in 1993 this base was built in part by the contractor BAE Systems Advanced Technologies who are renowned for contracting some of the most secretive technological activity in the world. Influencing weather may sound farfetched however the facility was in part built on the back of physicist Bernard J.

It has on site the DSTL (Defence Science & Technology Labratory), which in itself is one of the most secure and secretive government facilities in all of the UK. The official report states that it was an earthquake coupled with a meteorite that was visible at the time. Prescott told Todd that by January 18, 1974 it was acutely clear that something most unusual was happening.
It is this reason Porton Down deservedly makes our list of the top secret military facilities. Curious as to how cattle were being selected by the mysterious mutilators, an interesting experiment was conducted on July 5, 1978 by Valdez, Gomez, and retired scientist Howard Burgess. Sightings of strange lights and other aerial phenomena have been reported in many areas where the cows have been found at the time of the reported mutilation. Known in some circles (including the CIA) as the Groom Lake facility this has reportedly had codenames such as Dreamland, Paradise Ranch and Watertown. In fact the CIA even made complaints to Nasa after Skylab the Nasa space programme from 1974 had taken photos of the area.
Lazar reported to the world that during his time there he personally saw nine different extraterrestrial vehicles and has since provided detailed information on the mode of propulsion and other technical details of a disc-shaped vehicle he called the sport model.
The doors to the hangars are camouflaged with natural material to blend in with the side of the mountain and the adjoining desert floor.
There is a distinctive lack of information about his back ground to his work history and academic history. Bushman was a research scientist at Lockheed Martin, with a number of patents to his name – although details of his biography are disputed.
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In 2001, Stewart Swerdlow reported in his Los Angeles talk that there were 133 active DUMB bases in America. When Phil was found murdered in Oregon in early January, 1996, all of his records, alien artifacts, journals, book manuscript, etc.
I have had the opportunity to debrief some people who have been in the lower reaches of some of these facilities.
Government (USG) and its fellow AmeroNazi corporate criminals to feed their own greed and ego by seizing the oil and drug resources of Iraq and Afghanistan while creating insurgencies for Americans to ride in wearing the "white hat" to play either the military or humanitarian assistance "hero". The AmeroNazis are run by the Rockefeller Illuminati crime family that is obsessed with violence (they put Hitler into power to instigate WW2) that wants ultimately for nuclear war to break-out between Pakistan's 180 million and India's 1, 200 million people to depopulate the world towards their goal of 6 billion murdered from the current 7 billion--so the world will be more comfortable for them to rule. Detach "Pashtunistan" from Afghanistan and tell them they are no longer a part of the Afghanistan nation-state.
The QRF would be based nearby AT SEA and not irritate anyone by occupying someone else's nation-state lands. Its time we leave one "mob" and join another--the Joint Mobile Offshore Base or "MOB" for short. The Navy is further at fault here for not fielding contra-rotating prop engines from the British to get more power for its planes in a more compact size and for its carrier "mafia" bureaucracy eliminating its seaplane rivals out of existence.
He suggested that a HUGE aircraft carrier be built for the cold North Atlantic so full-sized 4-engined patrol planes could operate there and smother the German submarine (U-Boat) threat that preyed on the gaps in our air coverage created by the range limits of these patrol planes operating from land. Estimates are that the MOB can travel at 15 mph so in a 24-hour period, it could be 360 miles away from its last location to evade targeting by potential enemies. Fitting an air-cushion landing system (ACLS) to the C-130 would speed the recovery of the GBCT by enabling almost any flat area to be an assault landing zone; not just ones whose ground is firm enough for the wheels supporting a 150, 000 pound Hercules transport. If the Pacific war was really a priority--and it was not--we would have also marched down from the Alaskan Aleution islands straight into the Kurile islands and starting fire-bombing the Japanese home islands in 1943 using long-range B-24s--not even needing the ultra long-range B-29s yet to be fielded.
Instead, we logistically strangled the Japanese home islands by evicting them from island garrisons, sinking their cargo ships and mining all their harbors.
Of course, no thanks from USN historians to the Army for this, it took Brian Garfield in his book, Thousand-Mile War: World War II in Alaska and the Aleutians to point this out for us.
In some cases, really large land based planes like B-29 heavy bombers cannot even be operated at all from carriers--notwithstanding the post-war USS United States fiasco where the conning tower retracted to get some more wing span room--still a good idea.
