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I was reared in a highly fundamentalist religious denomination; and although I had various early doubts concerning its dogmas and practices and rejected them when I was about twenty years old, I never lost an intense interest in religion as a social phenomenon or in its influence upon mankind.
This set me off on a search for the sources of his beliefs; and I found that Michael Servetus, burned at the stake by Calvin in 1553, may have been the heretic who inspired Milton to reject this basic dogma.
I soon conceived an intense interest in the Dead Sea Scrolls, which had been found in 1947; and together with this, I sought to discover the ultimate as well as the immediate sources of the Christian gospel, as set forth in the New Testament. As my interest in the Dead Sea Scrolls intensified, I prepared another volume dealing largely with this subject and entitled The Essene-Christian Faith. That there is a definite relationship between the Essene cult and the teachings found in the New Testament gospels, especially that of Luke; and that both the Jewish authorities and the present Christian denominations seem determined to negate and deny any such relationship, and if possible, to prevent the publication of the Scrolls. In 1947, two Bedouins stumbled into a cave near the Dead Sea and found there several scrolls, which were sold to some people in New York and published without delay. It is indeed interesting to note that more than a hundred years before the discovery of the Scrolls, a famous English author, Thomas De Quincey, had written a long essay called "The Essenes," in which he maintained that there never had been such a separate community, but that the people described by Josephus, Philo Judaeus, and Pliny were simply Christians gone underground as a result of persecution. I wish to point out the fact that having any scrolls at all was simply an accident of history.
We should note that even while the museum was under Jordanian control, strict secrecy was maintained. Nearly forty years have now elapsed since great quantities of original Essene material were found, much of which would undoubtedly have a definite bearing on the origins of Christianity.
I consider this failure perhaps the greatest and most contemptible cover-up that has ever occurred in the religious field. Since it is a fact that one of the greatest cover-ups in history relates to the suppression of these documents, it is certainly pertinent to ask why this has occurred. And we should note that religion is perhaps the most powerful influence that exists on earth. We know also from the Scrolls as well as from many passages in the New Testament that both the Essenes and Jesus were bitterly opposed to the Jewish authorities, especially the religious. In addition, I think we would be correct in concluding or assuming that the Jews prefer not to believe that Christianity sprang from an obscure and secret cult existing practically underground among their own people.
I can assure you that I am not the only one who believes that there is a general conspiracy to conceal the content of the remaining Scrolls and, if possible, to hasten their destruction.
Some thirty years ago, it was made clear that all the members of the team appointed to work on the Scrolls would soon make the documents assigned to them available for publication in learned journals and by the Oxford University Press; however, Allegro was the only member of the team who fulfilled this duty. He might, I think have added that such a committee should consist largely of dedicated scholars who are without specific commitments or obligations to religious organizations. I am furious to learn that the Dead Sea Scrolls are being "kept" somewhere and not disclosed to the public. Scrivi una nuova recensione su Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?: The Search for the Secret of Qumran e condividi la tua opinione con altri utenti. The texts are written using a carbon-based ink and are mostly in Hebrew, with some in Aramaic (a Semitic language allegedly spoken by Jesus) and in Greek.
Preliminary analysis showed the texts belonged to the Essenes, member of a religious sect or brotherhood that flourished in Palestine from about the 2nd century BC to the end of the 1st century AD. However, a later review of these results has raised additional questions related to the scrolls, considered one of the greatest archaeological events of the twentieth century. In the meantime, the young man tried to sell the parchment rolls and later war between Egypt and Israel (1947-1949) made textual analysis of them even more difficult. For the first 40 years after their discovery, the study of the thousands of text fragments was limited to a dozen international scholars, all great experts in their respective fields. In January 1948, one of the manuscripts was identified as a version of the book of the prophet Isaiah.
The caves were finally located but it was clearly visible that the place was thoroughly plundered. Based on the fragments that remained, archaeologists concluded that between 200 and 250 scrolls has originally been hidden or stored in the caves. As archaeologists determined, a few of the caves at Qumran, seemed to have functioned as permanent libraries with built-in shelves. The scrolls contain a large variety of writings: fragments of every book of the Old Testament (except the Book of Esther), rules for religious rituals, texts on prepararation of the Qumran sect for a war at the End of Time, calendars, horoscopes and much more. Archaeological experts compared the biblical content of the scrolls and the caves’ location (close proximity to the ruins of Qumran), which had been described by the Roman scholar Plinius (24-68 AD) as the location of an Essene religious settlement. Today we know that approximately 500 different scribes produced  a collection of 931 documents (or fragments of texts) that were successfully recovered.

