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This passage taken from the late 1800s work, Old Greek Folk Stories Told Anew by Josephine P. Time is invisible and an abstract concept but it becomes something quite real when its cold thoroughfare sculpts a very visible trace on our face and the body struggles, fatigued with age. If our destiny seems to be no more than to live, wither away and die, why did the Gods give us the ability to love beyond our reach, unconditionally across time, and dream of a life everlasting?
Today, science has already discovered the immortal gene, the switch that remains turned off in our DNA that prevents the telomeres from diminishing and wearing out at a cellular level.
The most advanced studies of our times on genetics and neuroscience continue to offer us convincing and growing evidence that our daily thoughts, even those we do not pay much attention to and run unconsciously without reins behind the curtains of our life’s dramas, are what determine and mold our experiences in life.
How could it be possible that the key to immortality and eternal life was always hidden inside us? What activates it, according to scientific findings, is not so much a substance or secret elixir we must ingest but something surprising and unexpected within us, unrecognized — our common thoughts, our consciousness.
The question that has escaped us and remained largely unclear to this day is this: What is the art, the Holy Grail for conquering time and reaching immortality?
This art is the craft of the Great Work, where the rough metals of our mortal humanity are transmuted through initiations in the knowledge.
Our thoughts have a real impact on the multitude of physiological processes in our body and determine how we adapt to our environment, as well as the experiences we get to choose, engage and live that define our identity and the quality of our life.
This ancient and legendary knowledge is the wisdom that recognizes the divine inside each human being, simply because we are the creators of our destiny by virtue of our thoughts and their impact on reality.
The new book, The Mind Gladiators of the Future, gathers Ramtha’s teachings that illustrate the journey one must take to understand the nature of time and how to create our timelines and destiny consciously and intentionally. Significantly, and what often passes by before us unnoticed, is what we must do to conquer our humanity, riddled with limitations and doomed to the grave. Ramtha explains that focus is the master key to accomplish the task and offers us various practical ways in which to put it into practice.
Now is the time for waking up and coming to know the secrets that had remained hidden under the custody of a rare few.
What spiritual or consciousness related activities do you currently practice for keeping young, healthy and full of vitality in mind and body? These Meditation lessons have been inspired by the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The Science of Mudras, A Part of yoga is Based on The Fundamental Principles of Life, The Five Elements Namely Fire, Space, Wind, Earth And Water. Swami Chinmayananda, disciple of Swami Tapovan Maharaj and the founder of Chinmaya Mission, is a saint, an inspiration and a visionary.

This DVD features complete solution for ailments related to women like Hormonal Imbalance, Uncertainties in Menstrual Cycle, Disorders of Uterus & Ovary, Anaemia etc.
Beauty related matters like Pimples, Dark circles, Wrinkles, Hair fall, Hair greying, Obesity, height etc are also explored effectively through Yog, Ayurved & Natural Treatments. Yoga for Renal Diseases (Yog Science) (DVD) (Divya Yog Sadhna Divya Yog Mandir (Trust)(2008)129 min. His holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar a spiritual leader and humanitarian was born in 1956 in southern India.
Pranayama is the science of controlled, conscious expansion of Prana, the vital life force that is the catalyst in all our activities. Physical health is the basic thing that is required for success or to achieve anything great. Yoga as therapy is a 14 part series for common ailments such as headache and backpain as well as life threatening diseases like cancer, hypertension and diabetes.
Amruthavarsha (The Shower of Vedic Elixir) (Vol.9) Shaanthi Shlokas For Peace-Harmony-Bliss (Transliterated Book and Audio CD) (V. Peabody1, provides us with the perfect setting for exploring the myth or, perhaps, the truth behind the long-sought-after secret of immortality.
The clarity and vitality that often escape us in the autumn of our life’s journey brings us face to face with its elusive but real presence. They hoped that their name and the conquests of their life survived in the memory of generations to come, in the future, for all time. If this gene could be turned on it would allow us to live on in the same physical body without aging or losing our vitality and basic functions. How can it be something so subjective, so within our reach and apparently simple, that at the same time slips away from our grasp? The masters and teachers throughout history have always insisted that the path and the answer are usually very simple. Our base metals are transformed into the purest metal of all that never tarnishes or ages like solid gold. This is the message and teaching of the Master Teacher Ramtha the Enlightened One, the Lord of the Wind, and his School of Enlightenment. The third and final part of the book delves into the concept of the river of time, a mind frequency specific with the future, how we can reprogram our brain with an immortal dream of metamorphosis, and how to create and mold the wave of reality, from the point of view of a master. Its intended objective is to produce in the reader a sincere personal contemplation, an experience and to open widely the doors for your Spirit to fly away with the wings of a butterfly, as Psyche and Eros, in the divine garden of fantastic realism.
He has given numerous discourses on various Hindu scriptures including the Bhagavad-gita and Upanishads.

Regular practice of yogasans (Yogic Postures) help one to attain good physical health.Asan is one of the preliminary steps of Yogasastra 8 steps propounded by the Sage Patanjali for the physical, mental, moral and spiritual well-being of man as a whole. The yoga practices have been designed by the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation (Vyasa), Bangalore, India.
Swami Kuvalayananda and since then has been striving to spread the message of Yoga throughout the world. She took the cup that Hebe held out to her, drank the divine ambrosia, and became immortal.
Nevertheless, the poets in love with life, the heroes and dreamers never gave up crying out to the Gods and cursing them with rage for excluding us from the elixir of immortality, apparently reserved exclusively for the divine. The chroniclers of his life bear witness to both the divine and mortal blood that ran through his veins, yet he did not share the same destiny, the Holy Grail from the hand of Hebe, as the beautiful soul of the young lover of Eros, Psyche. It is interesting that it would be science, as well, the one who discovered the most powerful agent responsible for turning on this immortal gene. The greatest legendary masters who have survived and are still remembered in history offer us their life’s example as a testament of truth that immortality and a life worthy of being remembered throughout time is not mere fantasy but something reachable and real for those who understand what those legendary beings knew and learned and still know. The Emperor asks Apollonius whether he realizes that his life and freedom depend completely on the Emperor’s decisions. They require, nevertheless, an unwavering dedication to the knowledge and its application in life by our own hand in order to reach the goal.
It has always been that way so you can discover, in person, the power and treasure that are preserved locked within you. Swamiji is an orator beyond compare and his talks have touched and transformed countless lives. To prevent oneself from these disastrous renal diseased one should take the shelter of Yog, Pranayam & Ayurvedic meditation.
Just as an athlete retreats several steps to get a good start before running or taking a high jump so sleep is a retreat in the opposite direction that gives the energy for living a happy and successful life. This potential and this gene is inherent in us, is part of our physical construction, not a fairy tale or myth of a long-gone age.
It is true, nevertheless, that such a conquest is the crown of glory of a splendid radical few!

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