After we began cranking out Liberty ships, the tide really was turned in the Battle of the Atlantic, setting the stage for our invasion of the continent to oust the Nazis and end the war. Each could carry 10,800 deadweight tons (the weight of cargo a ship can carry) or 4,380 net tons (the amount of space available for cargo and passengers). The absence of coal bunkers enabled a superstructure alteration - permitting the use of a single structure amidship (rather than two houses).
Each Liberty ship carried a crew of between 38 and 62 civilian merchant sailors, and 21 to 40 naval personnel to operate defensive guns and communications equipment. There was also a desire to build wartime cargo ships that could become the mainstay of the U.S. Victory ships typically carried a crew of 62 civilian merchant sailors and 28 naval personnel to operate defensive guns and communications equipment. The ships were registered at 7,612 tons gross and 4,555 tons net, and displaces 15,200 tons. The VC2-S-AP2 ships were arranged to carry general cargo in five holds, three forward and two abaft the midship machinery space. The winches have control equipment, resistors and brake arranged on a common bedplate under waterproof enclosures. Warping heads on the wildcat shaft of the windlass provide the facilities for handling mooring lines. Their quarters and mess were at the main deck level, while below, accessible by trunk, is the magazine, with shell hoist. Steward's stores, dry stores, and refrigerated stores are located on the second deck, admidships. The gyrocompass, bearing stands, and repeater compasses, were all manufactured by the Dodge Division of the Chrysler Corporation of Detroit.
Fitted with interdeck superheaters and economizers, each boiler is fired with water-cooled side walls and refractory in the front and rear walls and floors. The steering gear, a slide electro-hydraulic, double-ram type, was manufactured by the Baldwin Locomotive Company, and is located aft. While an impressive size already most claim that the majority of the facility is underground and satellite images do support this. They were eventually forced to give an overview and this is where the knowledge we have about the base today comes from.
In 1973 a man out camping saw a vertical shaft of very bright blue light emanating from the area of Pine Gap. Reported to have been the secret launch site of Sputnik 1 and 2 this installation periodically was the launch site of other Russian space programmes throughout the decades. Built with the reported purpose of investigating potential advanced in communications and surveillance through work within the Earths ionosphere.
This is done by focusing high frequency radio transmissions on the ionosphere, lifting and heating it in localized areas which then alters wind patterns and as a result weather conditions below. It has the Health Protection Agency, Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response, two lesser branch off’s of the government and there is also a small science park, the home to private companies such as Tetricus Bioscience. On arrival at Llangollen, recalled Prescott, the unit noticed a great deal of ground-based activity in the area. Eventually the following picture has been painted.  Beginning in 1947, a road was built near the Dulce Base, under the front of an as yet unamed lumber company.
They pinned up about 120 of the Gomez beef cattle and moved them through a squeeze chute under an ultraviolet light.
Landing tracks and crawler marks were also reported to have been seen near the site of the mutated cattle. Reports on the CIA’s stance on this say that they deemed no spot on Earth more sensitive than the Groom Lake facility. It is rumoured to have vast underground areas similar to those of the unsubstantiated Dulce Base. He also claims to have been working on the fuel, an element with an atomic number of 115 which allowed a space craft to warp space and essentially pull the desired destination to the ship. He claims the site is protected from all ground-based viewing angles by its location within an isolated valley.
Either because he is not who he claims to be or his background has been removed from publicly accessed records.
For those of you who don’t know who Skunk Works is the name for Lockheads Advanced Development Programme. Bases are that might not even be really be there and of course the number one most talked about secret base in the world. NORAD also controls many Monarch slaves who have ALEX, JANUS, ALEXUS endtime callback programming. Another underground facility may also exist in the area, FEMA & possibly NSA, the facility may be 10 levels deep, purpose unknown. Two large underground facilities close to but separate from Groom Lake but controlled by the demonic beings are Papoose Range and Cockeyed Ridge (S-4) underground bases.