There was also a dining room and scriptorium, a long narrow room that contained two inkwells and several writing benches, probably used by scribes.
Still not much is known about the Dead Sea Scrolls and the place where they were discovered . One of these issues is for example, who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls and then hid them away in the caves around Qumran. Was the Vatican behind a plot to suppress the release of the scrolls to the public out of fear that they contained the dangerous material related to early Christanity?
Although all of the manuscripts discovered in Cave 1 were published between 1950 and 1956, their publication process has often been consideered as rather slow.
Controversial Artifacts No One Wants To Examine Thoroughly: Is There Something We Are Afraid Of Discovering?
Puzzling Unexplained Disappearances In Our National Parks Can Missing 411 Shed More Light On The Story? Ancient History QuizzWhich civilization built large "pyramid temples", in many ways similar to the great pyramids of the Egyptians? Marvin Vining, an attorney and lay minister in the United Methodist Church, spent fourteen years researching and writing this book. The Explore Your Spirit with Kala Radio Show entertains listeners around the world with the concept of Many Paths, One Destination. Kala delivers enlightening and inspiring interviews with world renowned authors, artists, teachers and researchers delving into Metaphysical and Paranormal Topics as well as new discoveries in the scientific and spiritual arenas. Over 500 shows are available for FREE here in the Explore Your Spirit archives to listen to online or download to your computer or MP3 player.
Welcome to Explore Your Spirit with Kala's Bohemian Blog Dedicated to Truth - Beauty - Freedom & Love! Kala's Bohemian Blog offers inspirations, ramblings, magical moments and musings, to serve as a traveling companion along your journey as You Explore the Mysteries of the Universe, Rediscover the Magic in the World Around You, Embrace the Divine, Release Your Inner Goddess , Delve into the Paranormal and Reawaken Your Spirituality!
The Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences provides the opportunity for private or group online study with award winning author and wisdom teacher Kala Ambrose. I therefore began research which involved the reading and examination of hundreds of esoteric volumes and the editing of a large book, entitled The Religion of the Occident, published in 1959, which has since been reprinted at least five times and is now entitled The Story of Christian Origins.
These furnished very strong evidence to support the belief that Jesus may himself have been an Essene before he appeared at the Jordan to be baptized by John, and that the New Testament Gospels contain many ideas and teachings very similar to those of the Essenes. Even on the basis of the slight evidence available in 1830, this renowned scholar arrived at this momentous conclusion.
The Bedouins who happened upon them had no interest in them except to obtain some money; and those who bought them had the same objective. The expeditions undertaken by religious groups, which recovered much additional treasure, placed this material in a Jordanian museum in Jerusalem.
I know that, for when I wrote the curator asking permission to photograph certain pieces of parchment from the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs, the reply was that should I journey there I would not be allowed even to look at them! Many years ago, eight scholars were appointed to study, collate, arrange, publish and translate the Scrolls. And we should note that while those in control see to it that the Scrolls are not published, they deny vehemently that there is any attempt to delay or prevent their publication. In my experience, I found that bigots in this area are more intolerant of others and more certain that they and they alone possess the truth -- even though they actually know nothing - than is the case in any other realm of belief. Although there are several major faiths and although Christianity itself is divided into hundreds of sects and denominations, one of them alone, the Roman Catholic Church, is considered by some scholars as powerful an economic and political force in the Western world as either the United States or the Soviet Union.
The reason is that they have always held that their creed was a single, unique, miraculous, and supreme revelation without predecessor or outside contributor. There can be little doubt that the Scrolls now crumbling into dust include many passages in which the Pharisees, the Sadducees, and the Scribes are excoriated in the most bitter terms and that the tyranny exercised by them over the dissident Essenes is described in full detail. One of these is the same John Allegro, mentioned earlier, who lost his position as a professor in an English university because of what he said, and who was denied all future access to the Scrolls after he declared that a predecessor of Jesus may also have been crucified about a century before.
