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Cumpara acum un parfum Calvin Klein Secret Obsession, acesta poate fi folosit la o ocazie speciala.
Daca aveti ocazia cumparati Calvin Klein Secret Obsession isi merita toti banii pretul acestui parfum nu este foarte mare dar nici nu este un pret mic. Cumparati cu incredere Calvin Klein Secret Obsession este cu siguranta un parfum de calitate care isi merita toti banii.
Acum o luna am fost intr-un magazin de parfumuri si am mirosit Calvin Klein Secret Obsession m-am indragostit de el instant am luat unul la 100 si sunt foarte multumita si acum imi place cum miroase la fel de mult ca in prima zi. In cazul in care mai doriti sa achizitionati si un alt parfum CALVIN KLEIN va oferim o lista cu alte parfumuri CALVIN KLEIN care au fost cele mai solicitate de clienti nostri. PerfumeBerry Resources (SA0175337-H) is set to make the stardom in selling branded fragrances that are authentic and affordable. Bombshell Forever Victoria`s Secret for women Bombshell Forever  is created for the strong, confident and sexy woman. Secret Obsession possui uma fragrancia provocante, afrodisiaca que vicia evocando o fogo e a paixao.
Por se tratar de uma importacao direta, o prazo para entrega estimado e entre 15 e 35 dias uteis, sempre contando a partir da data do envio do pedido. Os envios sao realizados atraves dos Correios e sao postados com seguro contra extravio e rastreamento pela internet gratuito. Secret Obsession contains top notes of plum, rose and nutmeg, which is then blended with a heart of tuberose and jasmine, all of which is neatly rounded off with a smooth base of amber, sandalwood and vanilla. We've got everything you need to keep your garden picture perfect all year through, from hand tools to mowers and everything in between - where there's a Wilko there's a way to make your outdoor space amazing. Our great range of pet & animal care products has everything you need to keep your furry & feathered friends happy! Print campaign was created in black and white version with Eva in passionate rapture on the photographs.
The more I visit Fragrantica the more I realize that fragrances with lots of dislikes and loves can sometimes be the most fascinating. EDIT: after wearing this for a few days, I did begin to notice a slight soapiness to the dry-down, which a couple of other reviewers have mentioned - and which I found a little off-putting, as I was hoping for a bit more warmth. Opens with a creamy, soft tuberose - not strong or raging, like many of my favourite tuberose scents but soft and comforting. I was given a mini of this by the lovely joannad and find it lightly spiced, warm, unobtrusive and quite simply lovely. The opening is boozy woody, and hints of nutmeg for around half an hour then quickly followed by a tuberose dominated floral blend that stays linear until it dries completely into a single woody note, cashmere wood.
I was really intrigued with the scent combination in this one and got a big tester bottle for 15 dollars and change. This for me is just heaven I am no expert on notes but this is by far the best obsession in the range and when I wear this it warms me from head too toe beautiful for cold winter days and cuddling up with that special someone on a chilly evening 10 out of 10 for me. What I wanted this to be: cinnamon, clove, orange, ginger, white floral, musk, sandalwood, mace. I was wearing this the other day and it kept reminding me of something not the same but similar vibe.
Secret Obsession lasted all day for me but it became less complex and more sweet and smooth with a bit of a musky dry down. I can understand the comments about it smelling like cough syrup or medicine when it is first sprayed it does have trouble knowing where it wants to go and in its case I think skin chemistry decides which way it goes. The onset of Secret Obsession is really strong and chaotic, but the drydown is very appealing.