One eye- witness, went to level 17 (via an elevator) and stated that he believes that deeper levels exist. In other words, it appears that the heavy train & tractor trailor activity indicates something besides mining. If President Karzai wants to keep the $60B a-year drug trade flowing out of Afghanistan he can have his border guards look-the-other-way at sensor-security fence checkpoints. How the USMC would suffer against a nation-state war enemy can be seen in the 1961 Bay of Pigs fiasco where they trained and advised a Cuban brigade made into mirror images of themselves that soon found itself surrounded by Castro tanks and pinned down by high explosive (HE) artillery fire as they ran out of ammo. Finally, each unit must be built to take the punishing conditions of ocean life for 40 years. That--is what we need to do to convoy protect today's container ships and oil tankers in event of war--but the USN is not interested in doing its damn job of keeping the seas open for commerce--it wants to duel mirror images of itself--and only in a handful of sexy, bloated super carriers. Lastly, we fire-bombed their paper and wood cities with B-29s--which leads to the next myth--the USAF lie that their strategic bombing defeated Japan in WW2. We produced so many Liberty ships (2, 751) we had them available to throw-away to act as breakers on the Normandy beaches. This achievement is matched by their contribution to the advancement of shipbuilding technology. The,500 horsepower steam engine pushed them through the water at 11 knots (approximately 12.5 miles per hour).
Amidships on the boat deck, were four steel lifeboats each 24 ft long with a capacity of 25 persons.
All the LibertyMOBs are are the aircraft carrier perfected to its logical conclusion: a floating air base. Designed with a straight, raked stem with a paravane skeg fitted on the forefoot, and a cruiser stern, the ship's lines were radically different from her Liberty Ship predecessors, with a semi-V-shaped bow, and a parallel, 70-foot midbody section. The 109-foot, 4-inch mainmast, located at frame 52 and supported by standing rigging, serves Holds No. The officers' mess and pantry are located at the after end of the deckhouse on the starboard side of the boat deck. In 1984 five witnesses saw vehicles were moving around the main base and groups of people in coveralls were gathering near the radomes. To give you some perspective on the value of Kapustin Yar (Zhitkur), the security and secrecy around the facility is reported to be even greater than that found at and about Area-51. They tell a story of increased military activity in the area and even reports of men in black type figures (although these were later claimed to be merely seismologists).
Twenty-four hours later, Prescott’s unit was directed to make its careful, secret way towards the English city of Birmingham.
Some say it is a community of aliens who have found themselves living here, who are kept hidden from the main stream. Inside these hangars are, according to Lazar, the laboratories and scientists studying extraterrestrial spacecraft. This company and section of the business is behind some of the most famous and secretive projects in America’s history.
Purpose is the testing of various UFOs and other secret aircraft like the Aurora and Stealth. However, America would have provided TANGIBLE and COMPETENT military assistance--and could then promptly leave Afghanistan to the Afghans so we are not going broke keeping the place flooded with U.S. While anti-PGM missiles are a must, its unwise to expect them to stop all threats and foolishly stay in the area as the USN assumes with its flimsy surface ship mentality. Army war planner General Dwight Eisenhower realized immediately was the key, so he dispatched U.S. More importantly, the Japanese home islands could have been sea-mined and their outlying troop garrisons starved out by a combination of the USAAF dropping the mines and from a new class of submarine mine-layers.
While the Liberty ships were designed to be the workhorse of the war, Victory ships could continue to be used after the war as part of the regular merchant fleet. Of course the LibertyMOBs could defend themeselves with their own superior P-51 Mustang day fighters, P-61 Black Widow night fighters etc., but I threw out this bone to the aircraft carrier mafia that if they are so damn dead set on dueling the enemy fleet, what better way to get them to shjow up then to start bombing their home islands from an aryificial island? The 2-speed winches have a capacity of 7,450 pounds at 220 feet per minute in high gear and 19,000 pounds at 85 feet per minute in low gear. RED OAK VICTORY has four 24-foot steel lifeboats, two motor-propelled, with a combined capacity of 124 persons, stowed in gravity-type davits manufactured by the Welin Davit & Boat Corp. Some are less controversial, merely claiming this is really where the US government handles its UFO technology and research. This underground complex is to allow the government of the United States to escape a nuclear attack.