Norman Golb's intriguing explanation of the Scroll's origins conveys fascinating new information on the evolution of Judaism and Christianity. More than half a year passed between the day of discovery of the scrolls by young Bedouin shepherd, searching for a stray goat in the Judean Desert and the first analysis of the documents. This event prompted an expedition to search the caves with  secrets buried in the sands of the barren Judean Desert. The unusually large number of scrolls as well as the number of scribes involved along with the age of some of the texts raised several important questions regarding the extent of the Essene complex.

The place was rather a workshop with no signs of private quarters or living spaces and archaeologists believe that many of the Biblical scripts found in the caves were copied.
Some scholars believe that the Essenes were not responsible for the Dead Sea Scrolls at all, but the manuscripts were written by priests of Jerusalem’s Second Hebrew Temple and later transported to Qumran and safely hidden from the Romans. In the early 1990s and  early 2000s more scroll documents were released including the collection of Biblical scrolls. How many documents are missing because they lie still buried or hidden somewhere on the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea? He is a Bible scholar who holds a master’s degree in philosophy and has studied theology for many years. Choose your path from a variety of courses, which are based in the ancient wisdom techniques and brought to light for practical use in the modern world. In fact, I found that he had embraced various heresies for which, under Puritan law, he could have been sent to prison or even executed. There it remained until 1967, when the Jewish government seized the area, the museum, and the Scrolls in the war which occurred that year.
There is nothing which creates more antagonism than an opinion or a fact which is at variance with their persuasions.
As far as I am concerned, the answer is not far to seek; both the Israelis and the Christian denominations wish to ignore the content of the Scrolls and see them into oblivion for reasons which seem obvious enough to me.
Although all Christian divisions agree on certain matters, they differ sharply on various others. But the fact is that nothing could be further from the truth; Christianity is a composite of doctrines, teachings, and ideologies which have forerunners in previous religions, with a proximate source in the Essene cult. I am afraid that the cover-up will continue until the Scrolls have withered into dust - forever lost.
The Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered in 1947 at Qumran, are generally believed to have been written by a Jewish sect known as the Essenes between 350 BCE and 70 CE–but until now no convincing methodology has linked the Scrolls to the actual life and teachings of Jesus. And this was especially true because he rejected the doctrine of the Trinity, which is a central dogma in both the Catholic Church and in the Protestant Reformation. Since then, virtually no one has been permitted access to any Essene material, although the Isaiah Scroll, found in one of the caves, has long been on public display. The others, of whom four were Roman Catholics and three Protestants, simply malingered on the job; and to this day, while the Scrolls may be disintegrating with age and exposure, virtually nothing of the task imposed upon these men has been accomplished. If these facts were widely known, the authority of the Church or the churches would be drastically reduced. Marvin Vining builds from the controversial work of Barbara Thiering to demonstrate that the Scrolls do speak directly to the origins of Christianity and even reflect a mirror image of the Gospels from the perspective of Jesus’s enemies.
I usually withhold my personal opinions or beliefs and try to limit any discussion, if any, to unquestionable facts -- such as those pertaining to the Dead Sea Scrolls.
For this reason the reigning churches are determined to show that there is little or no similarity between Essenism and original Christianity. Christianity arose out of a schism between the exclusivist, rigid, and militant views of the Essenes and the inclusivist, tolerant, and nonviolent views of Jesus.
Or they prefer simply to ignore the whole thing as if it did not exist It would be virtually impossible to do this if all the Scrolls were published. HewettWhat I find interesting is the fact that most people who say that Christianity is composite of doctrines, teachings and ideologies from previous religions forget about or chose to ignore the prophecies of the old testament. These prophecies where written hundreds of years before Christ came, and some of them prophesied his coming.
Vining shows that the Dead Sea Scrolls are written in a secret coded language called pesher in which Jesus emerges as the antagonist to the Teacher of Righteousness who was the leader of the Essenes and reveals Jesus’s true role as a tireless social reformer and revolutionary teacher. Vining’s study reopens Christian doctrinal questions supposedly long settled, such as reincarnation and the Virgin birth–even demonstrating that these two issues are related.
He discloses that the angel Gabriel was incarnate in a living human being and transmitted the seed of a holy bloodline to the Virgin Mary.

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