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When we pray in communion with the Lord, our utmost desire is that our Heavenly Father hears our prayer. It is important to spend personal quality time with the Lord to develop our intimacy with Him and help us to grow in our relationship with our Heaven Father. Keeping malice and grudges against people especially your brothers and sisters in Christ displeases the Lord.
Bitterness is an emotional reaction caused as consequences of anger, pains, hurts, offense and so on. An unforgiving spirit is of the flesh that leads to death for to be carnally minded is death.
Next week I would expand even further on what opens, unlocks or activates a complete direct access to the secret place.
About meNgozi Ngadi’s ultimate desire is to work with people fulfilling their God purpose driven vision and exceed their maximum potentials so nations can be transformed.
FREE GOSPEL SHEET MUSIC - Download free printable gospel sheet music songs, lyrics, chord charts - made available from the Seek My Face CD. For an extended list of our best free music click here (includes gospel song lyrics, piano chords, mp3s, tabs or chords and midi). We personally recommend ShareSong as a great gospel sheet music search resource for contemporary gospel music.

AZ Gospel Lyrics - Find a Song: All your favorite old time gospel song lyrics are now just a click away. It is essential to understand how to gain access into His presence so that our prayers are not futile. When you forgive others our Father in heaven forgives you  otherwise your prayers are hindered (Matthew 6:14).
Also to influence, encourage, mentor and motivate individuals to excel in the calling upon their lives not permitting life challenges of the past, present or future fear of the unknown hinder them. With an emphasis on intimacy and simplicity, these songs are sure to capture your heart, and leave you with an enduring sense of His presence, and a hunger for more.
We have made all the professional piano sheet music, guitar chords, tabs and lyrics for all the songs off this popular album available to you FREE OF CHARGE. The website offers our own free gospel sheet music and lyrics from our Secret Place albums.
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The key to the secret place is the key that The Lord has placed in or given to us  to enable us gain direct access into His presence.
Some of these songs make excellent choruses for Sunday morning worship, and for this purpose permission is given to make copies of this music for distribution to your local church musicians.

Permission is given to make copies of this music for distribution within your local church. ShareSong also has free digital gospel sheet music for hundreds of other independent gospel music artists. Find the words to your top gospel songs by browsing the large library for hard to find gospel song lyrics and other old time gospel music lyrics. You may use the free printable gospel lyrics of these songs for overhead projection as well. You can search online for thousands of latest gospel songs, hymns and royalty free choruses. Your prayers and entering into His presence could be hindered by unforgiving spirit, grudges that are led by the sinful nature or flesh.

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