If the USN's aircraft and amphibious carriers venture too close to land enemies, they could be sunk by massed guided munition attacks as their inferior aircraft types cannot dominate the skies to even save themselves. All winches are operated through pedestal controllers conveniently located near the hatchways. Many levels have been built t these three complexes, and a 7 mile long run way (which is actually 39 miles) Page 305 … has been built over Groom Lake, a dry lake. It would be so large that the military could pre-position 300,000 tons of equipment, 75 million gal. Army troops were the first-to-fight long before the lying USMC appeared at Gudalcanal in August 1942. The one-speed, double reduction herringbone gear winches have 18- by 20-inch drums and were manufactured by Pacific Iron & Steel Works at Hoisting Machinery, Tacoma, Washington.
An electrical winch, also manufactured by Welin, is provided for each davit, driven by motors manufactured by General Electric. Among many of his alleged experiences he presented to the ufology community a theory regarding the location of a secret Dulce Base. There are 121,000 board feet of lumber in a Liberty ship and 72,000 square feet of plywood. The winches are driven by 50-hp, 230-volt, 180-amp, 600-rpm motors manufactured by General Electric Co., Schenectady, NY. In addition to the lifeboats, four 20-person life rafts, mounted on skids fore and aft of the midships house, and two 15-person life floats, mounted aft on the deckhouse, are available for lifesaving. Army troops had already defeated the Japanese--on offense--with Australian troops at Milne Bay long before the lying gyrenes showed up. The 104-foot, 11-inch mizzenmast, at frame 122 and supported by standing rigging, serves Holds No.
The double-speed, reduction herringbone gear winches with 20- by 20-inch drums are also manufactured by Pacific Iron & Steel with motors by General Electric. Built-in berths are provided for the officers' staterooms and pipe berths for the hospital and crew's quarters.
Four were in a tight diamond shaped formation and the fifth which looked like a cylinder followed. Bennewitz was ridiculed by many as he had been in a mental health facility on three occasions due to delusional paranoia.
In 1984-86 he served as an interim president of Lockheed’s Advanced Aeronautical Company, after which he promptly returned to head up Skunk Works once again.
The flush main deck is also interrupted by the forecastle deck, the midship house, and a small poop deck house. In May 1990 when the Skunk Works became an independent company, Ben Rich was named the company’s first president. The walls and ceilings of the tunnels are ceramic tile with fluorescent lighting recessed into the ceilings. Cargo was discharged from the five hatchways by means of 14 five-ton booms, the latter two located to serve hatchways fore and aft of the super-structure. The white cylindrical shaped object with a bright white halo around its centre moved towards the base reducing altitude and stopped, rocking up and down for the whole duration. Air Force Office of Special Investigations named Richard Doty claimed that in the 1980s he was tasked with hoaxing documents and feeding false information to UFO researchers, including Bennewitz with a view to discrediting them.
The masts and kingposts support 14 five-time booms equipped with single-part topping lifts.
William Moore a fellow Ufologist also says he fed Bennewitz false information about aliens.
The ship also carries two large heavy-lift booms, rated at 30-ton and 50-ton lifting capacity, on the main- and mizzenmasts. It also was the stage for several nuclear tests, and later the facility was used as a dumping ground for nuclear and chemical waste.In 2003, the site was handed back over to the Fish and Wildlife Department, and is now part of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument.
On another occasion campers saw a bright silver ball of white light flickering, then other white lights grouped with it and they moved away quickly. Located only three miles from Roswell, New Mexico’s central business district, it is the closest military facility to the infamous, and alleged, UFO crash of 1947.The Air force base closed in 1967 as part of the military’s attempt to pay for the expenses accrued during the Vietnam War. The Soviets would then launch them from the base for operations during the Cold War.The base also consisted of tunnels that ran deep into the mountain.
The entire base, along with the entire town of Balaklava, was considered to be classified information by the Soviets.
However, the facility was finally decommissioned in 1993 and is currently a museum.Fuchu Communications Station. Used primarily during the Vietnam and Korean Wars, the Fuchu Communications Station was built shortly after World War II ended. Prior to its abandonment in the 1980’s, the communications station was a vital hub for American troops.
So much so, that the base often took in wounded men from Korea and Vietnam.Since its abandonment, much of the complex has been either refurbished or destroyed. A portion of the old base was refurbished, and now houses the Japan Self-Defense Forces base, and another portion of the old base was converted into a public park. However, much of the original facility remains intact and abandoned.There is definitely no shortage of abandoned military bases around the world. These structures are ruins of a bygone era that provide a unique glimpse into the world’s military history.However, much of that history is destined to be lost, since these facilities are often left to crumble and decay.
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