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UPDATE: This building is located in the same crater that NASA sent a nuclear bomb to explode. Yes NASA did drop a small nuclear bomb on the moon in 2009, I personally watched it live on the internet with my students. Last year we reported that Ragbir Bhathal an award winning author and astrophysicist, who carries out research in Australian science studies, physics and astronomy at the University of Western Sydney Macarthur. Had discovered a Alien Laser Signal coming from Gliese 581 star system planet Gliese 581 E in December 2008 . In latest development according to NASA-SETI website no one knows for sure what caused this signal.
The bright colors on the blue background in down below signal image indicate that an anomalous signal was received here on Earth by a radio telescope involved in a Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). A search for these signals is ongoing by several groups including volunteer members of the SETI League. In this case, a leading possibility is that the signal originates from an unusual modulation between a GPS satellite and an unidentified Earth-based source.
No signal has yet been strong enough or run long enough to be unambiguously identified as originating from an extraterrestrial intelligence. Or NASA may just pull the plug at the last minute if there is the slightest chance of a disclosure which is not in thier favour?
Mind you Nasa has the backing of the Military I bet and I wonder what strings will be pulled to put him away.
The article says nothing about the "whistleblowers" being any part of his defense should he be extradited. I Agree but the OP was just generalising I believe as all the above departments will have to present evidence at the trial. His defence will then use every trick in the book be it irelevent or not including whistleblowers if it even gets that far that is. Q: Why do you think the US authorities behaved the way they did, with an extradition order?
A:What they call damage is really just them realising that they have been accessed without authorisation. A: Well, it should be and it should be behind a firewall, and the local administrator should not have a blank password. I'm not sure if you can classify walking into a machine with a blank password "hacking" but whatever. If you break into someone's home and steal something, whether that person locked their door or not is irrelevant.

Your example reminds me of the ridiculous comparisons made by the film industry in their commercials about the ethics of piracy. If I leave a photo album on a bus, should I complain when someone sees it opens it and view the images? If I leave my computer unsecured and connected to the PUBLIC domain that is the internet, should I complain if someone enters it? I'm sorry but there is no way he caused 2000 dollars worth of damage to every single computer they claim he hacked. If it was that problematic they would have tagged him long before the NASA incident because there would have been signs. There is nothing he could do that would permanently destroy any information on the computers. I would love to see this televised because he said if it ever went to trial he had something in his back pocket so to speak. It is possible he is just blowing smoke but I would assume if he was it wouldn't have been delayed for this long.
Also, don't think that behind closed doors that lawyers aren't working hand in hand with the prosecutor.
He's screwed or as some stated, will ave an "ACCIDENT".Paid for by the people who actually want the truth.
Gotta love how our country and Government publicly try to base everything on morality while they rig justice and off people at the drop of a dime. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: UFO shocked the residents of the city of Frias, Argentina On Jan 2015, UFO Sighting News. A strange phenomenon was spotted yesterday afternoon which was recorded by several residents of the city of Frias, Choya department. Neighbors reported this phenomenon with their cell phone cameras and sent the information to the news Whatsapp Nuevo Diario. Throughout yesterday afternoon this phenomenon was the comment of most residents of the "City of Friendship". NASA Photo is proof of Apollo 20 mission, photo from Apollo Image Atlas, UFO Sighting And Paranormal News. Alien Entity Shows Up While Person Attempts Contact Through Meditation, April 2016, UFO Sighting News.
UFO swims though sky like a whale over Guadalajara, Mexico May 3, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Alien Parks UFO Right Over His House For Years To Hide It In Italy, April 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News. General Mark Milley Of The DOD Says Prepare For Little Green Men, May 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News. 3 inch alien looking out of cave on Mars in NASA photo, May 2016, photos, UFO Sighting News. Also the NASA Ames Research Center does get intel on such structures because one is being used by the USMC as an America base right now! Shot Down Like Russian Proton Rocket?If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook!
There is a slight possibility that it just might originate from an extraterrestrial intelligence.
I asked my solicitor why the CPS had taken my case away from the UK police and handed it to the US.
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Although this strong signal was never positively identified, astronomers have identified in it many attributes characteristic of a more mundane and ultimately terrestrial origin. Yes, from my research, I have read about orange ships that glow, from a sighting back in the 1981 when Carl Diaz met with aliens in Mexico. Some of them had their first experience a phenomenon with these features, while others stated that "it is not the first time this has happened. THIS BUILDING IS NOW CURRENTLY INHABITED BY US MILITARY PERSONAL…THAT IS WHY THESE YOUNG RESEARCHERS (LEARNING) ARE LOOKING AT IT NOW.
Check out the video at the bottom, its loaded with actual alien intel that you need to know. For any of the videos with no preview, please copy-paste the video title into the YouTube Search box.
This fiery winged disc moves very fast and you want to reduce wiggle, as you see from the above example.

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