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Dark Horse has published a cornucopia of Star Wars comics since 1991, covering an array of time periods. Brian Wood’s midas touch produces some of the best books in the game today and his turn with the pen on Star Wars is simply comic book nirvana.
It's two months after the “Battle of Yavin" and the Rebel Alliance is in desperate need of a new base while the Empire is hot on their trail.
Various writers have put their own spin on various aspects of this space opera, but Wood’s interpretation impeccably nails the true essence of these classic characters. Did you ever want to be a fly on the wall when the Emperor chews out Darth Vader due to the Death Star’s destruction?
The detail in everything from the characters, to the vehicles, to the weapons and the uniforms… everything was impressive, to say the least. It is hard for me not to be romantic about Star Wars when a comic book like this comes along. Ryan Stegman produced some strong visuals that did a great job of capturing Slott’s vision. The difference is, Peter would not even consider taking a life while Otto would relish the fatality. Something similar to a conscious overtakes Octavius when he is about to go past the point of no return.
Some people inspire greatness while others inspire fear, and then you have The Joker who inspires absolute chaos.
John Layman put a lot of food on the grill and it was absolutely delicious and left room for desert as Emperor Penguin, the new crime boss in town is wasting no time in making his presence felt. Layman did a good job of making the point that criminals don’t stop committing crimes in Gotham just because the circus is in town. Right now, Rick is pretending to be afraid for the moment in order to gain a tactical advantage over the situation. Rick will probably kill Negan when it is all said and done, but this issue makes you look forward to that confrontation even more.

Greg Rucka showcased Castle’s tactical prowess to get by Spider-Man and Black Widow in the first two installments.
When this was announced last month, it immediately made me wonder how Castle could best the god of thunder. It makes me wonder if Castle will go one more round with the Wall-Crawler when this story comes full circle?
Today, were going to learn about the history of the Foot Clan and how they came into power. The mystery of it all just kept pulling you in more and more as it was revealed how the events of the past are linked to the events of today. The ongoing series is one of the best books on the shelves and this new miniseries is tantamount to that fact. While his work on Uncanny X-Force is the standard for team books, and Secret Avengers has found its own voice as each story arc actually means something that matters in the overall scheme of things. Captain Britain, Beast and Hawkeye meet with the Undead Avengers on Earth 666 in order to obtain an object in order to defeat the Descendants which are a trio of artificial life forms looking to turn humanity into AI life forms as well. The script, dialog and page layouts flowed smoothly and contributed to the pacing which makes the reader feel it was over too quickly despite a ton of stuff going on. This book is a victim of just way too much going on and it makes everything convoluted to the point you wonder why you read it in the first place. In Feudal Japan, Oroku Saki’s friendship with Hamato Yoshi crumbles as Saki begins to fully comprehend his true destiny in the Foot Clan. Luke Skywalker is still a Jedi in progress, while Princess Leia is a woman of action, and Han Solo is a credit grubbing scoundrel with a heart of gold. The dialog and page layouts help in this endeavor, but it’s the imagery that truly brings this feeling home. The irony of this encounter not only spoke to his ego but the violent nature of his character. The best way to compare Peter and Otto is that of a magician who can cut put someone in a box and cut them in half without killing them.

Batman has his work cut out for him as he has to not only deal with the Joker but also has to contend with the League of Smiles. Jason Fabok’s artwork is very attractive and shines at depicting character emotion when a member of the League of Smiles has second thoughts over his life of crime.
Mateus Santolouco put together a phenomenal story with excellent pacing that encompassed mystery, suspense, and humor.
This was a colorful retelling of Season 2 episode 6 involving Tyrion Lannister’s trial by combat.
The coloring of Gabe Eltaeb is aces as the reflective light of a blue planet glistens off the glass of an X-Wing’s during it's voyage in the outer rim. Either way, Dan Slott created a wonderful first issue that shows promise, intrigue and a unique sense of adventure. Surprisingly, the battle of hammer and bullets never took place and a different route was taken. A close up of a Star Destroyer suddenly dropping out of hyperspace as Tie fighters quickly emerge from its docking bays gave the adventure a sense of danger you don’t experience too often while reading a comic book.
While various prequels give us that experience, Wood's makes that knowledge mean even more. Big changes are always met with mixed feelings and now we get to see the maiden voyage of this new journey. This new version is as violent as he wants to be and pulls it off with a certain je ne sais quoi. The art was nothing to complain about, and Holingsworth’s coloring was spot on as always.

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