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There are 6 main characters in the story-namely Vincent (Gallen Lo), Michael (Felix Wong), Kevin (Nick Cheung), Ka-Hung (Sunny Chan), Diana (Ada Choi) and Ka-Meng (Amy Kwok).
The story basically tells of how two brothers, of the same mother but different fathers, grew up in different environments and have different characters. Ka Hung becomes friends with Vincent, a hardcore but kindhearted gambler; who later become Ka Ming's boyfriend. However, when she gets pregnant and carries his child, he becomes torn apart between the two sisters because he can not deny his responsibilities, as father of her child. At the same time, the half brothers also find themselves falling for the same girl, Diana, who is a materialistic flight stewardess. A blockbuster with big cast, reminding the likes of a€?Looking Back in Angera€? and a€?Cold Blood Warm Hearta€?.
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With Gallen Lo, Felix Wong, Sunny Chan, Nick Cheung, Amy Kwok, Kathy Chow, Ada Choi, Jessica Hsuan, Paul Chun, Suet Nei, and Melissa Ng onboard, the star-studded cast assembled for the TVB grand production Secret of the Heart is one that can hardly be surpassed. Kam Leung Wan (Nick Cheung) grew up as the only son to airline magnate Kam Shu Pui (Paul Chun).
Kevin (Nick Cheung), airline tycoon Shu-Pui's only son, accidentally encounters and afterwards becomes close friend to Ka-Hung (Sunny Chan), who grew up in a different environment and has a completely different character. Meanwhile, the half-brothers find themselves in love with the same girl, Diana (Ada Choi), a materialistic flight attendant, who eventually chooses the richer and more confident Kevin.
On the other hand, Ka-Hung's half sister Ka-Ming (Amy Kwok) and Ka-Hung's friend Vincent (Gallen Lo), a hardcore but kindhearted tgambler, develop a romantic relationship but later break up, and Ka-Ming marries her boss Michael (Felix Wong), Shu-Pui's brother.
In the fierce ocean of twisted love and hatred, these destined characters have no idea where fate will take them to.

A love triangle will soon develop between the three leading characters, Ka Ming, Vincent and Michael. For more details, please refer to our return policy.Price and availability are valid only for your shipping destination, and may vary. Producer Jonathan Chik (Cold Blood Warm Heart, At the Threshold of an Era) is known for his sophisticatedly crafted family infighting sagas, and the 62-episode drama has rightfully been considered one of the best of its kind thanks to its gripping narrative and attractive actors. Things change dramatically when they were made known that they are actually half-brothers from the same mother but have unknowingly lived with two separate fathers for 20 years. But their marriage is not perfect, because Ka-Ming's sister, Ka-Wai (Kathy Chow), comes between them and even gets pregnant with Michael's baby after a night of drunkenness.
Kevin Kam (Nick Cheung) grew up in a rich and comfortable environment with his airline tycoon father (Paul Chun), who actually fathered Ka Hung (Sunny Chan) after raping a friend's wife 20 years ago. A TVB blockbuster would never end with just one simple love triangle and thus we have Kathy Chow coming into the picture. They later break up after Kevin undergo a drastic personality change after finding out Paul is not really his real father. The plot revolves around the hatred between two families: the feeble Chengs (led by Suet Nei) and the mighty Kams (led by Paul Chun). Nick's character completely changed from a humble, friendly, kind, and charming man to a most brutal man who filled with hatred and revenge. Secret of the Heart swept the 1998 TVB Anniversary Awards with Gallen Lo and Ada Choi crowned My Favorite Actor and Actress, respectively, and Nick Cheung winning Best Improvement Award.
Meanwhile, Hung's eldest sister Ka Ming (Amy Kwok) loses her life savings to her gambler boyfriend Cheuk Sheung Man (Gallen Lo).
For fear of losing everything provided by the tycoon father, Kevin regards Ka-Hung as a thorn in his flesh and tries every means to get rid of him.
Following that, Diana gradually falls for Ka-Hung, who is always there for her, while Kevin, for some unknown reasons, suddenly wanted her back.

Despite his true love for Ka-Ming, Michael finds himself struggling with his responsibilities for Ka-Wai's baby as a father. Therefore, Ka Hung is actually the real son of Paul but have been living with his mother and half-siblings unknowingly. Following, Ka Hung and Diana each have a new partner but as fate (or the scriptwriter) would have it, their respective partners died and a spark starts to develop between them. Nick Cheung did an outstanding job as a second brutal character (the first place belongs to Gallen Lo in Cold Blood Warm Heart). It also dominated the viewership ratings during its initial run; in fact, even the recent late-night re-run on TVB still posted impressive ratings. Ka Hung, at this point of time, for some unknown reasons suddenly wanted to have Diana back.
Honestly, actors gain their popularity for their roles as the antagonists in the series which they starred in. The two half brothers grew up with totally different personalities because of the differences in environment and lifestyle. Initially, she was reluctant but eventually returns to him, only to spy on him for evidence to save Ka Kung. Kevin is confident and competent; Ka Hung is kind-hearted, trustworthy but at times he has low self-esteem and acts like a wimp (personal opinion).

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