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Weapons in Secret of Mana are available for all three characters (Randi, Primm or Popoi) to use. Once you're done leveling, use the door across the bridge to come to a room with three doors. The handsome world renowned thief Diabolik, along with his gorgeous assistant Eva Kant, baffle and confound the authorities in this exciting adventure film by acclaimed director Mario Bava. The master thief Diabolik is a comic book creation by sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani that started back in 1962 and has been in syndication in one form or another ever since. The plot of Danger: Diabolik, as much as there is one, deals with the government trying to prevent Diabolik (John Phillip Law) from successfully robbing the country blind and of course them failing miserably to do so again and again.
Later the authorities try to catch him as he tools down the coast road in his black Jaguar but are fooled when he meets up with his partner and love of his life Eva Kant (Marisa Mell) and switches to her white Jag while in a mountain tunnel.
Diabolik and Eva retreat to his underground lair and my god it’s a place that would make Batman and most Bond villains jealous. Diabolik isn’t just happy stealing millions of government dollars, he and Eva crash a press conference where the Minister of the Interior (Terry-Thomas) announces that due to the increased criminal activity they are re-instating the death penalty and giving greater powers to the police. Though Inspector Ginco and all his “Special Powers” can’t seem to stop Diabolik all this cracking down on crime is hurting the business interests of the local crime syndicate run by Valmont (Adolfo Celi).
Meanwhile back at Diabolik’s lair, the two catch a news broadcast about the famous Aksand emeralds belonging to Sir Harold and Lady Clark that will be at Saint Just Castle for a short time.
Diabolik scales the wall with the aid of suction-cups, fools the camera surveillance with a well-placed photograph, and dupes the police into thinking he catapulted himself off the tower wall when it was just his empty suit.
Though it’s structure may be flawed I had too much fun watching John Phillip Law and Marisa Mell cavort from one escapade to another to care.
This movie is beyond fun and is pure escapist adventure with a fun anti-hero with a girlfriend that angels would fight over.
Mike BrooksFilm grad who spends most his time trying to catch up on his "To Watch" pile of movies. We pride ourselves on giving unbiased reviews, and opinions of media from past, present, and future. The secrets of Hawaiian sacred chanting have been as shrouded as the mysteries that rest beneath the Vatican.
On January 16th, the film will screen at the MACC’s McCoy Studio Theater as a part of the Heritage Series.
It follows the personal journeys of three practitioners of the ancient art of Hawaiian Oli chanting, and their quest to keep the voices and words of their ancestor’s oral tradition alive. The movie presents a sweeping landscape of the most beautiful sights in Hawaii, backed by the chants that were created by her ancient ancestors to tap into the power of the land and her people.
A person’s connection to royal blood could only be proven by meticulous knowledge of their family tree, dating hundreds of years prior. In order to keep track of this vital knowledge, all names and had to be memorized and passed on. Because ranking in Hawaiian society was based on bloodlines, the chants were important to link an individual to their powerful ancestors.
As the culture became dominated by invasive Westerners, the Hawaiian chants disappeared underground, and the power hidden within the words became a more and more closely guarded secret.
In the Oli chants, as with all Hawaiian language, there were layers of complex symbolism and metaphor, acting as a veil of double meaning to guard the untrained listener from ascertaining the true power of the words being spoken.

