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Join me next time when I'll bitch about all the games that SHOULD be on 3DS via BC already. Having bought a PS4 a month ago has given me some buyer’s remorse, not because of the console itself, but the lack of games so far. I recently purchased a PS4, under the pretense that I wanted to play Dragon Age: Inquisition . I’m very late to the party on this one, but today I wanted to review yet another mobile game.

In addition to the 9 already known and announced for the US, there's also a bunch of Capcom and Konami games announced for release in Japan. This game was kind of like Zelda with objectives that took you all over the place similar to Metroid. I'd much prefer the GBA versions, but who knows when or if Nintendo will ever introduce GBA VC.
This got me thinking, "What do I want?" So like any typical person online I'll make a list. Based on a series from Europe these games were quite fun and had tons of exploration compared to the straight forward Contra series.

These two games are among my favorite on SNES and should be some of the first released by Squeenix.

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