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Although she appears blunt and unenthusiastic, Spike is genuinely concerned when it comes to the wellbeing of her friends.
At the Frost Forest, Spike and Gliss (but mostly Gliss) are busy practicing when Periwinkle arrives and introduces them to a warm season fairy, Tinker Bell.
When the ice block is connecting to the ice machine, the machine creates snow and allows Periwinkle to see other parts of Pixie Hollow, the warm parts.
Now the warm areas of Pixie Hollow are becoming as cold as the Winter Woods, and soon, the Pixie Dust Tree would be destroyed, making fairy life impossible. Spike is last seen with Gliss, Sled, and many new fairy friends as they celebrate the new unity between Pixie Hollow and the Winter Woods. TINKERBELL AND THE SECRET OF THE WINGS takes Tinker Bell and her fairy friends from the warm world of Pixie Hollow to cross a "great divide" into the mysterious and forbidden Winter Woods. TINKERBELL AND THE SECRET OF THE WINGS is the first 3D movie in the Disney Fairies franchise and features a spectacular voice cast. Introducing a whole new cast of winter fairies, Periwinkle is Disney's first animated character to have her hair designed by a leading hair stylist. She resides in the Winter Woods portion of Never Land, along with the other members of her talent. She always (if somewhat reluctantly) helps Periwinkle when she needs it, even if she doesn't think it's a good idea.

Gliss is immediately excited to learn that Tink and Peri are sisters, but Spike finds it rather hard to believe and suggests Tinker Bell return home to Pixie Hollow as the law forbids warm fairies from crossing the border into winter, and vice versa. Curiosity and adventure soon lead Tinker Bell to reveal a magical secret that will change her world forever when she meets Periwinkle, a winter fairy who is equally high-spirited and playful. Returning to reprise their roles are, Academy Award®-Winner ANJELICA HUSTON (Prizzi's Honor) as Queen Clarion, MAE WHITMAN (Parenthood) as Tinker Bell, LUCY LIU (Southland, Charlie's Angels) as Silvermist, RAVEN-SYMONE (That's So Raven) as Iridessa, PAMELA ADLON (Californication) as Vidia and MEGAN HILTY (Smash) as Rosetta the Garden Fairy. Dubbed "The hottest hairdresser in Hollywood", Ken Paves created her edgy design - he is one of the world's foremost hairstylists.
Like most other frost-talent fairies and sparrow men, Spike is aware of the dangers of crossing the border from the Winter Woods to the warm portion of Pixie Hollow. She repeatedly tries to persuade Periwinkle and Tinker Bell to return to their own homes, because it is not safe for them to cross the border. If Spike, Peri and Gliss preserve the Pixie Dust Tree with their magic ice, the tree will be saved. All new characters in the adventure include Lord Milori, voiced by TIMOTHY DALTON (Chuck, The Living Daylights), supercool frost Fairies, Sled and Spike who are voiced by MATT LANTER (90210) and DEBBY RYAN (Disney Channel's Jesse) as Spike respectively and LUCY HALE (ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars).voices the sparkling new winter fairy, Periwinkle.
His credentials include imaginative hairstyles for the likes of Victoria Beckham, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Fergie and Jennifer Lopez.
In a way, her personality is similar to that of Vidia, in that she is often sarcastic and teasing.

The next day, Periwinkle asks Spike, Gliss and their friends Sled and Slush, to help Tink and the others create an ice making machine by carrying a huge block of ice over to the border. Not only that, Lord Milori forbids her from ever seeing Tinker Bell again, but for her own good. Disney legend JODI BENSON (Ariel in The Little Mermaid) also provides the comic voice of the Healing Fairy. She appears to be a foil to her friend Gliss who is very energetic and enthusiastic, whilst Spike tends to be rather inert when it comes to practicing her talent. She is even seen hanging out with Vidia at the end of Secret of the Wings, and the two appear to get along well.
Unfortunately, the tree is far too big for just three frost fairies to preserve, but Lord Milori arrives with Sled, Dewey, and many other frost fairies.
Soon enough, Pixie Hollow is saved and warm fairies are allowed to cross the border, so long as their wings are preserved with frost talent magic.

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