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Secret Paladin was born with the release of The Grand Tournament. Mysterious Challenger is the new Dr. Secret Paladin started off by being an extremely aggressive deck, running Secretkeeper, 10 total secrets and 2 Divine Favor.
Argent Squire can be added to be more aggressive and to combo other aggo decks (consider Consecration as well). Over 400,000 people each month use Hearthstone Players to improve their Hearthstone skills. I don’t have avenge yet but i have everything else will deck still work if i put a murloc knight and another repentance until i get avenge?
You could also replace it with Sludge Belcher, Murloc Knight or even Captain Greenskin – fills your 5 drop and powers up your weapon really well. I guess that without Tirion I’d just play some other midrange stuff and instead of having a stronger late game try to make my mid game stronger. I heard that Secrets Paladin is inconsistent, and easily beatable since people are running counters to it. Just looking at any standard Secret Paladin list, the only cards you want from TGT are the Competitive Spirit and Mysterious Challenger.
Yu-Gi-Oh Promotional Single Dark Paladin Secret Rare (DMG-001) - SLIGHT PLAY (SP)Slight Play ConditionCards in Slightly Played condition show definite, minor wear.
Secret Paladins have been terrorizing the ladder for a couple of weeks now, and while the deck is still very new, the urge to find ways to counter it is just too big for me not to write this article. Before I begin, I would like to let you know that I played over 100 games with both versions of Secret Paladin trying to figure out which were the best ways to deal with such a deck.
In the end I figured out it is not as hard as it looks, and the simple fact of knowing how the deck operates and its tricks is already enough to have a decent win rate against. Secret Paladin is a deck that plays around Mysterious Challenger powerful Battlecry and tries to take full advantage of it. Overall, I believe the aggro version might eventually die since the Midrange version seems to be a lot stronger, because the aggro version relies heavily on playing certain matchups, and the Divine Favor draw is a must in some games otherwise the deck simply loses, while the Midrange has more snowballing potential and doesn’t depend on what the opponent is playing. Tempo – As basic as this may sound, this deck is capable of generating a lot of tempo.
Hard to Play Around – For anyone new to playing against this deck, it should be a nightmare to play against it, because you usually don’t know what secrets are in play, and how they’ll work. Now that we are aware of the Deck’s strong points, knowing how it operates, it is time to know the deck’s weak points, to then (in the next section) understand how to properly play against it and counter it. Tempo – Being a tempo deck also means it may sometimes run out of steam before killing the opponent.
Vulnerability to Sweepers – Despite having a lot of Sticky Divine Shield minions, the deck is usually weak against cards like Brawl that can bypass the Divine Shield. Now that we know the Deck’s weakness and Strengths, it is time to tell which decks are better against it.
We know we need good early game board position as well as decent sweepers, therefore Dragon priest seems like the perfect response to such a deck. Patron Warrior, an almighty deck, is also extremely efficient against Secret Paladin, given the Deck’s ease when dealing with board full of minions.
If they have a secret up and you have whatever removal you do, only use your removal after popping their secrets!
On an aggro mirror, never trade, always go face, trading = popping their secrets = you lose.

