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This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.
Also the mask makeup over the eyes is very symbolic of all the masks worn and also Jenna’s Sunglasses.
Drinking Tea just like black veil and black hoodie have done in some of the ending earlier episodes ending scenes. Also the heads in reflection in the glass reminded me of the heads Mona painted that were used to make it look like someone sleeping in their beds at Radley in the Ghost train episode.
Then Mona joined the -A team and starting tormenting Alison for revenge for the way she treated her.
Then one year later Alison asked Mona to become -A again and torment the liars so that they would question her death and come looking for her. But doing this drove Hanna away from Mona so Mona got angry at Alison and decided to stop helping her and go back to being like the original -A team tormenting Alison and recruit Spencer and others to help. This all went awry after the lodge fire (Mona did say that the liars had no idea what was going on there) And then Mona started to get tormented like the other liars. Alison pushed the girl down the stairs at the frat party because she was possessive of Ian. The A team grew over time with some members recruiting others and no one ever really knowing who was in charge or who started it. Motive = Mentally ill, fascinated by the nature of evil, wanted revenge on Ali, wanted her video back. How she started = With a few unsigned messages, then A signed messages, then recruited others to do her work for her and now sits back keeping track of everyone and keeping everyone in line. Interesting info = She wrote an essay about exposing peoples secrets in which the protagonist was blind but saw more than seeing people. How she started = When she bumped into Vivienne dark bloom she said she would keep her secret in exchange for popularity, Vivienne gave her the A messenger phone number instead of her own to get rid of her (Ali would never have given Mona her number).
At the Lodge Mona spoke to Red Coat on the phone and said it was all about to end (meaning they would show the liars Alison was alive and expose the A team so that it was no more) She was never sure if red coat really was Alison or not.
Also = I think that Mona set the fire at Jason’s house to Kill Jenna and frame Garrett.
Also = I think she used her A team status to blackmail Lucas & Mellissa to distract Jenna at the masquerade ball so that she could do her red coat team plan to get to Spencer and get into Radley. Motive = To protect others like a catcher in the Rye, to find out answers about his mother.
How he started = From Jenna, first he would have been pretending to get revenge but really he was a double agent helping first Emily then Spencer then anyone. Interesting Info = He has always respected Jenna but appeared to hate her which is symbolic of his double agent status.
Also = He has been getting info about his mum from A or possibly Red coat (new A) who must have ties with Radley….either Jenna or Alison??

Interesting info = She gave the swim team beaded bracelets; maybe she is the one who told the bead shop lady what to do to frame Spencer. Interesting info = when photographing for the year book he took pictures of everyone’s lockers, where he said you could find out a lot about people. Motive = Revenge for Alison being with Ian, to find out if Alison was still alive, to protect Spencer.
Interesting info = She told Spencer she was protecting her since it started, since before it started.
How She Started = Maybe when she went to see Mona at Radley as organized by Wren and Melissa.
Interesting info = When Ali thought Emily had lost her virginity she said she knew a doctor who could get her the pill!. Also = I think Mona initially thought Wren was helping  but he was already in with the A team and was keeping an eye on her at Radley that is why Mona said NOT SAFE and he is maybe the one who hid the recording device in the doll at Radley. Motive = accidently roped into either the A team or the Red coat team due to living in Ali’s house.
Interesting info = had found lots of Ali’s hidden stuff and kept some of it and gave it to Jason later. Also = worked at Lucky Leons cupcakes…maybe she was involved in the Hannah cupcake bulimia thing. Did Jenna have something to do with Marion Cavanaugh’s death so that her Mum could later hook up with Toby’s dad? Where did Mrs D get all the stuff to set Alisons room back up if most of it was left behind or thrown out. Bethany Young was 17 and she escaped Radley Labor day weekend in 2009 when Alison disappeared.
What if Bethany really was a nut job and saw Ali wearing Toby’s sweater and got jealous and decided to hit her with that rock. Kinda like when Alison confided in Mona that she was spying on someone that day in the shop in brookhaven.
Kinda reminds me of Alison giving Mona the makeover and then Mona becoming Alison (as the new popular girl and also as original -A in the text messages to the liars pretending to be Alison) OR it does also remind me of how someone was made to look like Alison and was passed off as her body. Kinda like Mona faking her death and then stealing the control of the game back from Alison. It has really brought me back to an earlier theory I did inwhich there was more of a relationship between Mona and Alison than what we have been told.
She used her knowledge of Ali’s mental illness and started signing the messages A so that Ali would think she was going mental again.
Some A team members used the A team for personal gain whilst others were genuinely only in it to protect. Mona says she recruited him when he was in Bucks County (which maybe she did to work for the red coat team) but he was also recruited by Jenna on the original A team much earlier. I think she meant she was protecting her first from Alison then from getting caught up in the A team.

If you compare inside the jewellery box from s2e23 with s4e10 they are not the same so she must have just brought new stuff to make it like she remembered.
What if Jessica Dilaurentis pushed Marion Cavanaugh off the roof at Radley and Bethany Young witnessed it. Ali maybe wasn’t sure if someone was really bothering her or if she was imagining it, so she became Vivienne Darkbloom and started to track the possible messenger. She basically admitted to taunting the liars when Garret gave her page 5 of the autopsy to keep safe.
She read Alison’s diaries and became curious about the structure of the A team and what happened to Ali. Jenna and Shanna are afraid of her…possibly because she is the closest to figuring Jenna out.
He helped her and made Jenna think he killed her and then put the note in Jason’s pocket to make him feel he did it. She suspected it may have been Jenna and the supposed prank on Toby was really to scare Jenna. She later gave Toby page 5 and pretended to not know what it was but she could actually see at that time so she would have know the details and possibly known that it did not match what she heard when Garrett pretended to Kill her meaning she knew Alison only ran away.
For example: he never told Spencer he had history with Ali, or that she visited him in Juvie. That would explain why Jessica was so worried that night, because she thought Bethany was coming for her. That could also explain why Toby was in Alison’s backyard that night he was going to meet Bethany, he then happened to bump into Ali and thank her for getting him away from Jenna and gave her his coat because she was cold.
This is where the A Team really started because Jenna began to use others who hated Ali to do her work. She used NAT videos, other secrets and the sale of the masks to get enough money to run away (maybe to Paris for a bit).
Ali went and saw Jenna and blackmailed her with the video to keep their secret (being that they both had mental illness, not that she was responsible for the prank).
When Jenna returned to Rosewood High she began messing with the liars to replace the fun she had had messing with Ali.
Also because she probably thought the liars were also involved in the prank that blinded her.
She may have also known that Ali ran away and was using the liars to draw her out of hiding.

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