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This card is the bomb for a dragon deck and why did would it matter if it was in the case or not i mean really who cares! Good card for dragon decks, yes i have a dragon deck and this card, thugh buster blader and dark magician just ruin dragon decks, they already have too many tributes, Horus LV 8 and a compulsory evac or other cards can get rid of this easily.
Using qr code scanning software download Paladin vs Demons, installed directly to the mobile phone, simple convenient and fast! Alongside Goblins vs Gnomes, we’re introducing Spectator mode so you and your friends can observe each others’ explosive battles, fiery strategies, and hard-won victories.

In an interview with onGamers, Brian Kibler mentioned discussing the new cards with Ben Brode, and that the cards featured at BlizzCon were some of the more exciting cards and the expansion wouldn’t be focused on RNG elements. Ben Brode has confirmed that Classic Packs will no longer be rewarded in Arena and will be replaced by Goblins vs.
Fight your way through hordes of demons while collecting treasures and money to upgrade your arsenal. If someone on your friends list is playing and has allowed spectators (enabled by default), you can jump into your pal’s game and watch right away! Plus it can negate spells by just discarding, and since spells are key to a great deck, it will demolish your opponents.

Eventhough I don't have a Dragon but a Spellcaster deck he's my key card and I can do great damage with his ATK and his Spell-negating effect.

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