As it settles down a bit it has a smooth creamy quality beneath the warm spices and plum: sandalwood, mostly. I blind bought this based on the notes, but my bottle doesn't smell like any of the listed notes so far. I’ve been coveting Secret Obsession for a long time, as the notes looked like something I would enjoy as a floriental lover: tuberose, rose, amber and sandalwood. When I reapplied, mostly just to see what would happen, I still got the heavy mace but then could also smell the rose.
Find a women's scent that embodies desire in the wildly popular Obsession line by Calvin Klein. Parfumuri originale CALVIN KLEIN, parfum, parfum delux, parfumuri fine, parfumerie, parfumeur, aprfumuri de lux, preturi parfumuri, pret CALVIN KLEIN. I, Iza, the owner of this House of Signatures define fragrances as the injection of artificial yet important DNA to us all to be identified different. You?ll find a huge range of garden furniture, lighting, decorative paving, ornaments and planters ? all designed to keep your garden looking great all year round.
Commercial showing Eva with impure thoughts emphasizes provocation with Eva's sexy voice which tells all her sexual secrets. It is mentioned by the house CK that the video commercial tells the whole story, while print form of photographs can capture just one moment of passion. I am compelled to tell someone that Secret Obsession is the worst fragrance I have ever experienced. I'm not sure about all the negative reviews, it just goes to show how different all our body chemistries and noses are, cos on me, this could be "Freak Lite".
And like Eva Mendez mentioned ' you want more of it once you sprayed it.' It is an obsession actually and quiet frankly a 'Secret Surprise' as well. The horribly synthetic tuberose infused Dr Pepper that I spritzed on and scrubbed violently away when it came out is now a nutmeg and sandalwood potion with some delicate tuberose of the Amarige variety lying underneath.
She is always complimented on this fragrance and when she walks by you catch a whiff of a warm, exotic and oriental scent that is just amazing. Shame because it is a lovely warm spicy fragrance which would enduce a calming comfortable presence. I guess that will teach me not to buy a very on sale bottle at Marshall's - the bottle was even upside down in the packaging when I opened it, which leads me to believe someone had opened it before. I don't know what mace smells like, but the spice here is bold, and brings to mind a brighter, more zingy cinnamon.
A 2008 launch by the prolific American fashion and fragrance brand, Secret Obsession seduces with an opulent Oriental floral formula featuring scent notes scoured from across the globe. Alege parfumurile Calvin Klein de pe site-ul nostru si vei avea exact ceea ce iti doresti, un parfum de calitate la un pret mic.
Calvin Klein was the first one to bring a unisex scent to the stores and has always formed amazing fragrances for both men and woman. Com notas de ameixa, rosas, jasmim egipcio, flor de laranja francesa, sandalo e madeira de cashmere, Secret Obsession e sexy e envolvente.
TV networks and advertisers did not like the commercial, precisely because of too accentuated sexual implementations. When you first try some kind of food and you instantly have a craving for another bite – that is exactly how I felt when I tried the perfume Secret Obsession. Actually, the appropriate situation for a scent like this would probably never arise in my rather routine settled life, thank goodness. Although the notes are different completely to Freak, these are in the same family to my nose.

I don't know if I still had some Cabotine left on my skin or what, but this time I can smell other notes, not just mace.
I can detect warm spices, wood and a little bit of jasmine, but that dill smell just ruins it for me. Although it is warm and slightly spicy there is a floral note in there that is not my cup of tea. A romantic bouquet of Damascus rose, Egyptian jasmine and French orange blossom is accented by exotic plum and nutmeg spice. When she started working at a restaurant she was asked not to wear it to work as it was off putting for customers. I think it's the sandalwood and nutmeg that mimic some of the deadlier flowers named in Freak's ingredient list. Don't get me wrong, the mace is still prominent, but tonight, this is absolutely wearable and before, it was not.
Longevity, sillage and projection are above average, but I don't think smelling like a pickle all day works for me.
This is invigorating in cold weather; I like to spray it on my scarves and let them sit in the closet to marinate in the sweet and spice. If any one wants this perfume I have 100ml of it and would love to swap it for something else. Absolutely nothing in common with the original Obsession, honestly, I can't see why they called it Obsession at all. Glory glory hallelujah she changed her signature scent since and I don't have to smell it any more. But back to SO, it hints more at a feminine version of the male Obsession than having anything to do with CK's original Obsession for females. The tuberose is very heady and deep, and nutmeg has a sharp herbal quality that prevents the tuberose from hogging the spotlight.
The sillage is decent enough to last most of the day but if I feel like it's toning down, I will spray this heavenly juice again! There is a single note of something (no idea what) that burns through so predominantly, that I get no complexity either. Obsession was my signature fragrance for decades and always drew compliments from strangers as well as friends. At times I feel like it smells very soapy, like tuberose soap, spice, and clean, warm skin.
In terms of depth and longevity for an EDP, this is remarkably not like the Calvin Kleins I used to know, it could not even be today's drugstore body mist. I enjoy that deep, spiced soapiness in SO, I personally find it very cozy, yet elegant, and yet, also very sensuous and sultry, all at once.
I literally smelled some animal dung in there along with a petrochemical scent mixed with leaves and twigs and food and flowers and a bit of bile in the throat.
The only con for me is that it disappears after 3-4 hours (spraying on my clothes and hair does help), and I hesitate to respray because it opens harshly, it takes atleast 15 minutes for the scent to properly 'bloom' on my skin. Nevertheless, still worth owning, it's sold cheap these days, there's nothing else quite like it out there, and you'll never smell this on the masses.

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