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But for the plants and animals that live in our gardens, life is no picnic: amidst the carefully planted flowers and neatly clipped grass there lies a hidden world of hot romance, violence, and merciless competition. If you want to find the similar photographies you have an opportunity to find unique keywords: secret, lake, secret lake.
Completely free, this well-loved attraction's 55 acres of unspoiled nature among the endless urban development of South Florida are truly priceless, both figuratively and literally.
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The park, set amidst a towering oak forest surrounded by alluring swampland, boasts an enchanting butterfly house as well as an interpretive center featuring a working beehive and reptile habitat.

Even seemingly innocent flowers hide lethal, perfectly-camouflaged predators among their folds, eager to snatch an unsuspecting bee from its nectar meal.
After learning about nature, visitors can immerse themselves in its arresting beauty on two scenic trails. Great place to brings the kids for an up close and personal experience with nature at its finest. It could actually be a nursery for baby snakes, who wait inside their eggs for just the right conditions to slither out. For heartwarming drama, look no further than the story of the courageous stink bug mother, who resolutely guards the eggs she has carefully attached to a leaf.

Once her dozens of young have hatched, she stands over them like a shield, warding off invading ants and other predators. Then, like a mother duck, she leads her gaggle of hatchlings off to feed.Finally, sports fans might enjoy the incredibly intense competition among plants for sunlight and growing space. In SECRET GARDEN, time-lapse photography, which compresses days into a few minutes, reveals a no-holds-barred contest for living space that rivals any scramble for a loose basketball.

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