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So many businesses and people think that it should be a question about their business, their products or something along those lines.
When you’re out at one of those kind of events, you dona€™t just talk about your business and ask questions.
So think about how you engage anyone in a conversation at a networking event or party, a cocktail party where youa€™re just simply getting to know people and building friendships. Filed Under: Social Media About Timothy CarterTimothy Carter is a digital marketing consultant. That’s what Seth Godin asked the audience at the end of his generous Authority Intensive session with us in Denver this past May.
The room was packed with fanboys and fangirls (I’m one) who were reeling a little from 45 minutes of intense marketing, business, and life advice.
How do I keep my courage up when I don’t have much validation that I’m on the right track? Is there some person, somewhere, who is wrestling with a problem that you’re pretty good at solving?
And when you learn new techniques and strategies, you see how you can put them into place, instead of just getting more confused. According to the authors, for many years to restore access to your account through the answer to the secret question was considered normal practice in the Internet industry, and many users still choose this method. Figure of the day: How many navigation steles with free Wi-Fi will put in the center of Moscow?
To survive the day to day dangers of using the Internet I use a range of passwords, user names, and email addresses, all created to make my online world more secure. I was applying for tickets to the 2012 London Olympics (above), and I was offered three security questions.
So the common issue I had with all these questions was that I simply could not answer any of them with confidence.

The reason for these security questions is to back up who you are should you forget your other security details (username, passwords, etc.) and testing often proves inconclusive in finding the ultimate security question, especially if your audience is international.
The commonality with good security questions that we come across are those asking for firsts; your first pet’s name, your first school, your first musical instrument. I’m no expert in online security, but we use PIN numbers for our bank and credit cards, so could this system be added to secure websites? If we must use security questions, allow users to have some control but ensure the answers are not easy. Ali is our Commercial Director who has been working in the Digital Industry since 1999 across Sales, Project Management, and UX. Experience UXWe’re a team of UX researchers on a mission to replace stressful user experiences with pleasurable ones.
An internet marketing veteran 18+ years, Timothy has experience helping small business, solo-preneurs in both B2B and B2C markets dramatically increase their organic and social media traffic to their businesses. Get lots more from Sonia on her podcast, Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer, or come hang out with her on Twitter.
This article's comments are now closed.Get instant access to proven marketing training a€” for free. However, it is clear that, from a security perspective, the secret question is a weak point.
The rest will still be able to use the answer to the secret question to recover access to the box.
And, like most people we observe in user testing, am pretty used to having to answer or create a security question when registering on websites. Firstly, I consider myself to be pretty even to my close friends and don’t regard any of them as a ‘best friend’. But like any security question we can come up with, there will be a percentage of users who can’t answer it.

However, this poses an issue for websites that need good security because users may choose an easy question (for someone else to guess), i.e. But it may help to make the process easier for users to create a more secure secret question. At work he enjoys learning about how other businesses function, at home he is a climbing frame. We support UX teams working in ecommerce and finance to regularly test their entire user journey with real users. Currently the Director of Business Development for the Seattle-based agency, AudienceBloom.
They’re going to be fine, and with a little luck they can find something valuable to contribute along the way.
Now the secret question is not offered to new users, and those with customized alternative ways to restore access to the mailbox, for example, binding to a mobile phone number.
When there is no football, I follow a bit of tennis, some athletics when it is on, and the odd game of rugby. Thirdly, I wouldn’t remember which friend I chose when I come back to the site in January to get my tickets. If I had to choose one now, how would I remember this in five months time when I return to the site?
In the end I just had to jump in a choose one with the expectation that I’ll struggle with this next time I come to use the site. So when I’m asked this question in August, I’m feeling summer food; barbeques, Mediterranean, crazy salads, summer fruits.

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