Having achieved the Legend rank every single season this game has ever had, Nuba has only grown in knowledge throughout the time he has been writing for this website, and is happy to share it all with his loved readers! It has now evolved  into a more midrange deck, giving it a more solid game plan strategy that last into mid and late game.
I’m running a somewhat aggro version of Secrets Pally (no boom, tirion, using 2x belcher). I think in theory it might work, but in practice it might be a little too slow and unnecessary. For example, Sludge Belcher works very nicely with Redemption and also gives a defensive option.
With the upcoming Warsong Commander nerf, would you suggest playing Secrets Paladin or Dragon Priest?
Secret Paladin will definitely be on the rise, along with other Aggro decks and Dragon Priest is great against those kind of decks. After that the whole early + mid game minion pack and Divine Favor + Muster for Battle spells. By running cards that are not good enough by themselves, the deck becomes slightly inconsistent because it makes it so you will have a couple of bad draws here and there.
Make no mistake: Both versions are tempo-oriented versions, and the main different is that one list will run 2 copies of Argent Squire and 2 copies of Divine Favor while the other will run a second Truesilver Champion, Loatheb, Tirion Fordring and the almighty Dr. Every time you completely understand how a deck works, you become better at playing against it. With a bunch of low-costed cards, this deck can snowball pretty easily, and its big turn-6 play, Mysterious Challenger is the true definition of Tempo: The card itself plays 4 to 5 other cards together with it. It is very hard to tell which secret has been played because of the high number of secrets the deck plays.
Being a tempo deck doesn’t necessarily means the deck will always win over tempo, and there are multiple ways of disrupting this tempo. Meaning sometimes pressuring the deck means it won’t be able to respond and that their early secrets will go to waste. Other cards like Hellfire and Lightbomb are also extremely efficient against it, despite the divine shields, given the shields have been popped before playing.
This is the reason most Secret Paladin players are moving towards the Midrange version – This weakness doesn’t apply to Midrange Secret decks, that still have other win conditions in the form of Dr. Being an inconsistent deck, means that Secret Paladin is also an explosive deck, so you can still lose a couple of games here and there to bad luck when playing decks that are good counters to Secret Paladin. Secret Pally tends to run pairs of Avenge and Noble Sacrifice while only having one of each of the other secrets.
It should be possible to tell if an opponent is playing Repentance by counting their number of secrets when they play Mysterious Challenger. You bank on winning the game with Mysterious Challenger and if enemy has the answer, some sort of board wipe (Brawl, Lightbomb) you’re often in a big trouble. Elkeszithetitek a legjobb paklikat, megtekinthetitek a teljes kartya adatbazist magyarul es minden fontos informaciot megtudhattok az alapoktol a heroic ellensegekig! You’re often playing not against your enemy, but against the order of cards in their deck. But since the deck is really board centric since first turns, you rarely don’t have any minions on the board to put those onto anyway. Boom is a more versatile card (being Neutral and powerful) that finds itself in many other decks.

Not as good as Tirion, but often enough I found out that Defender of Argus also works in this kind of deck.
And Competitive Spirit is a rare + you need only 1, so there is no problem with crafting it. Cards signed by individual's including signatures by the cards artist, or cards with a professional event stamp, are classified as Slight Play if they would otherwise be Near Mint or Slightly Played.
Boom – The aggro version also rearranges the secrets to adapt to its more bursty version. That is why in all the “How to Beat X” Series we talk about both the Deck’s strengths and weaknesses.
This happens because outside of Haunted Creeper and Piloted Shredder the deck lacks defensive Deathrattles. So taking note of which secrets have and have not been played can give you the upper hand when playing around them. Flooding the board with cheap minions and replenishing your hand with Divine Favor is another great synergy in this deck.
Well, you can say the same about some other decks too, but against Secret Paladin it’s most visible. Secret Paladin relies on early tempo a lot and if you just spend your turn 3 on doing literally nothing, it might put you behind.
Foils in this condition will generally have some clouding or wear on the front of the card.
Its best to pop the secrets, have the Challenger get buffed by Avenge and then kill it, than merely killing it, giving them a Redemption Proc and other good buffs. Avenge is so strong that I even considered playing it in standard Aggro Paladin, not a Secret version. Sorry for being so impatient, but which one would you suggest me playing (level 20 paladin, level 15 priest, first wing of BRM).
Before you get the Boom and Tirion, you can play the more Aggro-oriented version with 2x Divine Favor and more small stuff (probably another 1-drop like Argent Squires or Leper Gnomes). Dave & Adam's recommends opaque sleeves for use of Slightly Played cards in organized play events. Boom on 7 intro Tirion on 8 is the dream, but it happens more often than you’d expect. If you want to play the deck at the same time as upgrading it, Aggro Paladin is a better choice. After you throw the Mysterious Challenger on the board and get rid of all the Secrets from your deck (so you won’t draw into them), most of your draws are really good. In Aggro Paladin you don’t have almost any synergies, so you can put a lot of different cards and still be successful. Even something like Piloted Shredder or Kings can keep up the aggression just enough that you can kill the enemy in case he deals with your Challenger. I love the card and I think it’s cool, but you can just run the 2nd Truesilver instead for a time.

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