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As you would have seen if you watched my favorite games list at the top of this page, Secret of Mana is my favorite game of all time. Secret of Mana was the first RPG I played besides Zelda, and the game that introduced me to the world of role-playing games. At that time the SNES emulators had become far better, and the game ran pretty smoothly without chopping or suffering any other major disruptions. There is an absurd idea on the Internet stating that emulation is high status but ROMs are low status, because, I suppose of the illegality. Anyway, for my loyal, frequent visitors, who might only exist in my imagination, here's a fistful of my best aok and aoc games (in chronological order). Much less typical is the revelation that each main character you choose also has their own starting location!
Adding to the combat options is the inclusion of the new class system, which enables each character to specialize in two different ways, thereby putting the player in full control of their play style. The ring system makes its return and has also been improved, allowing the player to carry more items and access the spell and tactics menu without as much confusion. Less impacting is the sound design, which at its best is equal to its predecessor, but which falls flat in most regards.
This was the last Square game I played until my re-entry into the hobby spurred me to try Final Fantasy XIII, so for me Secret Of Mana 2 takes on a whole different kind of significance. When Angela learns of this, she unwittingly uses her latent magical powers to teleport out of Altena and into the Sub-Zero Snowfield.
Angela shares many story elements with Duran, who lives in Valsena, one of the many kingdoms Altena tries to invade. Angela is a somewhat stereotypical "mage" character, having weak physical abilities but access to a variety of powerful magic. As a spell-caster, Angela is capable of learning a plethora of spells, which are all of the offensive variety.
Note 2: Angela will learn how to multi-target 'light' upper-level spells (such as Earthquake and Explode) when she changes class into either a Grand Divina or an Arch Mage.
Note 3: If Angela changes class to a Rune Master, her Dark Force spell will be upgraded to target all enemies. Note 4: Neither the Rune Master nor Magus can multi-target the upper-level spells they learn in the four classical elements.
I remember I had personal contact with the author behind this site when it started some years ago. The Japanese title of this game is Seiken Densetsu 2, and it is a part of a set of four titles, of which the latest was released as Legend of Mana for the PlayStation, not quite as good as the prequels though I've heard.
I remember playing it from dawn till late night, I was so obsessed about it I couldn't stop playing. Playing Mana 2 on the comp was perhaps not as an exalted experience as playing SoM for the first time, but I still keep it as one of my top games.
Super Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda are classic games made by Shigeru Miyamoto, an employee at Nintendo.
Well, the thing is that legally you actually need to own the cartridge of the game you download. So, sites with ROMs appear and especially disappear pretty frequently, which makes this business full of dead links.
The prequel Age of Empires I and The Rise of Rome is a real-time strategy game and takes place between 4000 BC to 500 AD (with the Expansion Pack). Though I do not expect a lot of people to download these, I really recommend, if you got AoK that is, to take some time and download at least a few of them. That is why stories like Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz are eternal, and why The Neverending Story and Willow are still remembered despite their shortcomings. Right off the bat you are asked to choose a main character and two sidekicks from a cast of six. So Hawk begins in a desert town, Angela starts in a snowy magic castle, and Kevin originates in a kingdom of eternal night.
Secret of Mana 2 begins in a world where magic is vanishing from the landscape, immediately setting up a much different geopolitical climate than the last game. To call Secret of Mana 2 a RPG is really pushing it, as the game’s real-time combat now has much more in common with a beat em up than your typical role playing game.
Do you want Duran to carry a shield as a knight, thereby allowing him to be more defensive, or use two-handed weapons as a gladiator for more devastating damage? This streamlining means that more players will discover the advantages of setting computer AI, and with the addition of more carrying capacity, spellcasting is finally viable as a game-long tactic!
Different monsters and people appear during the day and night, so you will want to go through each area at least twice in order to see the full scope of the game.
You can still hook up a second controller with a friend or loved one and go through an amusing journey to save the world, but depending on how many want to join in you may be a buddy short. That is not to say that there are not beautiful tracks throughout the game, or that the tracks don’t compliment the situations at hand, but Mana 2 relies far too much on a few key themes, never giving us the variation and consistency of the first. It is the last photo of a world frozen in time; A world of whimsical fantasy, deliberate and measured humor, the triumph of art over power, and the idea of the player-centered universe in an RPG. Her mother, Valda, the Queen of Reason, uses her magic to keep the Altenish citadel in a perpetual spring. She soon succumbs to the cold and collapses, but citizens from the nearby town of Elrand find her and nurse her back to health.
