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Given the heady title and subject matter, "Girl Meets the Secret of Life" had the potential to be a great, insightful episode. Girl Meets the Secret of Life is the third episode in season 2 of Girl Meets World and the 24th episode overall. When Lucas' old friend, Zay, comes to New York, Lucas begins to wonder if New York had really changed him and he starts to keep secrets from Riley. As Cory is about to start teaching again, another student asks him what the secret of life is. Riley, Lucas, Farkle , Maya and Zay go to do the assignment together, and Riley quickly attacks Lucas with the water hose, insisting he tell her what he did.
Back in school, Cory tells that class that there is no answer to the math problem he gave them before. Meanwhile, Zay is skipping class, getting himself in trouble with a bully, and calls out to Lucas for help. Maya: It occurs to me you're trying to tell us Ranger Rick was a little different back in Texas. Maya: Oh, Huckleberry, Huckleberry, whatever bad things you did at your old school, you are still such a Huckleberry. Topanga: You know, normal people consider their home to be a sanctuary from the storm of the outside world.
Farkle: The only two who washed the car in six minutes and eight minutes exactly were Riley and-Maya: Lucas? There is references to Girl Meets First Date, Girl Meets Friendship, Girl Meets Boy and Girl Meets Maya's Mother. The character of Joey Ricciardella (named after GMW staff member Geralyn Riciardella) is reminiscent of Harley Keiner, and is a more menacing version of "Dump Truck", the character Shak Ghacha portrays on the Disney Channel series Liv And Maddie. The same Car Washing question from the Boy Meets World Season 1 episode "Once In Love With Amy" is used.
When Lucas told Joey that he'd be the on the floor and Lucas would be the one that walks away, Maya seemed intrigued and interested. First time Farkle is wrong (he also admits it). Stuart Minkus, Farkle's father, also gets the question wrong, even though they get the right "textbook" answer. At one point non-related to the scene mentioned above, she says Lucas'name in a sentence similar to the way Cory and Shawn did to Minkus in Killer Bees (Boy Meets World). 00:30 Girl Meets World Girl Meets the Secret of Life Water Fight Clip 1 01:57 Girl Meets World Girl Meets the Secret of Life Fight!
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BOY & GIRL MEETS WORLDThis blog is dedicated to posting gifs, edits, and news on the show Boy Meets World and it's current spin off series Girl Meets World.
DisclaimerThis site is a non-profit fansite, made by a fan for fans of Boy and Girl Meets World. We bring you a comprehensive and up to date spoiler service on all the major US TV shows and Movies. The classroom jabs continued in "Girl Meets the Secret of Life," as Cory's "Belgium in 1831" lesson was put on hold yet again -- this time for a math problem, or so the class thought.
Unfortunately, Cory's latest life lesson got tangled up in needless conflict and a vague message. Cory, always willing to change his lesson plan for a student in need, decides to run with it, and hands the question over to the class. She argues that friends are supposed to trust each other, and that it’s not fair for Lucas to let her like him, knowing he’s keeping something huge about himself from her. When he won’t tell her, she tells him he was the first boy she really liked, and asks him to tell her whether he is worth it, and she’ll believe him.
Lucas has to leave class to go help Zay out, and as he leaves, he tells the girls that if he comes back not expelled, they’ve changed him. You are the worst carwasher in this class.Maya: Ugh, you mean no one will ever ask me to wash a car for them? She talks about Lucas by saying "He's going to be a veterinarian", which is what he claimed he wanted to be in Girl Meets Boy.
While parts of the episode were enjoyable -- like Lucas's past coming back to haunt him -- they weren't handled particularly well. Specifically, he asks Lucas what he thinks, and Maya chimes in, assuming the class’s “moral compass” should know the answer to this. Lucas says that he just wanted a fresh start, and that he kept it a secret because he was ashamed.
Lucas asks if there’s an answer in life, and Cory says that they’ve now arrived at the secret. You're a history teacher teaching English, math, Science, whatever else you've got going on at home. No matter what I teach you in here, learning from the people you care about is more important than the words on any page.
All images are being used under Fair Copyright Law 107 and belong to their rightful owners. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from "Girl Meets the Secret of Life" was the introduction of a new student, Isaiah Babineaux (Amir Mitchell-Townes), an old friend of Lucas's from back home.

The new student, Zay, is surprised to hear that Lucas is doing well in his school, but Lucas insists they wait to talk until after class.
This makes Zay laugh out loud, in disbelief that Maya had just called Lucas a moral compass. How long does it take Al and Fred to wash the same car together?” Farkle says 3 minutes, 25.7 seconds, but Cory says that is incorrect. Riley thinks he’s referring to Lucas’s secret, but Cory corrects her, and says he’s talking about a much bigger secret.
All other content and graphics are copyrighted to boymeetsworldgifs unless otherwise stated. While initially was initially kind of a jerk to Lucas about his past (seriously, dude, you're going to make everybody feel that uneasy the minute you get there?), he turned out to be a fun addition to the group, with a little help from Maya and, eventually, Lucas. The girls begin to understand that Lucas was somebody quite different back in Texas, and Zay confirms this. Cory tells the class their assignment is to wash a car together, and if they do it right; they will find the secret of life. Lucas tells Riley that his secret will come out when it’s supposed to come out, and that he’s a different person now than he was back in Texas, but he changed when he came to New York. Hopefully we'll see more of Isaiah in the future -- unlike the ill-fated Billy Ross from Season 1. He asks Lucas what exactly they know, because he doesn’t want to say anything he shouldn’t, but he quickly reveals that Lucas is a year older than the rest. Meanwhile, Lucas's storyline here was actually fairly strong this week, as we found out he was expelled from his old school. Cory tells Zay it is enough, and at the same time reveals that he knows all about Lucas’s past.
Unfortunately, the whole thing was handled pretty poorly, specifically in terms of Riley's reaction to it.
Riley gets really upset that her father knew something without telling her, so Lucas confesses to the class that he did something back in Texas that got him expelled, and that’s why he’s now in New York.
First of all, Lucas's secret was none of Riley's business, and it clearly made Lucas uncomfortable every time she brought it up. As such, it felt pretty out of character for Riley to keep badgering him about it, especially since she's usually so empathetic.

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