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Margaret Elizabeth "Peggy" Carter was one of the most prominent agents of the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) during and after World War II.
In 1943, after the abrupt end of Project Rebirth and Rogers' transformation into the only Allied Super Soldier, Carter assisted him in becoming the world's first superhero - Captain America, and eventually fell in love with him. As an agent of the Strategic Scientific Reserve, Carter helped former colleague Howard Stark clear his name when he was accused of being a traitor, and later traveled to Hollywood where she clashed with Whitney Frost over the extradimensional Zero Matter.
Margaret "Peggy" Carter was born to Harrison and Amanda Carter on Wednesday, April 9, 1921, in London, England. By 1939, Carter was a member of the British Royal Military, engaging in more simplistic office work that was expected of women of that time.
Carter continued to focus on her upcoming wedding, having her mother help her try on her wedding dress. In June 1943, Carter was assigned to Colonel Chester Phillips' training base; she was the first to meet the candidates up for the Project Rebirth.
When Steve Rogers was selected as the candidate, she escorted him to the Strategic Scientific Reserve Brooklyn Facility under an antique shop. As the celebrations continued, one of the guests, Heinz Kruger, detonated a bomb, destroying much of the lab. Get the full chronology of events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from 'Iron Man' to 'Marvel's The Avengers'!
Fans were thrilled to hear that the Deadpool movie was finally going into production, with a release date set for February 2016.
Being an on-again, off-again member of the X-Mena€™s extended family, fans have wondered how connected the Deadpool movie would be Foxa€™s X-Men films. The original script for Deadpool is said to be detached from the main X-Men film universe, even making jokes at the expense of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where Deadpool made his first on-screen appearance. However, the inclusion of Deadpool in the same universe as the main X-Men films opens up a new realm of possibilities for crossover and a shared, overarching narrative. Slightly off topic but has anyone ever theorized that X-men Origins: Wolverine COULD be set in the altered timeline Days of Future Past creates, thus fixing continuity issues?
Another batch of episodes pops up not giving much time for preparation, but darn it they were just too good to pass up!
Our first episode is bound to be a fan favorite as they finally reveal the Garnet and Pearl fusion Sardonix! As the episode moves forward we see a spark of jealousy and regret bleed out of Amethyst from watching them fuse. We soon find out Pearl has been manipulating Garnet to fuse, showing a deep yearning for the same fusion.
Garnet does not take this news likely ending the episode with a great divide with the two characters.
Much like any comic book character being brought into mainstream media, Venom’s origin has changed from interpretation to interpretation. After a few stories in which Venom tormented poor old Peter Parker, his star began to shine brighter than even the protagonist he fought, and it was decided by Marvel Comics at the time that Eddie would get his own series.

