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Much of the debate during the American election of 1912 was about the structure of political leadership — Should Senators be elected directly? In The Secret of Divine Civilization, ‘Abdu’l-Baha addressed the subject at length: “If these individuals prove to be pure and high-minded, if they remain free from the taint of corruption, the confirmations of God will make them a never-failing source of bounty to mankind . One thing I might comment on is that the 239 Days project has a very wide range of readers, and not all of them are members of the Baha’i Faith.
Anyhow, thanks again for the great comment and I’ve enjoyed reading your previous contributions as well.
Luke, I think the only thing we can do is vote our conscience in civil elections, and then spend the majority of our efforts focused on building up the new world order.
So much time is spent on material interests and party competition, not to mention wealth, that basic foundations of every society, such as education, agriculture and the lifting of the downtrodden are often thrown aside, along with human dignity. It is obvious that not until the people are educated, not until public opinion is rightly focused, not until government officials, even minor ones, are free from even the least remnant of corruption, can the country be properly administered.
He was surprised at how aggressively moneyed interests had entered the political process in 1912.

I am torn on how to encourage good people into public service because the political system that we have seems to be structured in a way that even good people are forced to make compromises that they would not normally make. Every child should be seen as a potential solution to a problem facing humanity and encouraged to enjoy learning and advance his or her talents and abilities in order to be of service to humanity, rather than consumed with material acquisitions and personal entertainment.
Can’t morally abdicate current social responsibilities just because the social construct is flawed anymore than we can isolate ourselves from humanity because it is not as evolved (as we are?).
Firstly, since we have the Baha’i Administrative Order, let us really pay attention to our own Administrative elections. The importance of Administrative elections as outlined in the writings of the Baha’i Faith (especially those of Shoghi Effendi) only become more important as time goes on.
In addition, ever child should be considered a jewel to be loved and polished, whether at home, in school, or elsewhere.
Even in our Faith there are probably people whose willingness to serve aren’t entirely egalitarian. In 1875 he wrote a long, open letter — called The Secret of Divine Civilization — to the people and government of Persia in support of the early modernization efforts of Nasiri’d-Din Shah, the king who had banished Baha’u’llah and his family from Iran.

I struggle with this as a social studies teacher in high school when I want to encourage my students to act. We have secret ballots to ensure that our votes aren’t subject to influences other than prayerful thoughts. We can elect those individuals to our own offices and thereby act as an influence and beacon to the world at large, exhibiting the spirit of union throughout the world. My wife and I hope to be in Montreal for the 100th anniversary of His arrival in that city at the end of August.

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