If either of them is chosen as the main hero in Seiken Densetsu 3, the main villain will be the Dragon Emperor and the final dungeon will be the Dragon Hole.

Though Angela cannot use magic at first, she begins to learn spells with the help of the Mana Spirits that join the heroes on their quest.
The first class change takes place at Level 18, while the second one takes place at Level 38, with the latter requiring specific items acquired from ??? Depending on her final class, Angela will also learn an ultimate spell unique to that class as well. They had a few movies but I never thought they would be able to compete against NextGeneration and other gaming sites. Seiken Densetsu 1 is a Game Boy game, and was released with the American title Final Fantasy Adventure and the European title Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. I was twelve at that time, it was during the summer holidays and me and a friend rented it at a video store.
Final Fantasy V and Secret of Mana 2 have been translated to english by hackers and are, together with the other games I've mentioned earlier, definitely worth a download. The gameplay is somewhere between Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy.The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past.
The only good ROM sites I could find in this moment were the ones below, and I hope they are still working when you read this.
Before you start playing though I recommend setting the video settings to 640x480x16B VESA2 or higher and checking the box for 2xSAI ENGINE.
Download my own Age of Empires campaign, called "Alexander's Quest and The Athenians Way to Victory".
In the zip-folder two files are included, a save after 5 hours and one very laggy one after 27 hours when all trees on the giant map have been cut down and the only remaining enemy got like 200 towers. Enter Secret of Mana, a flawed game that nevertheless captured the hearts and minds of gamers all across the 16-bit era. Others pointed fingers at the game known as Secret of Evermore, stating that we got it instead of the true sequel ala FF Mystic Quest. From the Thief who can attack twice in a row to the Brawler that becomes a freaking WEREWOLF at night, each has their own unique play style which guarantees that everyone will have their favorite. Each scenario fleshes the character out and helps to establish the motivations of both the protagonists and antagonists. In that adventure Mana was returning, with the effects culminating in an arms race to harness its power.
Enemies are more numerous and hardy this time around and you can now attack as many times as you want for full damage. I will not spoil any more but suffice to say, discovering the diverse classes and how they alter gameplay is as rewarding as discovering how different combinations of characters affect the challenge.
That said, it is still awkward equipping characters, and until one realizes that they can only equip the person they are playing as it can be quite frustrating. Each day of the week also coincides with the strengthening of one magical element, and should always be a consideration when tackling areas full of elemental enemies, or determining when to fight a powerful boss. Secret Of Mana 2 only supports two players this time around (Though there is a 3 player support patch available). Sprites are expressive and animate wonderfully and the bosses are towering, have multiple moving parts, and never recolor.
However, like her country, Valda is cold and unfeeling towards her daughter, who has become lonely and selfish as a result of her upbringing. After receiving counsel from a wandering fortune-teller, Angela decides to travel to the Holy City Wendel and ask the Priest of Light for guidance. Changing classes allows her to use more powerful spells; Angela's Light and Dark classes primarily allow her to use more powerful Light and Dark magic, respectively. As we were pretty new to RPGs we didn't really understand much, and got stuck pretty early in the game.
So when Square announced a sequel in the works it was not surprising to see a throng of fans waiting for it to drop in the west.
There were even some Nintendo fans intriguing against Sony, saying that by 1995 they were already courting Square.
In contrast, Secret Of Mana 2 opens to a world dealing with the disappearance of Mana from the world, inciting vulnerability and aggression throughout the various kingdoms. Also of note is the level up system, which lets you select one attribute to boost each time.
Another thing to consider is that while Mana 2 is not nearly as bad as the AI in the first game, there are still a few instances where players may find themselves trying to get their companions un-stuck. The settings are colorful and full of detail and creativity ranging from a moonlit kingdom of forest & crystal to tropical islands full of mystery.
A shame, because Secret Of Mana 2 tops the original in almost every way, and stands toe-to-toe with any action RPG on any system, old or current. The fact that Angela is the only person in Altena who cannot use magic does not improve her disposition. Her Light classes have a larger focus in causing large amounts of damage to multiple enemies while her dark classes focus more on focusing damage on one target. Our disappointment was so deep, not to mention our anger at Ted Woolsey, the head of the American division of Square, who decided that Secret of Mana 2 was not suitable for the American market. His first great success was the arcade game Donkey Kong, in which characters like Mario, Donkey Kong and Princess Peach were introduced. In order to execute them, you need an application called an emulator, that serves as an artificial console.
I highly recommend a gamepad, it doesn't have to be expensive; actually the cheap ones are sometimes better and much easier to install.