In the Ultimate Marvel universe, which is essentially a retelling of their universe with a modern twist, Venom was actually the result of Peter and Eddie’s fathers creating, what they thought was, the cure for cancer.
I mention the “Ultimate” version of Venom because the recent Amazing Spider-Man franchise has taken most of its cues from the modern retelling of the story, rather than the old continuity.
It’s an exciting time to be a comic book fan, and I’m looking forward to seeing what tricks Sony Pictures have up their sleeves for bringing Venom back to the mainstream audience. Originally a code-breaker working at Bletchley Park, she joined the Special Operations Executive following her brother's death. After Rogers' disappearance in 1945, she continued the SSR's fight against HYDRA, capturing the last high-ranking HYDRA officer Werner Reinhardt, and continuing her service in the SSR once the War ended. To her disappointment, she discovered that Michael believed Wells was not good enough for her and that his sister had the potential for greater things. The preparations were tragically cut short when the family were informed that Michael had been killed fighting in World War II.
In November 1940, she infiltrated Castle Kaufmann, the headquarters of the SS general Johann Schmidt, leader of HYDRA, Adolf Hitler's top secret science division. When Private Gilmore Hodge mocked her English heritage and the fact that she was a woman, she promptly punched him across the jaw, much to Chester Phillips' approval. Along the drive, Carter and Rogers bonded over their shared struggles to gain respect in war time, Rogers due to his height and Carter due to her gender.
During the procedure, Rogers began to scream in pain; Carter ordered Erskine to stop, but Rogers insisted he could finish the procedure. But you can still get your very own copy when you pick up "The Art of Marvel's The Avengers," on bookshelves now!Click on the image below to see the full, official Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline, and buy your tickets to "Marvel's The Avengers" now!
The film is being put into development by Twentieth Century Fox, who also create the X-Men films.
A Clearly Wolverine still gets his claws somehow, but I hope that Deadpool is retconned out of that senario.
Definitely an interesting site to behold, she also has the best personality; brimming with perk, humor and confidence. My first thought was we finally see that Amethyst has a secret attraction to Garnet, but things take a different turn. This event really made me question Pearl as a character, after learning the deep attraction she had for Rose Quartz in Season 1 Episode 45, it’s strange to be seeing a similar treatment for another character and just makes her character seem emotionally possessive rather than sincere. Dubbed “The Lethal Protector”, Venom began fighting crime in San Francisco and had a series of comics where he fought Juggernaut, an army of tiny green goblins, worked as an agent of the government, and grew extra tiny heads.
She later joined the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR), an Allied deep science agency formed to fight against HYDRA, the Nazi super weapons division. Her mother often found Peggy's sense of adventure frightening and advised her to act more like a traditional lady.[2] Once, Carter was reprimanded by her school's headmaster for breaking into his home and attempting to steal his wife's underwear and his most expensive bottle of brandy.
His death greatly saddened Carter, who realized she had lost the only person who truly understood who she was.
Disguised as the maid Eva, she freed the captured scientist Abraham Erskine, the creator of the Super Soldier Serum, and escaped the castle.[5] Soon, Carter was assigned as a liaison from the British government to help the Americans combat the Nazis.

Carter oversaw potential candidates' training for Project Rebirth, including a skinny but determined Steve Rogers.
Although Rogers was hopeless at speaking to a woman, Carter was charmed by his honesty and kindness. Rogers was successfully transformed, growing over a foot in height and gaining incredible muscles.
A Either way, I don't think DeAdpool's background will get explored much, so whether or not the version of him seen in Origins is his real origin is probably a moot point.
This next set of episodes are heavily connected in a serious detriment in the relationship of the team, as well as reaching a deeper understanding of relationships of the gem race. Sorry comic fans, we’ll probably never see Spider-Man get the symbiote from fighting a handful of super villains on “Battle World”, but you can always dream.
On the undercover mission in Germany she saved Professor Abraham Erskine from the villainous Johann Schmidt.
The pair discussed if this wedding was truly what she wanted, with Michael telling her that as it was not yet her wedding day, she still had time to change her mind. She smiled each time Rogers would do something smarter or braver than the other candidates, such as dispatching a flagpole to retrieve a flag or diving on a grenade, not knowing it was a dud, to protect others. Carter was one of the first to greet him after his transformation and provided him with a new shirt, not before touching his newly muscled figure.
She followed the assassin into the streets of Brooklyn and fired several rounds into the car Kruger was using to escape. I had to ask what is it this characters truly wants, and what is the true reason for fusion? The success of her mission enabled the SSR to start Project Rebirth, an effort to develop the Super Soldier Serum to make an army of Super Soldiers. In spite of his assurances that she was meant to be a fighter, Peggy refused to listen and stormed away.
She managed to shoot the driver, but Kruger turned the car around and drove straight at her. Eddie Brock was cast to the curb and Mac Gargan, former Spider-Man villain, The Scorpion, was given his shot to be the man behind the teeth. During the project she met and befriended the frail Steve Rogers, the US Army soldier and one of the project's candidates. During her retirement, Carter learned that Captain America had survived all these years, but by this time she had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and struggled to take in the news.
She was saved by Rogers, who pushed her out the way, although Carter insisted she could have killed him. Rogers gave chase and successfully caught the assassin, but was unable to stop Kruger from killing himself.

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