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Can I suggest that we move the judging to Tuesday so that it gives a full weekend to have a go at it without the deadtime between the announcement of one winner and the posting of the next challenge. It is quite well thought out how it goes together with the possible exception of the drive shaft.
I want a single outline to make the gears nice and strong and get the infill into all the teeth.
Finally got it to work, but only setting the perimeter to 10, and it's not giving the infill I wanted doing it that way. Also, you mentioned acceleration: I thought we could only control the speed, but not the acceleration. By a 1cm melt zone, I mean there is no more than 1cm worth of filament that is molten in the nozzle at one time.
I put my travel speed up and used a 1.4mm extruder reverse for doing plates of multiple parts. It all fits perfectly and works very well, you can really see all the fine detail in the Knurled handle and nuts at this size.

Well done to all the others who managed to get good results of this challenging print, and nice huge gear set richrap. Maybe post just a copy of the challenge introduction each week in general, and point wannabe participants here ? I only read the forum via RSS, and jump into the forum only when I get an email for a subject I am particularly following, such as this one. Tokka over at GoGreenMachine posted up some really cool shots of this unproduced Army Ant toy from the Mega Mutants series created by David Arshawsky. If you remember correctly the Mega Mutants line included some of the coolest toys from the TMNT series, Killer Bee and Needle Nose to be exact, two of my personal favorites. Nye indl?g i forummet- Kreditter af Phattiemaan- Soger nogen at spille med pa Vestegnen (er selv fra Hvidovre) af 40crew- Spillere n?r Herning af Keritzhen- V?rdi af Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth af OliverFris- Soger spiller til 2hg prelease oath of the gatewatch faraos Kobenhavn af visagan- Hj?lp en studerende i nod, ved at besvare mit sporgeskema :) af Islandwhat- Spiller skive af Modoska- Aggro mono Red af AndersKjaer- Hj?lp til vurdering.
It looks reasonably shiny in real life, but that pic has a bright light close by as well as the camera flash, so it is probably doubly shiny in the picture. Im sure there would be more participation if we regularly had a new thread in the General section instead.

I have an odd quirk though that in this part of the Forum, things look quite different than they do on the rest of the forum. I really wish this one would have been produced as it would have been an awesome addition to the other two Mega Mutants!
Her finder du mange interessante og sjove artikler omhandlende alle forskellige formater indenfor Magic. WIth my print settings, the screws were a bit loose too (although they still were functional when tightened). I was a major turtle fan and I sad to say that I didn't take the best of care with several of my figuers.
Klik pa linket nederst, sa ser vores redaktion artiklen, og de vil herefter afgore om den vil blive publiceret eller ej.

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