There's lots of cool codes in AoE (no I don't cheat!).But of course I'm not playing Age of Empires any more, now when even Age of Empires II - The Conquerors has been released.
Regardless of what really happened that fateful year, one thing is certain; The West lost out on one of the greatest gaming experiences ever put to a cartridge. It’s a novel way to flip the script and tell a very different kind of story, showing magic as a dangerous commodity, yet one that the people of this realm cannot live without. In SoM2, the charge meter finds new purpose with the introduction of special attacks, some of which are well worth waiting for (guaranteed critical, room-clearer, ect.). Though stat caps are limited based on the character, it’s still a fine example of player choice while still differentiating characters enough to make them unique. But nothing tops the hand-drawn backgrounds that bring everything to life and give off a sense of scale that no other game comes close to achieving. It is an eternal reminder of what a studio can do when it is faced with limitations and fan feedback, two tools that helped Square hone Mana to a knifes edge. As the world's Mana starts to fade, the Queen's spell weakens, and winter begins to return to Altena. Some people say that if you do not own the cartridge, you have to delete the ROM within 24 hours; I'm not sure about that statement though. After nearly three hours, farfar tells Baron_Mukk (we could see him chatting) to sync the game (to cheat, that is), which he does!
Each hand-drawn background inspires, from the Heavenly Stairs showcasing  the world below to the boss battle that takes place atop a flying dragon in the sky. In order for her spell to continue and prevent Altena from freezing over, Valda, following the advice of her assistant wizard Koren, decides to invade other nations and claim their Mana Stones.
It's culture, it's art, in my opinion.I've been playing videogames since I was six years old.
Since they were out of cartridges all over Sweden we had to order from the UK, but eventually we get our hands on two used games. Instead, he developed Secret of Evermore together with his own team to the Super NES, a game that is a cheap SoM imitation and remains the worst RPG I ever played.
I mailed NOA, Nintendo of America, some years ago and they said, to me personally, that it was ok to use emulators and roms.
Unfortunately, the campaigns are much shorter than before and they are not as fun as in AoE, but it's still very good in single player too.
Once done, she would make use of an ancient spell intended to unlock the power of Mana kept in the Stones, opening the way to the infinite power found in the Sword of Mana, letting her spell continue.
If I have to choose, I prefer older videogames from the golden age of the Super NES; most modern dull 3D games bore me, even though there are exceptions. A pen pal in Munich reported that he had bought Seiken Densetsu 3, in Japanese, and he thought it was even better than the original. I would consider the best games in his career being Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past, Super Mario 64 and Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.The only gaming company I like more than Nintendo are Square. But who cares about single player when you got CABLE MODEM and can play online for free (^-^).
Unfortunately, the spell for unlocking the power of the Mana Stones requires the user to sacrifice a life when it is cast; Valda decides to sacrifice her own daughter to power the spell. I've finished the game seven times, reached level 99 with all characters, maximized all stats, weapons, magic and gold. A pity that they turned over to Sony and their PlayStation, not that they don't make good games for the PlayStation, which they do, but it feels like they deceived Nintendo after many years of friendship. However, nothing happened until a few years later when I discovered emulation and found a ROM of Seiken Densetsu 3, the Japanese title of Secret of Mana 2. The game looked great, but the emulator and my computer were not powerful enough to make the game run further than to the title screen.
Emulation as an idea is capably of increasing graphics quality as well serving as a preserver and reviver of the art and magic that exist in games that are not easily available today.
I used to have one of the best profiles on the Zone, but some nasty assholes hacked into the Zone server and took my password in order to steal my name which they all together lost over 500 pts on :-Strike Clan.
My taste is very precise, I get sick of playing mediocre games, can't waste time and concentration on that. The time went on, and I got very happy when I read on a website that some hackers had started a project involving a translation of Seiken Densetsu 3 to English.
No true gamer should even think of missing titles like Final Fantasy II (Japanese FF IV) & III (Japanese FF VI), Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger; they are without doubt the best RPGs ever.
Most games I like solely for nostalgic reasons; there are games I used to play when I was younger and now sort of bring up old memories. At the last days of the SNES Nintendo and Square were developing a game together, resulting in Super Mario RPG; a great and entertaining game mixing the characters from the Mario games with Square's magic role-playing world. I used to be a big Nintendo-fan; I owned a N64, a Super NES, Game Boy Color, Game Boy and NES. I got the idea of making an own site in the same style, which resulted in The UnOfficial Nintendo Home Page. Ok now it's getting too much history; go to the "about" section if you found this interesting.

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