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Perfect for any Dwarf or Space Wolves army - but applicable to any miniature and any range - these 2mm runic letters are photo etched brass in 0.01" material. However, List’s significance in the story of Hitler is not limited to his role as the ‘Father of the Swastika’. The fact that the Viennese Academy of Sciences refused to recognise List’s ‘research’ did not prevent his supporters from revering him as a prophet. During the age of their advanced civilisation, said List, the Ario- Germanen had ensured that their own blood remained pure.

However, it is highly unlikely that Hitler was enthusiastic about the esoteric and old- Germanic speculations of the Ariosophes. 14 Some authors assume that List copied parts of the doctrine of the English-Russian mystic H.P. 21 Racism, which was at the core of both List’s and Hitler’s world views, was not exclusive to Ariosophic circles in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Hitler could also have been inspired by the race ideologies of Gobineau and Chamberlain or other Social Darwinists.

The Armanen, who had been forced underground by Christianization, had passed down the ‘secret of power’ to the present day through secret brotherhoods. This ‘original knowledge’ or ‘universal knowledge’ of the Armanen had been retained in the secret societies of the Templers, Johanniter Order, Rosicrucians and Freemasons.

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