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Turns out the hooded dude in the desert was a power-hungry ancient evil, and you've just handed him the keys to near-unlimited power. The Faceless King's residence is a fairly vast single floor populated by the usual cast of desert minions. This page contains some helpful tips for discovering Torchlight II Secret Rooms, Hidden Areas, and Easter Eggs.
Treasure rooms typically contain a bonanza of breakables and treasure chests, and they are the only place you can find the coveted rejuvenation potions, which heal both mana and hit points, at a rate surpassing standard healing droughts. Please note: These spoilers WILL work for any maps based off their template, which includes those found in the Mapworks.

The secret chambers in the Deserted Workshop areas are usually found along the north and southern edges of the map.
The treasure rooms in the Ezrohir Commons tend to cluster in the north and western portions of the dungeon. The concealed vaults in the Ruined Shrines are all hidden platforms, that are reachable by crossing vines after smashing special glowing jars. The Wyvern Keep map-set tends to have the greatest variety of hidden rooms and editable set-pieces.
After you kill the boss Bloatfang in Act 3, you can uncover Claptrap from the game Borderlands.

We swear to use this money for pretty much anything or any reason that strikes our fancy at any given moment.
His Masks rotate a degree of elemental effects, but the real threat are his Stasis Beams, which can slow or stun you. Counter with the Haste Spell if you have it, and use potions liberally if you find yourself stunned and waiting out a recovery.

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