In this way, only initiated trained by Kahunas could go deeply in to the center of the phrases, and accumulate the power hidden within.
The power of language, as it is honored and revered by the Hawaiians, is a fascinating subject for every individual, on a quest to control the power of their own spoken words.
By attending the movie, you can explore the history and the sounds of these ancient chants as you take a stunning visual tour of the islands. In the room with all the lava, you'll have to hit a skull switch in a sideroom off to the right to cool the molten rock. Having four Candies is a necessity, and I'd also recommend getting some Chocolate and a Cup of Wishes or two.
Leading the charge to catch Diabolik is Inspector Ginco (Michel Piccoli) who’s every brilliant plan is foiled by the clever gadget laden supercriminal. Diabolik’s response to this is to release laughing gas amongst the attending reporters and officials.
Valmont contacts Ginco to offer him a deal that will get the police off his back and Diabolik dead or in jail. It’s an obvious trap but it’s also Eva’s birthday and she would really love to have that emerald necklace. One caper follows another, almost as of you are watching the continuing adventures of Diabolik on ABC. Without tax revenues the government needs some emergency funds, so they melt the gold reserves into one giant 20 ton block so that it would be impossible for a thief to make off with it. The names of the ancestors in a lineage were thought to hold immense power for those who knew to call upon them.
Within them was buried a record of the history of the land, and the lineage of the aristocracy. The film will examine the lives of three modern day Oli practitioners, and discover how the chants play into their lives, families, and relationships to God. Proceed through the newly-accessible southern exit to reach a room where you have the option to take another southern exit or to go into a room in the upper left. Inside the left door here you'll need to pay 50 GP to watch a cheesy little show, but it's necessary. Before going through them, first take the righthand path, which will lead first to a teleporter and then a magic switch which puts a platform in place for future use.Now go back to the skulls and chop through them with the axe. Take the center door, hit the switch in the next room, and in the room after that, after killing a couple Polter Chairs, you'll finally find Elinee.
All games mentioned in this site are copyrighted by their respective producers and publishers. But in 1968, producer Dino De Laurentiis hired visionary director Mario Bava to bring Diabolik to life in a big budget feature film. The movie opens with Ginco orchestrating the transport of $10 million by using a decoy armored car that will be carrying fake money while the real cash will be in a Rolls Royce loaded with cops dressed up as if for a wedding. When he reveals this plan to his fellow syndicate members he is forced to kill two dissenters, because for some reason those two idiots thought they were in a benevolent criminal democracy. Valmont stations spies outside the castle to hopefully catch a look at either Diabolik or Eva if they show up to case the joint, while inside Ginco has the whole castle wired with video surveillance. Because Valmont also had men casing a local unlicensed doctor that they suspected to be Eva’s, she is captured.

When Eva is rescued and Valmont is vanquished you’d think that would be the end of the movie, but instead we find out that the new Prime Minister of the Interior has placed a million dollar bounty on Diabolik. Yet with such limitations, they still functioned in an extremely hierarchical system of power, primarily based on genealogy. The longer this link of names in the chant, the more mana was available to help lift the chanter towards their goals.
When asked to contribute 100 GP, it doesn't matter whether you do or do not; after the show, go into the righthand room to get your money back. Watts will open up a shortcut that leads to the right-cave entrance of Gaia's Navel, where only Neko was previously.
Proceed, and eventually you'll pass a raised platform to your north with a peg in the ground; you can't do anything here now, but remember it. Through that gate is a room where the furniture itself attacks you - three of the four chairs are Polter Chairs, to be exact.
Funnily enough Mario Bava is a notoriously economical filmmaker and makes the lowest budget film look gorgeous, so although Dino De Laurentiis gave Bava a $3 million dollar budget he still only spent $400,000 yet the result were as spectacular as if he had spent the whole $3 million. Diabolik sees through this clever ruse, smoke screens the car, lifts it into the air via a shipping crane, and then tosses the money down to a waiting speed boat. The only way into Lord and Lady Clark’s room is through the well-guarded door or the window and the window opens onto a sheer drop that is completely unclimbable. Valmont calls Diabolik telling him to bring $10 million dollars and the emerald necklace or Eva will be brutally killed.
Not one for taking that sort of thing lying down Diabolik announces that he believes this action to prove that the current government does not know how to handle its taxpayers hard earned money. After another screen, you'll reach another transporter, which takes you to the front of Elinee's castle.
If a character becomes engulfed, there's really nothing you can do but keep them alive with Candies, if necessary, until the flames go out.
I recommend getting Power Wrists first; not only do they improve your defense, but they raise your Strength (and hence, Attack) by five as well. Whenever you get a weapon orb, bring it back to Watts to upgrade the weapon to the next level. This is an excellent area to get each character's weapon levels up, as you can just kill the eye and Chobin Hoods and then hit the Werewolves with projectile weapons (the Boomerang and Bow) from the safety of the left side of the gap.
Farther on you'll have to hit another skull-shaped switch, then return to the previous room and walk over the newly-place platform to enter your destination, the dwarf village. Not only will the weapon get more powerful, but each character will be able to raise his individual level with that weapon - meaning that you'll be able to charge the attack up even more. After a while he'll come back town to ground level, where you can resume hacking away at him with melee weapons. You'll probably have to use more than a few healing items, but eventually the feline with go down.

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