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Peter Murphy next week will release The Secret Bees of Ninth, a six-track digital EP that features three previously unreleased songs. For me, in the time of the 1st Night, I had the opportunity to be reminded of being present in the moment. I am called to consider others as extensions of myself, to care more about those in the world who are starving. In looking at calendar references for the 9th wave  that are broken down into dates and themes, I find the 2nd day is described as a time of germination and activation.
Despite the intensity of recent events in the outer world, this feels like a very hopeful period. Important: For all products chose at the top of the page the  language (English or German) and currency! It has ratcheted up since March 9 when we entered th 9th wave, the final level of the Mayan Calendar.
The threat to our earth with radiation has created fear that we have each had the golden opportunity to transmute.
We will know more about how we project reality of our beingness onto our outer world, and we do that energetically from our center, the still center that is the witness.
Intuitively I see that within a seed there are the seeds for all future lives within that seed, those that will descend from it. Activation is the other word to describe this new period, day 2, starting today April 14th. Please consider making a contribution so more stories of awakening and alternative views can be shared!

I see how many of what I was drawn to are mind based, more from words than connected to the heart, and don't resonate anymore. I saw a really inspiring film, a documentary called "I AM" about this very subject during this 1st Night. It is kind of holographic, like a part within the whole has all the parts within it that are also wholes. Humans who were asleep are now waking up to the truth, seeing through the veil of the systems on earth and what they are, and how they enslave instead of nourish life. It is pointing to the world within and the possibility of finding the stillness there that transcends threats on the outside to our being and our planet. Since March 9th I have had a theme of discernment, learning to see what is truth and what is of useful food for my soul, to water my seed's evolution.
I am finding contentment and equanimity that I never had before and it was right in me all along. This has been happening to me, and sometimes I am frozen in the midst of wanting to do 5 things at once. It is a time of shift when the systems of government, military, banking, commerce, health care, and education come down.
I can't help but to think that the evolution of consciousness which is expressed through the Mayan Calendar is assisting my awakening.
When those outside your mansion are scrambling for food, should you keep collecting dollars and what it buys that you don't really need? We remember that nothing can be destroyed, that we are the spirit beyond our physical bodies even if something happens to the body we are in.

But then I think, or see, the one thing my heart resonates with and it is a feeling of "ahhhhh" that comes over me. The other sort of waking up is happening, spiritual enlightenment, is coming about for more people and those who are already awake are embodying their enlightenment more.
That event has also called us to come together and tap into the power of the potential of unified meditation and prayer.
The first day of the wave was about learning to "be" instead of "do." The first night was an assimilation, it took it further for me, this being. If it takes more than it needs and can't use, it goes out of balance or homeostasis, and gets sick.
The Native Americans, we are told in the movie "I AM," consider wealth to be a mental illness. Is that a singular moment, the now, we feel ourselves in, that isn't broken into parts but merging together? I see how past and future can blend and become one, and we can choose where we are experiencing ourselves. I also have times of complete focus, where I am totally in the moment, in the flow which feels good.

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